Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Investigation - Virginia City, Nevada Part 1 - Cemetery & Gold Hill Mine

Hello everyone,

Sorry I'm so late posting this but I had a family emergency. I'm going to do this in parts because there is a lot to report.

Virginia City did not disappoint! I was so excited to travel there and find out if it is indeed haunted. I invited my friend Bev to come with me. She had never done a paranormal investigation before, but she really wanted to try. We only stayed one night. I definitely would travel there again.

As we drove into Virginia City, we noticed a sign for a cemetery. It was too early to check into our room so we walked around it and took some pictures. Unfortunately, we were unable to return at night.  I did get something that sounds like a hi after I say I'm leaving. Hi. A female voice comes out of nowhere. Noone was around me and has an accent. I think she says where is the gun. Female  This one is hard to hear cause of the darn wind.  But, you hear a female voice possibly saying I'm right here.  Then in the middle almost seems like she says I'm here.  I then ask if anyone is here and there is a yes. Female2. I asked who's here and I think a man says Walter  Walter.

We stayed at the Gold Hill Hotel which is haunted by Rosie & William. There is also a mine behind it that collapsed and 37 miners died. We stayed in the Blue Room (a guest cottage across the street from the hotel). While we were checking in, the couple who was staying in room 4 (the room where Rosie supposedly haunts), spoke to us. I made some quip to them to enjoy Rosie and turned to my friend in complete envy. All I can say, is that Rosie must have heard me because she didn't disappoint(I'll get back to that later).

We checked into the room and decided to get a bite to eat and walk up to the mine and see if we can do some evp sessions and take some pictures. You basically walk up a path (stairs) and then walk up another steeper dirt road and there is a railroad and you can see parts of the collasped mine. We got some really strange pictures. I'm not sure what to make of them. It was a clear dry day. There was some wind. These anomalies are not on all pictures. There are points in between where they don't appear. Here is what I got and then I'll post some of Bev's pictures. Oh, and there is no metal around the shoot. It's wood. We checked.

I don't know where that purple is coming from.

For Bev's, we were trying to figure out if something was wrong with the camera.  But, there are pictures before and after (even in between) where there is nothing.  I just can't explain it. 

 Ok so we are taking pictures of the skyline.  And this pops up in between photos on bev's camera.

Here are the evp's we got from that session:

The wind was blowin but we still got some wonderful responses. These are best heard via headphones due to the wind.

I say, is anyone here. I think he's saying a name. Name.

There were railroad tracks that Bev crossed over and climbed up a little embankment and there was a hole.  We're not sure where the actual entrance was but it did seem to curve around to a bigger area.  Here's a hello.  Hello.  I have no idea what this miner is saying.  Whisper

I wish there was no wind in this clip because I believe Hector/Victor is trying to have an interactive conversation with us. In fact, I believe he followed us elsewhere (see part 2). He responds yes a few times and the name sounds like Hector or Victor Fitz. An awesome evp. Name.

You can hear someone responding with one word and then saying a sentence but between the wind and the motorcycles, I can't really hear what they are trying to say. Hello.

So, that's part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.  It gets even better.  I will have a youtube summary evp video when I'm done all the parts.  For now, either open the evp files in a different window or you'll have to use the back button to get back to the page.

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