Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Haunting in Elk Grove, CA

Hi Everyone! About a week ago, I went to a fellow HPI friend's housewarming party.  She also lives next to the Laguna Wetlands.  She had recently bought the house and had some activity there (doors closing and opening etc.).  So, we decided to do an evp session in her bedroom and then go out to the wetlands.

When we went upstairs, the light in her computer room was off and she had turned off the light in one of the bedrooms.  I started to follow her around the corner and I heard a noise and turned back around. The light in the computer room was turned on.  She went back in and shut it off and we went into the master bedroom.  I wandered into the bathroom, and in the back there is a separate room that houses the toilet.  The light was on in there and I saw a shadow under the door like someone was in there.  I kind of felt embarrassed and walked out thinking it was her husband.  She said no one is back there and walked back and opened the door.  Several other investigators came up and we got started. Here's an interesting voice What. There's a whisper after Judy says she feels a little anxiety. Whisper. Here's some more chatter. At first there is a few words, then a picture is taken and someone says that was bright. Then there is a sound that almost sounds like a shhh. Then there is a loud breath. And then a voice says something like running out of here or run them out of here. And I ask if someone just whispered. Whisper2. There were some more whispers,almost like someone says who's in there. You can hear the kids in the hallway but they are not whispering and one voice that replies sounds male. Whisper3. There's some more whispering (one of spirit says helen and there's a what and there is a bunch of other whispering where you can't make it out. So, I'm not posting it. Two of the kids think they heard a growl in the bathroom downstairs. So, there is a whisper and a weird noise why this conversation is going on in the room. One of the recorders is on the sink in the bathroom and the other is all the way across the room on a dresser on the opposite side of the bedroom. From time to time I'm going to post both sound files so you can hear the differences. RecorderBathroom. RecorderBedroom. I ask if there was something in the bathroom and got yes, so I'm discussing that. There first is a male voice that whispers. I say I'm not feeling so hot and then there is a female voice that says something. And then there is this whole sentence. I think I know what it says (something about being cold but it's not cold in the room is warm). Voices.

By the way, I didn't listen to any of these evps until I got home. So, it's a continuous recording for 41 minutes. The kids were kind of running around outside the bedroom so Judy goes out to tell them to be quiet and I start asking some questions. Here's both recorders. You can tell it's closer to the bedroom recorder. You can hear the first spirit a lot clearer on the bedroom recorder and it sounds like they are saying Helen. And she answers yes. After I said we're really just trying to find out who you are. She says what sounds like Helen Banks. RecorderBathroom. RecorderBedroom. Here is the Helen Banks part again. The interesting thing is that right after she answers that, I ask is your name Helen. It's what popped into my head. Helen.

Judy comes back in the room and I say again is your name Helen and Judy makes this noise and I ask her why she did that and she said that she touched the walls after she moved in and the name Helen popped into her head. She saw her as a grandmother type and that is how I saw her as well. Another investigator asks her is she can move the door (to closet) and Helen says yes. HelenYes.

There's a closet in the bathroom and the energy in there is crazy overwhelming to me. I couldn't stay in there for more than a minute. Judy, at this time, is playing a video she has of the doors of her bedroom opening and you hear a voice right before it opens.

I then ask everyone to just sit and be quiet and feel the energy of the room. Then later I ask if Helen can walk on the outside of the door so we can see her shadow. A few people thought they saw someone walk by and no one else is outside. I also ask if Helen can knock Voice.

Judy talks about how much she just loves the house and there is a response. She says she loves it and Helen says yes. And she asks if it's weird that she loves a house. I do hear another investigator say no and then a male voice says no. I ask if someone said no because I heard a whispered no. Regina says she said no and I chalk it up to her at the time and then note that it sounded like a male to me. YesNo. We were discussing how Judy feels more when she settles into a calm space and there is a male voice that might be saying a name. Male. It sounds like he speaks right into the recorder too.

Then, I see some kind of shadow movement that seemed darker move above the doors and go into the wall. No one else saw it. I did yell out, Helen was that you? She says yes. Recorder Bathroom. Recorder Bedroom. Judy hears the yes as well and we're discussing this cause there's a car outside also. And at the very end you hear yes and then there's almost like a childlike voice that says it's me. Helenyes.

Right after that, we thanked Helen and ended the evp session.

We then decide to take a walk outside to the wetlands. I have to say, it's pretty darn creepy and more than once I was thinking, why the heck did I come out here?! It was really dark and there were animals moving around. Twice after we were quiet and walked on the path, something really loudly went into the lake. It sounded like a big boulder dropped in there and startled us. I have a great flashlight and all you can see was ripples. A giant tiger salamander was spotted in there by someone in the area. But unfortunately, we didn't see him (ok, I admit it, I'm glad!). We walked back through this worn path (there were tall weeds everywhere) to these trees where supposedly a child died. Also, it's Native Indian land. I did get one evp that sounds like speech. It's a male. Most of the my audio was ruined by the wind and it was only calm when I got this evp. There is a male voice in the beginning that almost sounds like relax. Then there's something else that I barely catch and can't quite make it out (don't die last?). She says or spirits and there is a male comment. And then she asks if the spirits died of small pox and there is another response. Male.

I did spend the night at the house and honestly, once I finally fell asleep, I didn't wake up until morning. So, no paranormal activity like things happening while I slept lol. Just probably some snoring. Judy's house rocks!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Concord,CA 9/10/11

Hi All,

My computer is not fully fixed, so I still don't have the ability to make the you tube videos. Maybe I'll try to do it on a different computer.

Anyway, had an investigation in Concord, California (originally founded in 1869) in September. It was at a private residence. The area was initially inhabited by the Miwok people. The occupant's house was one of the first built in the area and there is a very old cemetery close by. The houses in the development were probably built over burial grounds as well. I have to say, I got a crazy amount of evp's on this investigation. I didn't post a lot of them because you could hear a whisper, but just was too low to make out what was being said.

This was an HPI investigation. As we were all meeting in the living room, Chantal (who was sitting next to me) began to experience some paranormal activity as the owner was talking about the history of the house. Someone touched her hair and rubbed her back. The spirit then began playing with her skirt. She caught my eye but was trying not to move.  I could tell by the way she was looking at me, that something was going on. So, I immediately caught a movement between her and the coffee table. I then looked back towards her and can see her skirt moving. It was on top of her legs and someone was moving it. There was no wind doing this and she was not moving. Finally, it stopped. Why I didn't think to grab the camera.... But, I digress. It was a great way to start off the evening. Also, when you walked through the door, after a few feet there is a step down, and it was crazy how different the energy felt before and after you stepped down. It was like you were in a different place and time.

We split into groups. Our group were all females (which in a way was cool cause we got a lot of male voices and there is no question it wasn't us). We went into the back yard first and I took a lot of pictures. There were your typical orbs, but nothing else. We gave up because there was a very loud generator, and went to the front of the house. There was a car parked in the driveway which had been in an accident, and another investigator was very drawn to it and took some interesting pictures. We decided to do some evp sessions. We were trying to find out who it was. I even used my body for dowsing by allowing myself to be moved to indicate yes or no by spirit. Sometimes, I was shoved. It was pretty cool (I do use my body like this a lot). We got some interesting evps out there. I asked if the spirit could tell me their name. I did get a response from a female. I'm not sure what she is saying (Lupe??). You be the judge. Name. We then try to guess the name. It's interesting because a guy answers yes loudly, but we're not getting that it's the name. After listening, I realize there are a couple of different spirits around. Yes. So, I ask if her name starts with a K (cause that is what I was getting), and a male responds. It sounds like he said God D@#$ her. Man. It wasn't the last time I got cursed at that night (potty mouths....). That was the best evp's I got outside. There were some other whispery ones I couldn't make out so I left them out. I lost my balance several times during the whole what's your name line of questioning. It was as if they were getting annoyed with us not getting the name right.

We went back in the house and it was our turn in the living room and also a separate den area. I had 2 recorders going. So, it was interesting to see what one picked up and the other one didn't (one stayed with me and I put another one on an end table on the other side of the couch I was on). Unfortunately, nature sounds over powered a lot of our session. A question is asked and a male responds. I can't quite make out what he says over me talking. It's sounds like there are several syllables on this recorder and I think I hear the word answer. Man. However, when you listen to it on the 2nd recorder. It sounds like he just says a long what. What. I caught another evp. Sounds like he's saying help. Help. The next sounds like 2 different spirits are talking. It sounds like one man says his name is Reuben, then says hello. Then someone whispers something I can't understand. Name. A female then softly responds, I'm listening. Another voice loudly whispers what sounds like, no faith left. Nofaith. I think I hear a sigh. Then, we're discussing it and I asks are you here and then a male responds. During the 2nd response, it almost sounds like someone says Reuben, he answers yes. I feel a cold breeze. Male. I then ask the last question. On the 2nd recorder, it was really faint. Yes. The living room turned out to be pretty interesting. There were a few other whispery evps I didn't include.

We then went into this den which is off the kitchen. We aren't there long so we come back to it later. I have to say that when we went in the first time, it felt really really heavy in there. You definitely felt the energy shift.
As soon as we got settled into the room there was this constant whispering that we could hear with our ears on several occasions. I'm sooo bummed that the fountain is running. It ruined most of the evps. Since some people could hear them and some could not. I just left most of them out. I just can't clean them up enough to be 100% sure. If at some point I can get them cleaned up better, then I will post them. Here's a few so you can see what I was up against. It says don't talk to me. DontTalk. Someone asks what is your name. A spirit answers back by saying too much fun in here and sounds like laughing afterwards. Not sure if you will be able to hear it. Fun. I feel so sad that I can't share the rest. I have a ton of evps in this room.  Sniff...sniff.  What's a paranormal investigation with out a few orbs? Here's a few photos from the room.

After that we went upstairs to investigate. As I was climbing the stairs, it felt like my foot went right through one of them and I almost lost my balance. I held onto the railing the rest of the way. It was trippy. We went into an empty bedroom. We didn't get that much. The next two are strange. On the first one, I was trying to figure out if someone in the room said Amy in the first part. And then it almost sounds like a guy says where's dinner lol. Male. Then, it sounds like it says heah, heah Amy. Male2. I have 2 whispers from a female. The first, I'm not sure. It almost sounds like she says heah and there is a response back to her that sounds male (again, no male in the room) that you can't make out. Female In the 2nd, someone is giggling in the room and there is this sing songy female whispered response. Female2. We weren't feeling much in the room so we moved to another bedroom.

Right after I turn on my recorder, we get a voice. I'm not 100% sure what he is saying but we hadn't even asked a question yet. Male. Then Judy says, is there a ghost in here. There is almost like a tsk and then a male responds. Ghost. I think Judy hops is on the bed and she said it felt like it was wet. As she saying that, there is a male voice and some weird knocking over it. Because it was faint, I didn't post it. At the beginning of this one, you do hear a male whisper. Male2. We ask it to be louder and we got some tapping. I have a few evps where there is this weird whispered, not sure how to describe it, male "voice". It's almost like someone is either singing or yelling but very far away. It's a sound that isn't there most of the time. So, who knows. This is the only thing else I got. There is some tapping and I ask is that you tapping. There is a male voice that says no, then you hear a few more tapes. I say do it again and there is this weird tinny tap. Tap

Well, overall, this was a great investigation. I love working with my HPI peeps!! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

USS Hornet EVP's 7/22/11

Hello Everyone,

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the USS Hornet again. As usual, it didn't disappoint! I'm having some computer problems so haven't made the you tube file yet. Hopefully I can get that out by Tuesday night!

Mo led our wonderful all girl group! All the groups met in the wardroom for a seance. I did see some shadows. A few other people did as well.

And for a side note, the Paranormal Challenge tv show actually filmed there about 2 weeks before.

I don't think I've ever gotten this many evp's. It was definitely hopping at the hornet.

For the seance, I didn't get alot. There were a lot of shadows seen though. Here is a knock and a male voice. I can't tell what he says but it sounds like a sentence. Sounds like he has a slight accent. You be the judge. Knocks.

Our group then went to the foscle. There was a lot of movement coming from the back of the room and through a passageway. Mo sees a white flash and tells the spirit to show themselves again and you hear a male voice say yes ma'am as well as a hello at the end. Yes. I ask what is your rank and a male answers. Voice. So, there is a lot of moving around in this clip and a high pitch noise. We have no idea who is doing it. Also, at the very end there is a male voice but I can't tell what he's saying (maybe yes). Move.

We went down into the brig and then the catapult room which are near each other.

Admiral's Room - Well, we got some play on the K2 meter; some responses to our questions. I finally got an evp in that room. It sounds like he says captain and then there are some sounds and a strange noise. Captain. I believed we asked the spirit if it could knock and a long time passes and there is a male voice that responds with Yes. Also, it sounds like a hello comes in at the end Yes. We moved to another area next door that has a table. We played around with the flashlight, K2 meters, and the frank box. On the frank box, I don't think this was speaking through the box but the voice was in the room. None of us heard this. But, it sounds like a female saying just me. JustMe. I asked if they died on the ship and a male says No. No.

Catapult Room - Last time I didn't get anything in this room. We were chatting about some of the large cannisters in the room that had the words vodka, whiskey, etc on them. I made a joke about going out to my car to take a swig and Mo was wondering why I didn't share. Female voices whisphers let her. Apparently, the spirits wanted me to share with Mo cause they seem irritated with me lol. Share. It almost sounds like the male voice says me too at the end.

We went to the mess hall next, but I'm saving that for last. Sick bay had some crazy action as well. We started out using the ovilus and got a bunch of feedback. We got this feedback (male voice sounds like he says Oh My God). OhMyGod. We entered the sick bay and I sat at a desk and most other people sat on the bunks. Mo ended up standing in front of the desk. We were asking for responses by knocking. Here is the first one along with a voice who says a sentence but I can't make it out. KnockVoice. At one point the knock was more like a bang that scared everyone. GiantKnock. Of course, right after that Mo moved away from me and everyone else wanted nothing to do with me. lol. I was abandoned by my crew. So, of course I kept asking questions. Here are some more voices. This one sounds like he's saying 1962. Voice. Here is that same file with me taking out some noise VoiceAlt. Here's some weird voices and a no in there. Voices. Here is a no. No. And you can't have a no without a yes right? This is one creepy yes! Yes.

I saved the best for last. The mess hall was just ridiculous. There is so much conversation going on. And it's none of us. The knocking was even crazy. I had to 2 different recorders on. Unfortunately, the one that got most of the voices, I sat it up on this machine and there's a bunch of ambient noise. But, you can still hear the voices. We started off talking to Larry in the skullery. He was very noisy. Banging. I ask some questions and there's some kind of whispery response and then I ask them to knock and he "snaps" back. Snaps. I get a yes response. Yes. Mo tries to get them to snap back. They do but then it sounds like someone is turning on a faucet. Faucet.

I have several other just whispery voices or background chatter I didn't post. I didn't want to be redundant. This kind of sounds like he said Heidi (she is a crew person). Heidi Here's some whisering and noises. whispers

This next one is kind of crazy. I have the original and then I tried to cut out some of the extra noise. Original Basically, I hear someone repeating the word sickbay. Mo says what and then the spirit whispers mommy. Someone says, did you just say something and the spirit says Yes I did. Then almost seems like it says put your lighters on. A few times there's a voice whispering overtop of our talking. Altered Then, we got a male voice that I think says angel Angel Here's that altered. AngelAlt There were some more voices I got over and around us talking but I couldn't understand what was being said so I left it out. This next one, there are several responses. At the end seems like someone says fire engines Various I got a few other ones I'm not going to post. A lot of moving around and someone making noise in the back kitchen. This last one is weird. You can hear someone whispering loudly over us talking in the middle then at the end someone whispers you guys stop it (hard to hear the stop it but it's there) and it wasn't one of us. StopIt

So, as you can see, the hornet was buzzing that night. I don't think I've ever been there when it was so active physically and vocally.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cameron Park Investigation HPI 9/3/11

Hi Everyone!

I had a wonderful opportunity to investigate 2 apartments in Cameron Park, CA this past weekend.

Boy, was it a long drive (over 3 hours). But, I just felt like I wanted to be there. We started off getting debriefed about the area (read HPI official blog for the background HPIBLOG).

We decided to walk to a cemetery and visit some possible haunts along the way. We came to a tree where a jogger had died. I did get a mist. I have 2 pictures (no flash) and you can see it moves up a bit in the 2nd one.

I lightened up the pictures a bit:

While I was walking down the street, I just kept thinking something was following us so I did capture a really bright blue orb.  It could be dust.  But, here it is:
I did get a few evp's at the graveyard. It's hard cause there are cars coming down the street.  Best to listen with headphones. They are definitely not class A.   But here they are: 

Voice.  I have no idea what the spirit is trying to say but there is a voice in there Response. Here's another one that's two syllables but I can't make it out. Voice2. There's a breathy response after Paul's first question (almost sounds like a what) and then at very end there is something whispered. But again, not class A. Voice3 Not sure what to think of the next one cause there is a motorcycle in the background. I do hear Aaron. But, who knows. Voice4
That was it from the cemetary. Wish the voices would have been clearer. I did feel like something was watching an snapped another picture of a blue orb.

You can see all of the pictures from the night here: Photos

Now, the first apartment we went to seemed to have a lot of energies walking through.  I didn't get a lot of evps, but I did get a mist and another interesting anomaly.

A few us were in the hallway before the investigation began. I snapped this picture.

Immediately after that, one of the other investigators felt really cold and the hair was standing up on his arms so I snapped a picture.  There appears to be a mist there which didn't come out in other pictures.

I don't remember when I got this evp. But, I heard it. In fact, the entity says 3 words (listen also at first camera noise). I then remark that someone said heah. It's a female voice. Heah. There were a lot of personal experiences here.

 We did get this evp in the living room. Paul had tried several times to get a response. There is a lot of whispering (none of us were whispering), and then one of the investigators asks what is that crackling noise. Another investigator answers back and right after that sounds like someone says distract them.  Voices. There were a lot of personal experiences here.

We made our way over to the 2nd apartment. The residents have been getting a lot of activity. The weird thing that happened in this apartment is that I recorded a lot on 2 different recorders and most of it is not there. I even listened to it in the room. We asked questions, then listened. But, when I got home, the recordings were gone. You can say user error, but I've never had that happen before and it happened on 2 recorders. I had no problems before that.

We went into one bedroom and didn't get much so we moved to the master bedroom. It really felt heavy and was hard to breathe in there. We were all feeling it. I ended up leaving and going into the living room but I left a recorder in there (which was on when I left but didn't record a thing). I was talking to a few other investigators about the fact that this entity was definitely attached to the occupant who stays in the master bedroom. And the occupant actually was getting messages from it while I was in the living room (love how my recorder decides not to work for that). Of course it wanted us gone. I honestly didn't feel well until I left there. One of the other investigators may have been scratched. Her head hurt after she had left the bedroom. She had tried to snap a picture of the closet and said she saw an evil looking face in the viewfinder and she snapped the picture but nothing came out. I'm not totally convinced she was scratched because I did see a little scab. So, I'm wondering if it was an injury that was already there.

Bottom line, is that it was a very interesting investigation and I would love to go there again some day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

San Leandro Investigation

Hello everyone,

I went to a private investigation with HPI & Global Paranormal Society in San Leandro, CA.  The tenants had some spirits follow them from a 100 yr old house.

Immediately upon walking in, you could feel that something was going on in the house.  Alot of the baseline EMF readings showed that due to their electronic equipment throughout the house, it was pretty high.  We did take that into consideration during the investigation. Here is the youtube video with all the evps from below in one file YouTube

Paul split us up into groups and I was with Karen from GPS.  I used to be in a different group with the GPS team, so it was wonderful getting to see them again.  First, we did an investigation outside (which was noisy).  But, we used the dowsing rods (Karen) and got a lot of responses.  In fact we asked if there were more than 10 spirits and less than 15 and another group got that there were 12.  I did pick up that the spirit who was interacting with us was male and the grandfather which was confirmed with the rods.  But later, we weren't convinced that this was the case.  I know none of us said No in this evp because the answer from the rods was Yes.  It's possibly that one of us whispered Yes, but it was so faint and from listening to this over and over you get to know human vs spirit.   NoYes. Then Pam asks a question and sounds like a no. No. Then, Karen was asking the homeowner if she could come over and join us but sounds like a spirit answered instead. Yes. We start asking if he can stop scaring the occupant and if he can ask other spirits to leave. Yes. The occupant asks if this spirit knows names of other spirits (she has heard these names in her house). I'm not sure why it says oh no. Answers. I asked if they could talk into the recorder towards the end. There's a word, but I can't make it out. I say I know you can and it sounds like don't. Answers2. I'm surprised we got as much as we did outside.

The two bedrooms were connected by a bathroom.  So, Pam & I went into the 2nd bedroom and Karen and the rest of the group stayed in the main bedroom.

Pam had to go downstairs so I was in the room by myself for a while.  It was really really creepy in there.  I almost felt claustrophobic. We got a lot of stuff in this room. First,  as Pam and I were setting up, you hear a woman sigh.Sigh. Then, there were fans on and I was trying to turn them off and I ask how many fans are in the room and someone answers "there's four". And also, as I say there you go as I found the plug, you hear a sigh "there". There. Pam says you ready. I say mmhmm. And the someone else says amen. Amen. I grab my recorder to make sure it's on and someone says go. Go. Pam's head hurt and I was feeling nauseous right after that. We start the evp session. Here are a few responses and whispers. Whispers. Some more whispers and the last one I can only hear the 2nd word "window". Whispers2.

Due to noise contamination (especially in the main bedroom, we did a joint evp session with us staying in the 2nd bedroom and the doors open between the 2 rooms (via bathroom). Pam asks if they can you come and go as you please and sounds like someone says I can. ICan.

We then all went into the main bedroom to combine our efforts. That bedroom really was weird energetically. We'd all just feel this wave and people were feeling light headed and nauseous all at the same time. It was crazy! Here's what we got from the main bedroom. I thought it was saying noooooo but now I hear a popping sound (which was interesting cause that happened quite often before I got responses), and then let's go. LetsGo. We did an experiment with the occupant because he said he'd be walking between the two rooms, through the bathroom, talking on his phone and a spirit would speak through his phone. A male voice talking over Karen that says bedroom (sounds like through the occupants phone). Bedroom. We then moved to the frank box (quickly scans radio frequencies. Spirits use it to communicate). Here's a portion of it. Frankbox We did an evp session after that. Nancy provokes a little and you do hear a male voice say hello right after the male occupant speaks. Hello

In all, it was a great investigation. It was great seeing old friends. And, I can't wait for the next (which will be at the USS Hornet this Friday night). Until next time!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Investigation - Virginia City, Nevada Part 2 Dueling Rosies

Hi Everyone,

This is part 2, if you haven't seen part one click here. Also, if you don't want to have to click on everything, here is a youtube summary of all evp's captured. youtube

We decided to do a ghost tour led by Bats in the Belfry.  They basically start out at the Silver Queen hotel and you walk around the town at several hotspots of activity, and end up at the Old Washoe Club.

The tour starts out in the wedding chapel in the Silver Queen.  And then, we were able to go upstairs and visit a few haunted rooms.  It was really hard getting evp's in a group like this.  There was a lot of contamination. But, I will post what I got anyway.  We visited a room and were asking Rosie to talk with us.  The guide wanted to switch out people from the rooms to the hallway and I got this male voice. Male. The guide thinks Rosie might be in the hallway and there is a faint male voice that says behind. Behind. Then, the guide asks if Rosie can say hello.  Hello

I did take a picture (without flash) in the room we were in.  It is kind of strange.  Seems like there is something overlaid on the person in the photo.  It appears to be a woman to me.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.

I didn't get anything else until we got to the Old Washoe Club.  There is a crypt area where they used to keep dead bodies in the winter until the ground thawed so they could be buried. It was still rather loud back there because people were talking in the room right next to it.  I did see a light at one point (others saw it as well).  One of the ladies in the group (who was really scared), said she could see the person.  The interesting thing is that she asked two questions back to back and it does say a name and it might be the same person that we spoke to at the mine earlier. It sounds like he says Hector.Hector

We headed to our room. But, not before stopping at the mine for a quick evp session.  It was really creepy.  We didn't go all the way up cause Bev's knee was bothering her.  But, she was a trooper and went 1/2 way up there.  I saw really weird light in the sky.  It flashed (like a pulse of light) and then shortly thereafter, there was a shooting star.  There is some response right before I say shooting star.  That is the only thing we got.  Response

We went back to the room and started listening to evp's. Then, we started hearing all of this noise in the room I was going to sleep in. Movement Bev caught a great evp but she's fumbling with my recorder so listen carefully. Sounds like Rosie says Yes, I am. Yes. The noise settles down and I go to bed. I didn't get a lot of sleep. I think I was anticipating that something was going to happen so I kept waking myself up. Bev says twice it sounded like someone was shutting a door (to the bathroom) and moving around. She got up but I was asleep. I never felt or heard anything. However, I did have two small stuffed animals on my bed and I kept feeling like they were moved. I'd wake up and they were further up then I remembered. But, who knows.

In the morning, we decided to do another evp session. Bev asks if they kept me up and there's a faint yes. Then, I asked them to knock if they are in the other room (we are in the bedroom at this point)and I hear a knock. Knock.

In this evp, there is a lot of whispering. I can hear a male say a name, but it sounds like Chris, and a female whispers yes. Sounds like the male says come over here right now. Then I ask were you walking around in here last night before we went to bed. The woman responds yes.Yes. This is interesting. You hear a male say maybe Chris. A female says heah. And then it sounds like he says come over here and sit down. Whispers. We switch to the living room but leave the recorder in the bedroom. We get some small responses. There are knocks (sounds close to the recorder) and there is a response from the female but I can't make it out. Response.

We went up to the mine again before we left. We didn't get a whole lot. It felt very different. We both noted the heavy sad feeling. It was quite a bit noisier too. These are all I got. Sounds like he responds by saying alot. Alot and American.

We only had a short visit to Virginia City, but we had a lot of experiences. The town definitely is haunted! If you have the chance to visit, I would definitely recommend it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Investigation - Virginia City, Nevada Part 1 - Cemetery & Gold Hill Mine

Hello everyone,

Sorry I'm so late posting this but I had a family emergency. I'm going to do this in parts because there is a lot to report.

Virginia City did not disappoint! I was so excited to travel there and find out if it is indeed haunted. I invited my friend Bev to come with me. She had never done a paranormal investigation before, but she really wanted to try. We only stayed one night. I definitely would travel there again.

As we drove into Virginia City, we noticed a sign for a cemetery. It was too early to check into our room so we walked around it and took some pictures. Unfortunately, we were unable to return at night.  I did get something that sounds like a hi after I say I'm leaving. Hi. A female voice comes out of nowhere. Noone was around me and has an accent. I think she says where is the gun. Female  This one is hard to hear cause of the darn wind.  But, you hear a female voice possibly saying I'm right here.  Then in the middle almost seems like she says I'm here.  I then ask if anyone is here and there is a yes. Female2. I asked who's here and I think a man says Walter  Walter.

We stayed at the Gold Hill Hotel which is haunted by Rosie & William. There is also a mine behind it that collapsed and 37 miners died. We stayed in the Blue Room (a guest cottage across the street from the hotel). While we were checking in, the couple who was staying in room 4 (the room where Rosie supposedly haunts), spoke to us. I made some quip to them to enjoy Rosie and turned to my friend in complete envy. All I can say, is that Rosie must have heard me because she didn't disappoint(I'll get back to that later).

We checked into the room and decided to get a bite to eat and walk up to the mine and see if we can do some evp sessions and take some pictures. You basically walk up a path (stairs) and then walk up another steeper dirt road and there is a railroad and you can see parts of the collasped mine. We got some really strange pictures. I'm not sure what to make of them. It was a clear dry day. There was some wind. These anomalies are not on all pictures. There are points in between where they don't appear. Here is what I got and then I'll post some of Bev's pictures. Oh, and there is no metal around the shoot. It's wood. We checked.

I don't know where that purple is coming from.

For Bev's, we were trying to figure out if something was wrong with the camera.  But, there are pictures before and after (even in between) where there is nothing.  I just can't explain it. 

 Ok so we are taking pictures of the skyline.  And this pops up in between photos on bev's camera.

Here are the evp's we got from that session:

The wind was blowin but we still got some wonderful responses. These are best heard via headphones due to the wind.

I say, is anyone here. I think he's saying a name. Name.

There were railroad tracks that Bev crossed over and climbed up a little embankment and there was a hole.  We're not sure where the actual entrance was but it did seem to curve around to a bigger area.  Here's a hello.  Hello.  I have no idea what this miner is saying.  Whisper

I wish there was no wind in this clip because I believe Hector/Victor is trying to have an interactive conversation with us. In fact, I believe he followed us elsewhere (see part 2). He responds yes a few times and the name sounds like Hector or Victor Fitz. An awesome evp. Name.

You can hear someone responding with one word and then saying a sentence but between the wind and the motorcycles, I can't really hear what they are trying to say. Hello.

So, that's part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.  It gets even better.  I will have a youtube summary evp video when I'm done all the parts.  For now, either open the evp files in a different window or you'll have to use the back button to get back to the page.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Investigation - Fairfield 2011

Hello All!

Had a great time investing a private residence in Fairfield California. It was a great opportunity to catch up with my HPI family!

The house we were investigating was built in 1989, but there were a lot of people killed of small pox back in the 1800's on the land. Many Suisan Indians were killed on the land as well.

Next to the house was a very old mansion called Stonedene Mansion. It was the house of Samuel Martin and it was built in 1861.

If you want to listen all of the sound files on a youtube video, it's on the right side menu. Also, here is a link to the photos I took. PHOTOS

A few of us were really drawn to the upper left window.  It was very interesting.  I do believe we caught a Heah. It's a weird sound at first I thought it was mechanical but I don't ever hear the sound again and I recorded a lot. So, I don't think it's a camera. It's after she says delivery person.

We headed back to the house because it was chilly. The house had a very interesting energy. The daughter has seen an blacked out apparition a few times in her bedroom door. The house buzzed with energy. I got a lot of whispering recorded that I can't explain. Also, there was a lot going on in the house noise wise the entire night. So, that made it very difficult to get clear evp's. But, I did the best I could trying to decipher it all.

I didn't really get much in the first room we were in. But, there was some interesting energy upstairs. I could really feel it in front of one of the bedrooms.

We were in the kitchen and we finally got some k2 hits so I started another evp session. First, there was some whispering I can't explain. Whispering. There's alot going on in this one. You will also hear that we captured a spirit saying Paul's name.

Then, I got some very faint responses to some questions. Some of these are better heard with headphones. But, they are there. Kitchen2. There is a whisper in the beginning after I ask a question. Then, after someone says "say your name loudly, we know you're hear", a male says a name. I can't make it out though. Then, there is a sigh later that I actually heard. KitchenName. Here is amplified version of the male name. MaleNameAmp.

I ask is there anybody here with us right now. After you hear someone in the next room say right here. There is a female voice and it sounds like she's saying a name. I just can't make it out. KitchenFemale.

Someone else in the group got this photo that looks like the family's uncle. It's in between 2 pictures that are on the wall. There is a blank space where it appeared, and it looks exactly like their Uncle with sunglasses on. When I get a link for that picture, I will post it.

The last things I got were in a session with me using dowsing rods upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I use dowsing rods for communication. If they cross, then it's a yes. If not, it's a no. It's a great way for instant communication.

The first one is a heah. BedroomHeah. Another one BedroomHeah2 One more.... Bedroom2Heah's

And last but not least, there is this no and there is a male in the room with us. So, I can't say that he didn't say no. But, the rods hadn't moved yet based on everyone else's response in the room. And there is another no on the 2nd question. And the rods didn't move that time and someone says I think it's not here anymore. So, I don't think it was the male in the room saying no. If it was, Chris, fess up lol. BedroomNo's

I had a wonderful time with the HPI group. Here is Paul Dale Roberts live blog on the investigation.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

USS Hornet 4/2/2011

Hello All,

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer on the U.S.S. Hornet again.  It was a beautiful warm day so the ship wasn't as cold as it was in the winter.  Heidi & I led a group around the ship.  It was a pretty quiet night compared to other nights, but I still got some responses (more than I thought). You can also listen to them all on youtube.

First, we went to the war room.  We got a series of knocks Knock. Knock2Knock3.

Then, I asked what the rank was and got a great response.  Rank.  I think he says crewman.

Heidi asks are there more than one of you there and it sounds like someone says look back.  Then there are some knocks. Lookback. Then we got a Hi. Hi Then a knock and a heah. Heah. Some more knocks and a No! Knock4 Knock5 No

The foscle area has these giant chains. There are stories that someone hung themselves in there as well as some accidents. We thought it was pretty quiet.

There was a lot of sounds and knocks. Here we got a yes. Yes A second yes to a question. Yes2. A noise. Noise. There is some noise and whispering in this clip and someone repeats the word Christmas. Christmas. Here's another response Voice.

We didn't have much luck in the admiral room. We did seem to get a yes in the sickbay. Yeah.

Ok, so the Mess hall was interesting. After first question, there's a yeah or here and then Jeff says, "My name's Jeff" and you sounds like someone whispers I'm ..... Then I say did you get a bloody nose and I think it sounds like it's cold (a voice - not mechanical but I can't be 100% sure). MessHall. The voices talking are in the next room. here's a heah. MessHeah. There's also this voice I can't make out what they are saying though. MessVoice.

So, I did sleep over that night. It was pretty crazy. We finished around 3 am. I was in this back room all by myself towards the middle of the ship. Most of the rest of the teams were in the sickbay or crew bunks. The other staff were in private rooms as well. I have to admit, I had to go to the bathroom on the way there and had another staff member walk me. It's pitch black and while I have a flashlight, it's spooky. I got back to my room and honestly, I started off with the light on and the suitcase propped up against the door cause the door didn't lock. I felt really jumpy so I was not getting any sleep. I finally just said screw it and turned the light off. It was so pitch black. I finally fell asleep and I had a nightmare. Someone was trying to get into the room and then I couldn't get out and we needed to evacuate the ship. Maybe I was making noise or something cause someone, in real life, yelled something in my ear and snapped me completely out of the dream. And mind you, I had earplugs on. Luckily, I didn't sit up and rolled out of the bed and turned on the light or else I would have totally hurt my head. I had the light on the rest of the night. The interesting thing is that the other women staff reported that they had nightmares too which is unusual for them.

I don't know if I'll sleep over again. I'm not sure. It was really really weird. Maybe if I sleep over next time, I'll sleep in the common areas with everyone else. I just don't like being touched or freaked out when I'm trying to sleep.

I love the Hornet. It never disappoints me. I always come home with evps and have a wonderful time. If you have been there and your in the Alameda area of California, you have got to check it out!.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ione Hotel - March 19, 2011 - PZTV

Hello Everyone,

I had the opportunity to investigate the historic Ione Hotel in Ione California with the Paranormal Zone TV team.  The hotel has a rich history.  It's been around since the early 1950's.  According to their website, the hotel was originally built to house miners and serve as a stagecoach depot for supplies and every day commerce.  There was a fire in 1910 and the hotel had to be restored.  There was a 2nd fire with birthed the hotel as it stands today.  We also were told that at one point it was a brothel.

The people who run the hotel were very very nice. The weather was insane.  There was so much wind and rain.  There was a lot going on in the hotel including someone singing karaoke.  So, we had to wait until later in order for it to really quite down.  During dinner, we were told there was a well in the side dining room that had a native american origin.  They had a table top on it and we were lucky that they allowed us to lift it and peer down into you. There was still some water down there and it was very deep.  We were told during one of the fires young boy either fell or was pushed into the well.  Of course, we decided to have a seance on that table later that night.

You can listen to all the files except pantry orig on youtube if you like. It's easier:   Youtube

We officially started in room 7 which was above the karaoke bar.  We used dowsing rods a lot.  We did get some K2 hits as well.  I didn't get much on the recorder.  It was a bit difficult with the music and the wind knocking the sign out front.

Pam wants to ask a question and there was a whisper. It was really weird cause I think it's saying Suka which is Russian for a not so nice word but I'll see what you think. Whisper Here it is amplified. Whisper Amp

Pam, Karen, & I went down to the pantry. Supposedly, someone was killed there.  I immediately was thinking something happened from the back. Like someone came up behind the person and Pam got that he was shot in the back. Karen joined us and was feeling the energy in the room as well. So, we did an evp session.  People were talking in the kitchen next to us, so it was difficult sometimes to hear.  But, we certainly were feeling spirit around us.  Here is what we got pantryOrg I isolated what I found in that. This sounds like two heah's. pantryHeah and this sounds like hello pantryHello This sounds like a name but can't make it out pantryname We had a K2 that was going off and after Pam says can you confirm you got shot, it sounds like a voice says make it shine yes pantryshine. Then, we are talking about whether the person was stabbed or shot. Karen is talking and then you hear the spirit gasp and I think says happened pantrygasp

We did an evp session in the front part of the restaurant. But, I didn't capture anything. We did a seance over the well. We were getting a lot of knocking and movement. It was really interesting. The first thing I caught was when we introduced ourselves. As Nancy saw arrived there is a male voice. It sounds like he says Que Pasa maybe, but it's over top of her voice so hard to say. But it would make sense. Then after I say my name, a male voice says Nikki. So, first is the entire file and then amplified versions. Intro and QuePasa and Nikki

Ok, so it's a little creepy having them say your name lol. But, it's all good. Next, someone sings the words It's not unusual (not the Tom Jones one). Not sure where that comes from.Nancy says can you come closer and talk to us and then it's there. There is also a faint No in there. I'm also including an amplified version. Unusual and UnusualAmp

In the middle of the seance, we hear a chair moving at some other tables in the room. Norene was very excited lol. There is a lot of knocking the whole seance. Chair

After the seance, Pam went back into the pantry and saw a full bodied apparition. It was a man in a flannel jacket. She was freaked out but excited.

We went back upstairs into room 9 where Karen was staying. I had left some stuffed animals because supposedly a woman and her 2 kids died in a fire in that room. And I left a recorder. I don't have anything conclusive on the recorder. There was some whispering but hard to tell where it was coming from, so I didn't include it. But, we did do the dowsing rod in that room and got some interesting answers. Here is the evp I got in that room. No. It's weird cause I don't hear Pam say oh wait at all. But, you clear hear a whispered No. NoAmp

Well, that is what I got at our stay. Hope you enjoyed it. Check out paranormal tv. We usually have some kind of broadcast on Saturday nights. You can watch on

Sunday, February 6, 2011

USS Hornet Take Two

Hello everyone,

I had an opportunity to help out in an overnight event at the U.S.S. Hornet last night (2/4/11).  As usual, I love the energy there and had a wonderful time meeting some very nice people. 

Without further ado, here is what I got (the first 1/2 of the night rocked)  You can listen to all of them on youtube

We started off the night with a seance.  There were about 30 people aboard plus some of the PZTV members and volunteers. Nancy of PZTV is leading the seance.

There is a faint response to Mo's comment and Nancy heard it.  I can't really understand.  I can guess and say it says like who.  But, I just don't know.  You be the judge.  Response

We then get a few knocks on the table.  Remember, all of our hands are flat on the table and our feet are on the floor.  1stKnocks

Two of the tables were moving.  It was pretty cool.  One of them moved significantly. Someone says woah as a response to the energy and then there is a voice. I can't understand but it almost sounds like a foreign language but couldn't find a word segunte. Voice

There's a weird sound underneath the voices in the beginning and then a loud noise which didn't appear loud if you look at the audio waveform. Noises

There's a lot going on in this clip. There's a whisper after you hear use our energy. I think it says Nancy. I will include the original and then the isolated and amplified version. Then at the end there is a whole sentence. Take the _ _ from off of the table. I couldn't quite make out the sentence but I included the isolated wave of that as well. Note that there is a weird sound in the background. Nancy Nancy Amp Sentence

There were then a series of knocks.  Knocks2 Knocks3 Noises

So, the next one has a loud yes in the beginning and some fainter stuff. At the very end it sounds like someone says It's bad or It's back. Yes

There's some weird whispering that Norene hears. It's faint but listen carefully. Whisper

So, we got a lot from the seance which was a great start to the night. Thank you Nancy!

We were in a room next to messhall. It was like a small kitchen area. I had 2 recorders out (the RT-EVP and a Sony digital). The Sony digital picked up nothing. But, the RT-EVP picked up some faint responses. Sounds like he said No to both the questions. No's

We then went back into the enlisted mess hall. There was a big fight in the food line that spilled out into that area and someone died there. I had both recorders running in two different place but not really far apart. I ask can you make a noise, the sony recorded louder so here it is MessYes. Then I asked are you still mad about the fight (sounds like same voice). Yes2. Someone says come and join us. Sounds like faintly trying to say alright and then says it a 2nd time louder. No's

Next to the mess hall is the elevator shaft. Someone died there. We got lots of K2 hits there. I ask what's your name and it sounds like someone says Whitmore.Name. I then ask what happened to you, we moved around and someone says heah. heah. Here's another response. Not sure what he is saying _ hope. Hope.

I had to discount a lot near the shaft because people were whispering to each other from time to time and I couldn't say for sure if it was spirit or people in the room talking. During the session near the shaft, we heard a chair move in the other room along with some weird noises. Noone was in that room. Chair After that, we left a few recorders in the elevator shaft area and went back into the mess hall. I didn't get anything on my recorder I took with me.

But, the one I left behind had this on it and it's really odd. I kept debating is that some conversation in the room. But, it's such a weird staccato on the voice that I'll put it out there. If someone was there and can dispute it let me know and I'll take it down. UPDATE:  It has been verified that there was no Jack attending the overnight.  So, it's legit. You hear a slight movement, a spirit says what's that and another spirit says wait don't say that shh shh shh shh shh shh and right before the last shh someone says Jack. I cannot hear it in my other recorder. The more I listen to it, the weirder it gets.  It actually echoes the name Jack before he says Jack and then it stops echoing when he says it.  Listen close. This is the weirdest evp. Jack

Next, we went to a war room. It was an WWII pilot briefing room initially and during the war they became supplemental planning rooms. A full apparition was seen in that room. I didn't get any evps in that room. We did experience a lot of temp changes. We then went to the original war room. There is an intelligence office next to it. I really didn't like the feeling in there. I also saw some movement in there and light while we were doing the evp session in the war room.

I got nothing in the admiral's room. We then went to the petty officers berthing room. I got this No

We headed to the brig. But, I didn't get anything there. We then went to the catapult room. It was very quiet. Someone saw some shadow play and yellow (which would be plane handlers) and there was a noise at one point but can't say it was paranormal. We were in the focsle and got a lot of K2 responses to question and caught this whistle. Noone in the room heard it. Whistle I think Pam or Nancy heard this same whistle before because I remember them telling me about it.

Well that is what I got. I'll post the link to the photos later today.

Monday, January 24, 2011

PZTV - Mark & Debby Constantino & Guests

Hi Everyone,

On 1/22/11, we had a round table at Norene's house.  Our guests were Jeff Belanger and Mark & Debby Constantino.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in.  It was quite an evening.  We started out interviewing Jeff regarding his new book Legend Tripping and some of his experiences in the field.  He did not disappoint.  I loved his sense of humor and his passion for the paranormal.

We then welcomed Mark & Debby and we had some great conversations regarding protection and some of the hazards of the field.  During the interview, we kept hearing voices and also felt really cold.  And some times I even felt queasy.  A viewer in the chat room (Robyne Marie) who is a medium gave us some great information about a spirit in the room with us.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let's go over the interesting EVP's we got.  There's so many weird things, I'm not sure where to start.You might want to listen with headphones.

At one point, Debby is talking about a story about some dark energy.  There are several voices I caught speaking underneath her.

First, right after Debby says Us there is a faint male voice. Male

Bela says make it stop and there's a weird sound. Soundone

Debby says something about opening up a creepy door, Bela say ah and then there is a weird sound. Creepy

Now, let's get to the good stuff.

Bela is talking (I think) and there is a female voice underneath hers. I just can't tell what it's saying. Sounds like Don't___Me (maybe don't block me or don't blame me).  And then Mark starts to talk and there is these really weird sounds (maybe laughing).Sounds2  

Debby continues her story and is talking about having a cigarette on her porch and you hear a male say, "Peace, in essence".  Or at least that is what it sounds like to me. Peace

When Debby finishes that story, she says she's hearing things (people in the chat room heard as well), and as she saying she heard a male voice there is this weird little voice,  I can't make out the first word it says, but it pauses for a second and then sounds like it says get out. GetOut Here it is more amplified GetOutAmp

Debby and Mark are talking at one point and first under Debby's voice, it sounds like a female voice whispers they don't know. You have to really concentrate because it's underneath her voice. And then Mark is talking and there's a weird noise which some of us heard. Mark

There was another weird sound before Bela did the prayer with Mark & Debby. Weird

At one point, Debby mentions that she heard a shhhhh and we caught it. Shhh

After they leave, we continue trying to figure out who is in the room with us.  Robyne is helping us cause she can see the person.  Pam asks for anyone around to let us know and someone says Don't with a very hard T. Don't

There was a bit of confusion over who it looked like but at one point they ask if it's my grandmother (Mary).  So, Pam asks the spirit if it's Mary and can she do something to let us know she's here.  I heard a whisper in my left ear.  Now, I've listened to this many times, I'm gonna post it slightly amplified Mary1 and then really amplified.  Mary2 Honestly, I think it says who's Mary. It makes total sense.  They have a slight accent.  At first I thought maybe it said who's here but that doesn't really match her pronunciation.

Norene tries to figure out if she is standing behind someone so she names some of us.  The only response was this weird sound after she says Nancy's name.  RightHere It almost seems like it's trying to say right here, right here.  It's like she loses the voice on the 2nd one and it becomes whistle like.

As you can see and hear, we had a very very eventful evening.  As usual Norene was a great hostess and our guests were stellar.  You can catch our round table discussions at PararockTv on various Saturday nights.  Check out PZTV for our events.  Also, you can check out the audios via youtube at