Sunday, September 11, 2011

USS Hornet EVP's 7/22/11

Hello Everyone,

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the USS Hornet again. As usual, it didn't disappoint! I'm having some computer problems so haven't made the you tube file yet. Hopefully I can get that out by Tuesday night!

Mo led our wonderful all girl group! All the groups met in the wardroom for a seance. I did see some shadows. A few other people did as well.

And for a side note, the Paranormal Challenge tv show actually filmed there about 2 weeks before.

I don't think I've ever gotten this many evp's. It was definitely hopping at the hornet.

For the seance, I didn't get alot. There were a lot of shadows seen though. Here is a knock and a male voice. I can't tell what he says but it sounds like a sentence. Sounds like he has a slight accent. You be the judge. Knocks.

Our group then went to the foscle. There was a lot of movement coming from the back of the room and through a passageway. Mo sees a white flash and tells the spirit to show themselves again and you hear a male voice say yes ma'am as well as a hello at the end. Yes. I ask what is your rank and a male answers. Voice. So, there is a lot of moving around in this clip and a high pitch noise. We have no idea who is doing it. Also, at the very end there is a male voice but I can't tell what he's saying (maybe yes). Move.

We went down into the brig and then the catapult room which are near each other.

Admiral's Room - Well, we got some play on the K2 meter; some responses to our questions. I finally got an evp in that room. It sounds like he says captain and then there are some sounds and a strange noise. Captain. I believed we asked the spirit if it could knock and a long time passes and there is a male voice that responds with Yes. Also, it sounds like a hello comes in at the end Yes. We moved to another area next door that has a table. We played around with the flashlight, K2 meters, and the frank box. On the frank box, I don't think this was speaking through the box but the voice was in the room. None of us heard this. But, it sounds like a female saying just me. JustMe. I asked if they died on the ship and a male says No. No.

Catapult Room - Last time I didn't get anything in this room. We were chatting about some of the large cannisters in the room that had the words vodka, whiskey, etc on them. I made a joke about going out to my car to take a swig and Mo was wondering why I didn't share. Female voices whisphers let her. Apparently, the spirits wanted me to share with Mo cause they seem irritated with me lol. Share. It almost sounds like the male voice says me too at the end.

We went to the mess hall next, but I'm saving that for last. Sick bay had some crazy action as well. We started out using the ovilus and got a bunch of feedback. We got this feedback (male voice sounds like he says Oh My God). OhMyGod. We entered the sick bay and I sat at a desk and most other people sat on the bunks. Mo ended up standing in front of the desk. We were asking for responses by knocking. Here is the first one along with a voice who says a sentence but I can't make it out. KnockVoice. At one point the knock was more like a bang that scared everyone. GiantKnock. Of course, right after that Mo moved away from me and everyone else wanted nothing to do with me. lol. I was abandoned by my crew. So, of course I kept asking questions. Here are some more voices. This one sounds like he's saying 1962. Voice. Here is that same file with me taking out some noise VoiceAlt. Here's some weird voices and a no in there. Voices. Here is a no. No. And you can't have a no without a yes right? This is one creepy yes! Yes.

I saved the best for last. The mess hall was just ridiculous. There is so much conversation going on. And it's none of us. The knocking was even crazy. I had to 2 different recorders on. Unfortunately, the one that got most of the voices, I sat it up on this machine and there's a bunch of ambient noise. But, you can still hear the voices. We started off talking to Larry in the skullery. He was very noisy. Banging. I ask some questions and there's some kind of whispery response and then I ask them to knock and he "snaps" back. Snaps. I get a yes response. Yes. Mo tries to get them to snap back. They do but then it sounds like someone is turning on a faucet. Faucet.

I have several other just whispery voices or background chatter I didn't post. I didn't want to be redundant. This kind of sounds like he said Heidi (she is a crew person). Heidi Here's some whisering and noises. whispers

This next one is kind of crazy. I have the original and then I tried to cut out some of the extra noise. Original Basically, I hear someone repeating the word sickbay. Mo says what and then the spirit whispers mommy. Someone says, did you just say something and the spirit says Yes I did. Then almost seems like it says put your lighters on. A few times there's a voice whispering overtop of our talking. Altered Then, we got a male voice that I think says angel Angel Here's that altered. AngelAlt There were some more voices I got over and around us talking but I couldn't understand what was being said so I left it out. This next one, there are several responses. At the end seems like someone says fire engines Various I got a few other ones I'm not going to post. A lot of moving around and someone making noise in the back kitchen. This last one is weird. You can hear someone whispering loudly over us talking in the middle then at the end someone whispers you guys stop it (hard to hear the stop it but it's there) and it wasn't one of us. StopIt

So, as you can see, the hornet was buzzing that night. I don't think I've ever been there when it was so active physically and vocally.

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