Sunday, February 6, 2011

USS Hornet Take Two

Hello everyone,

I had an opportunity to help out in an overnight event at the U.S.S. Hornet last night (2/4/11).  As usual, I love the energy there and had a wonderful time meeting some very nice people. 

Without further ado, here is what I got (the first 1/2 of the night rocked)  You can listen to all of them on youtube

We started off the night with a seance.  There were about 30 people aboard plus some of the PZTV members and volunteers. Nancy of PZTV is leading the seance.

There is a faint response to Mo's comment and Nancy heard it.  I can't really understand.  I can guess and say it says like who.  But, I just don't know.  You be the judge.  Response

We then get a few knocks on the table.  Remember, all of our hands are flat on the table and our feet are on the floor.  1stKnocks

Two of the tables were moving.  It was pretty cool.  One of them moved significantly. Someone says woah as a response to the energy and then there is a voice. I can't understand but it almost sounds like a foreign language but couldn't find a word segunte. Voice

There's a weird sound underneath the voices in the beginning and then a loud noise which didn't appear loud if you look at the audio waveform. Noises

There's a lot going on in this clip. There's a whisper after you hear use our energy. I think it says Nancy. I will include the original and then the isolated and amplified version. Then at the end there is a whole sentence. Take the _ _ from off of the table. I couldn't quite make out the sentence but I included the isolated wave of that as well. Note that there is a weird sound in the background. Nancy Nancy Amp Sentence

There were then a series of knocks.  Knocks2 Knocks3 Noises

So, the next one has a loud yes in the beginning and some fainter stuff. At the very end it sounds like someone says It's bad or It's back. Yes

There's some weird whispering that Norene hears. It's faint but listen carefully. Whisper

So, we got a lot from the seance which was a great start to the night. Thank you Nancy!

We were in a room next to messhall. It was like a small kitchen area. I had 2 recorders out (the RT-EVP and a Sony digital). The Sony digital picked up nothing. But, the RT-EVP picked up some faint responses. Sounds like he said No to both the questions. No's

We then went back into the enlisted mess hall. There was a big fight in the food line that spilled out into that area and someone died there. I had both recorders running in two different place but not really far apart. I ask can you make a noise, the sony recorded louder so here it is MessYes. Then I asked are you still mad about the fight (sounds like same voice). Yes2. Someone says come and join us. Sounds like faintly trying to say alright and then says it a 2nd time louder. No's

Next to the mess hall is the elevator shaft. Someone died there. We got lots of K2 hits there. I ask what's your name and it sounds like someone says Whitmore.Name. I then ask what happened to you, we moved around and someone says heah. heah. Here's another response. Not sure what he is saying _ hope. Hope.

I had to discount a lot near the shaft because people were whispering to each other from time to time and I couldn't say for sure if it was spirit or people in the room talking. During the session near the shaft, we heard a chair move in the other room along with some weird noises. Noone was in that room. Chair After that, we left a few recorders in the elevator shaft area and went back into the mess hall. I didn't get anything on my recorder I took with me.

But, the one I left behind had this on it and it's really odd. I kept debating is that some conversation in the room. But, it's such a weird staccato on the voice that I'll put it out there. If someone was there and can dispute it let me know and I'll take it down. UPDATE:  It has been verified that there was no Jack attending the overnight.  So, it's legit. You hear a slight movement, a spirit says what's that and another spirit says wait don't say that shh shh shh shh shh shh and right before the last shh someone says Jack. I cannot hear it in my other recorder. The more I listen to it, the weirder it gets.  It actually echoes the name Jack before he says Jack and then it stops echoing when he says it.  Listen close. This is the weirdest evp. Jack

Next, we went to a war room. It was an WWII pilot briefing room initially and during the war they became supplemental planning rooms. A full apparition was seen in that room. I didn't get any evps in that room. We did experience a lot of temp changes. We then went to the original war room. There is an intelligence office next to it. I really didn't like the feeling in there. I also saw some movement in there and light while we were doing the evp session in the war room.

I got nothing in the admiral's room. We then went to the petty officers berthing room. I got this No

We headed to the brig. But, I didn't get anything there. We then went to the catapult room. It was very quiet. Someone saw some shadow play and yellow (which would be plane handlers) and there was a noise at one point but can't say it was paranormal. We were in the focsle and got a lot of K2 responses to question and caught this whistle. Noone in the room heard it. Whistle I think Pam or Nancy heard this same whistle before because I remember them telling me about it.

Well that is what I got. I'll post the link to the photos later today.

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