Sunday, July 10, 2011

Investigation - Virginia City, Nevada Part 2 Dueling Rosies

Hi Everyone,

This is part 2, if you haven't seen part one click here. Also, if you don't want to have to click on everything, here is a youtube summary of all evp's captured. youtube

We decided to do a ghost tour led by Bats in the Belfry.  They basically start out at the Silver Queen hotel and you walk around the town at several hotspots of activity, and end up at the Old Washoe Club.

The tour starts out in the wedding chapel in the Silver Queen.  And then, we were able to go upstairs and visit a few haunted rooms.  It was really hard getting evp's in a group like this.  There was a lot of contamination. But, I will post what I got anyway.  We visited a room and were asking Rosie to talk with us.  The guide wanted to switch out people from the rooms to the hallway and I got this male voice. Male. The guide thinks Rosie might be in the hallway and there is a faint male voice that says behind. Behind. Then, the guide asks if Rosie can say hello.  Hello

I did take a picture (without flash) in the room we were in.  It is kind of strange.  Seems like there is something overlaid on the person in the photo.  It appears to be a woman to me.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.

I didn't get anything else until we got to the Old Washoe Club.  There is a crypt area where they used to keep dead bodies in the winter until the ground thawed so they could be buried. It was still rather loud back there because people were talking in the room right next to it.  I did see a light at one point (others saw it as well).  One of the ladies in the group (who was really scared), said she could see the person.  The interesting thing is that she asked two questions back to back and it does say a name and it might be the same person that we spoke to at the mine earlier. It sounds like he says Hector.Hector

We headed to our room. But, not before stopping at the mine for a quick evp session.  It was really creepy.  We didn't go all the way up cause Bev's knee was bothering her.  But, she was a trooper and went 1/2 way up there.  I saw really weird light in the sky.  It flashed (like a pulse of light) and then shortly thereafter, there was a shooting star.  There is some response right before I say shooting star.  That is the only thing we got.  Response

We went back to the room and started listening to evp's. Then, we started hearing all of this noise in the room I was going to sleep in. Movement Bev caught a great evp but she's fumbling with my recorder so listen carefully. Sounds like Rosie says Yes, I am. Yes. The noise settles down and I go to bed. I didn't get a lot of sleep. I think I was anticipating that something was going to happen so I kept waking myself up. Bev says twice it sounded like someone was shutting a door (to the bathroom) and moving around. She got up but I was asleep. I never felt or heard anything. However, I did have two small stuffed animals on my bed and I kept feeling like they were moved. I'd wake up and they were further up then I remembered. But, who knows.

In the morning, we decided to do another evp session. Bev asks if they kept me up and there's a faint yes. Then, I asked them to knock if they are in the other room (we are in the bedroom at this point)and I hear a knock. Knock.

In this evp, there is a lot of whispering. I can hear a male say a name, but it sounds like Chris, and a female whispers yes. Sounds like the male says come over here right now. Then I ask were you walking around in here last night before we went to bed. The woman responds yes.Yes. This is interesting. You hear a male say maybe Chris. A female says heah. And then it sounds like he says come over here and sit down. Whispers. We switch to the living room but leave the recorder in the bedroom. We get some small responses. There are knocks (sounds close to the recorder) and there is a response from the female but I can't make it out. Response.

We went up to the mine again before we left. We didn't get a whole lot. It felt very different. We both noted the heavy sad feeling. It was quite a bit noisier too. These are all I got. Sounds like he responds by saying alot. Alot and American.

We only had a short visit to Virginia City, but we had a lot of experiences. The town definitely is haunted! If you have the chance to visit, I would definitely recommend it.

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