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Cameron Park Investigation HPI 9/3/11

Hi Everyone!

I had a wonderful opportunity to investigate 2 apartments in Cameron Park, CA this past weekend.

Boy, was it a long drive (over 3 hours). But, I just felt like I wanted to be there. We started off getting debriefed about the area (read HPI official blog for the background HPIBLOG).

We decided to walk to a cemetery and visit some possible haunts along the way. We came to a tree where a jogger had died. I did get a mist. I have 2 pictures (no flash) and you can see it moves up a bit in the 2nd one.

I lightened up the pictures a bit:

While I was walking down the street, I just kept thinking something was following us so I did capture a really bright blue orb.  It could be dust.  But, here it is:
I did get a few evp's at the graveyard. It's hard cause there are cars coming down the street.  Best to listen with headphones. They are definitely not class A.   But here they are: 

Voice.  I have no idea what the spirit is trying to say but there is a voice in there Response. Here's another one that's two syllables but I can't make it out. Voice2. There's a breathy response after Paul's first question (almost sounds like a what) and then at very end there is something whispered. But again, not class A. Voice3 Not sure what to think of the next one cause there is a motorcycle in the background. I do hear Aaron. But, who knows. Voice4
That was it from the cemetary. Wish the voices would have been clearer. I did feel like something was watching an snapped another picture of a blue orb.

You can see all of the pictures from the night here: Photos

Now, the first apartment we went to seemed to have a lot of energies walking through.  I didn't get a lot of evps, but I did get a mist and another interesting anomaly.

A few us were in the hallway before the investigation began. I snapped this picture.

Immediately after that, one of the other investigators felt really cold and the hair was standing up on his arms so I snapped a picture.  There appears to be a mist there which didn't come out in other pictures.

I don't remember when I got this evp. But, I heard it. In fact, the entity says 3 words (listen also at first camera noise). I then remark that someone said heah. It's a female voice. Heah. There were a lot of personal experiences here.

 We did get this evp in the living room. Paul had tried several times to get a response. There is a lot of whispering (none of us were whispering), and then one of the investigators asks what is that crackling noise. Another investigator answers back and right after that sounds like someone says distract them.  Voices. There were a lot of personal experiences here.

We made our way over to the 2nd apartment. The residents have been getting a lot of activity. The weird thing that happened in this apartment is that I recorded a lot on 2 different recorders and most of it is not there. I even listened to it in the room. We asked questions, then listened. But, when I got home, the recordings were gone. You can say user error, but I've never had that happen before and it happened on 2 recorders. I had no problems before that.

We went into one bedroom and didn't get much so we moved to the master bedroom. It really felt heavy and was hard to breathe in there. We were all feeling it. I ended up leaving and going into the living room but I left a recorder in there (which was on when I left but didn't record a thing). I was talking to a few other investigators about the fact that this entity was definitely attached to the occupant who stays in the master bedroom. And the occupant actually was getting messages from it while I was in the living room (love how my recorder decides not to work for that). Of course it wanted us gone. I honestly didn't feel well until I left there. One of the other investigators may have been scratched. Her head hurt after she had left the bedroom. She had tried to snap a picture of the closet and said she saw an evil looking face in the viewfinder and she snapped the picture but nothing came out. I'm not totally convinced she was scratched because I did see a little scab. So, I'm wondering if it was an injury that was already there.

Bottom line, is that it was a very interesting investigation and I would love to go there again some day.

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