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Concord,CA 9/10/11

Hi All,

My computer is not fully fixed, so I still don't have the ability to make the you tube videos. Maybe I'll try to do it on a different computer.

Anyway, had an investigation in Concord, California (originally founded in 1869) in September. It was at a private residence. The area was initially inhabited by the Miwok people. The occupant's house was one of the first built in the area and there is a very old cemetery close by. The houses in the development were probably built over burial grounds as well. I have to say, I got a crazy amount of evp's on this investigation. I didn't post a lot of them because you could hear a whisper, but just was too low to make out what was being said.

This was an HPI investigation. As we were all meeting in the living room, Chantal (who was sitting next to me) began to experience some paranormal activity as the owner was talking about the history of the house. Someone touched her hair and rubbed her back. The spirit then began playing with her skirt. She caught my eye but was trying not to move.  I could tell by the way she was looking at me, that something was going on. So, I immediately caught a movement between her and the coffee table. I then looked back towards her and can see her skirt moving. It was on top of her legs and someone was moving it. There was no wind doing this and she was not moving. Finally, it stopped. Why I didn't think to grab the camera.... But, I digress. It was a great way to start off the evening. Also, when you walked through the door, after a few feet there is a step down, and it was crazy how different the energy felt before and after you stepped down. It was like you were in a different place and time.

We split into groups. Our group were all females (which in a way was cool cause we got a lot of male voices and there is no question it wasn't us). We went into the back yard first and I took a lot of pictures. There were your typical orbs, but nothing else. We gave up because there was a very loud generator, and went to the front of the house. There was a car parked in the driveway which had been in an accident, and another investigator was very drawn to it and took some interesting pictures. We decided to do some evp sessions. We were trying to find out who it was. I even used my body for dowsing by allowing myself to be moved to indicate yes or no by spirit. Sometimes, I was shoved. It was pretty cool (I do use my body like this a lot). We got some interesting evps out there. I asked if the spirit could tell me their name. I did get a response from a female. I'm not sure what she is saying (Lupe??). You be the judge. Name. We then try to guess the name. It's interesting because a guy answers yes loudly, but we're not getting that it's the name. After listening, I realize there are a couple of different spirits around. Yes. So, I ask if her name starts with a K (cause that is what I was getting), and a male responds. It sounds like he said God D@#$ her. Man. It wasn't the last time I got cursed at that night (potty mouths....). That was the best evp's I got outside. There were some other whispery ones I couldn't make out so I left them out. I lost my balance several times during the whole what's your name line of questioning. It was as if they were getting annoyed with us not getting the name right.

We went back in the house and it was our turn in the living room and also a separate den area. I had 2 recorders going. So, it was interesting to see what one picked up and the other one didn't (one stayed with me and I put another one on an end table on the other side of the couch I was on). Unfortunately, nature sounds over powered a lot of our session. A question is asked and a male responds. I can't quite make out what he says over me talking. It's sounds like there are several syllables on this recorder and I think I hear the word answer. Man. However, when you listen to it on the 2nd recorder. It sounds like he just says a long what. What. I caught another evp. Sounds like he's saying help. Help. The next sounds like 2 different spirits are talking. It sounds like one man says his name is Reuben, then says hello. Then someone whispers something I can't understand. Name. A female then softly responds, I'm listening. Another voice loudly whispers what sounds like, no faith left. Nofaith. I think I hear a sigh. Then, we're discussing it and I asks are you here and then a male responds. During the 2nd response, it almost sounds like someone says Reuben, he answers yes. I feel a cold breeze. Male. I then ask the last question. On the 2nd recorder, it was really faint. Yes. The living room turned out to be pretty interesting. There were a few other whispery evps I didn't include.

We then went into this den which is off the kitchen. We aren't there long so we come back to it later. I have to say that when we went in the first time, it felt really really heavy in there. You definitely felt the energy shift.
As soon as we got settled into the room there was this constant whispering that we could hear with our ears on several occasions. I'm sooo bummed that the fountain is running. It ruined most of the evps. Since some people could hear them and some could not. I just left most of them out. I just can't clean them up enough to be 100% sure. If at some point I can get them cleaned up better, then I will post them. Here's a few so you can see what I was up against. It says don't talk to me. DontTalk. Someone asks what is your name. A spirit answers back by saying too much fun in here and sounds like laughing afterwards. Not sure if you will be able to hear it. Fun. I feel so sad that I can't share the rest. I have a ton of evps in this room.  Sniff...sniff.  What's a paranormal investigation with out a few orbs? Here's a few photos from the room.

After that we went upstairs to investigate. As I was climbing the stairs, it felt like my foot went right through one of them and I almost lost my balance. I held onto the railing the rest of the way. It was trippy. We went into an empty bedroom. We didn't get that much. The next two are strange. On the first one, I was trying to figure out if someone in the room said Amy in the first part. And then it almost sounds like a guy says where's dinner lol. Male. Then, it sounds like it says heah, heah Amy. Male2. I have 2 whispers from a female. The first, I'm not sure. It almost sounds like she says heah and there is a response back to her that sounds male (again, no male in the room) that you can't make out. Female In the 2nd, someone is giggling in the room and there is this sing songy female whispered response. Female2. We weren't feeling much in the room so we moved to another bedroom.

Right after I turn on my recorder, we get a voice. I'm not 100% sure what he is saying but we hadn't even asked a question yet. Male. Then Judy says, is there a ghost in here. There is almost like a tsk and then a male responds. Ghost. I think Judy hops is on the bed and she said it felt like it was wet. As she saying that, there is a male voice and some weird knocking over it. Because it was faint, I didn't post it. At the beginning of this one, you do hear a male whisper. Male2. We ask it to be louder and we got some tapping. I have a few evps where there is this weird whispered, not sure how to describe it, male "voice". It's almost like someone is either singing or yelling but very far away. It's a sound that isn't there most of the time. So, who knows. This is the only thing else I got. There is some tapping and I ask is that you tapping. There is a male voice that says no, then you hear a few more tapes. I say do it again and there is this weird tinny tap. Tap

Well, overall, this was a great investigation. I love working with my HPI peeps!! 

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