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Ione Hotel - March 19, 2011 - PZTV

Hello Everyone,

I had the opportunity to investigate the historic Ione Hotel in Ione California with the Paranormal Zone TV team.  The hotel has a rich history.  It's been around since the early 1950's.  According to their website, the hotel was originally built to house miners and serve as a stagecoach depot for supplies and every day commerce.  There was a fire in 1910 and the hotel had to be restored.  There was a 2nd fire with birthed the hotel as it stands today.  We also were told that at one point it was a brothel.

The people who run the hotel were very very nice. The weather was insane.  There was so much wind and rain.  There was a lot going on in the hotel including someone singing karaoke.  So, we had to wait until later in order for it to really quite down.  During dinner, we were told there was a well in the side dining room that had a native american origin.  They had a table top on it and we were lucky that they allowed us to lift it and peer down into you. There was still some water down there and it was very deep.  We were told during one of the fires young boy either fell or was pushed into the well.  Of course, we decided to have a seance on that table later that night.

You can listen to all the files except pantry orig on youtube if you like. It's easier:   Youtube

We officially started in room 7 which was above the karaoke bar.  We used dowsing rods a lot.  We did get some K2 hits as well.  I didn't get much on the recorder.  It was a bit difficult with the music and the wind knocking the sign out front.

Pam wants to ask a question and there was a whisper. It was really weird cause I think it's saying Suka which is Russian for a not so nice word but I'll see what you think. Whisper Here it is amplified. Whisper Amp

Pam, Karen, & I went down to the pantry. Supposedly, someone was killed there.  I immediately was thinking something happened from the back. Like someone came up behind the person and Pam got that he was shot in the back. Karen joined us and was feeling the energy in the room as well. So, we did an evp session.  People were talking in the kitchen next to us, so it was difficult sometimes to hear.  But, we certainly were feeling spirit around us.  Here is what we got pantryOrg I isolated what I found in that. This sounds like two heah's. pantryHeah and this sounds like hello pantryHello This sounds like a name but can't make it out pantryname We had a K2 that was going off and after Pam says can you confirm you got shot, it sounds like a voice says make it shine yes pantryshine. Then, we are talking about whether the person was stabbed or shot. Karen is talking and then you hear the spirit gasp and I think says happened pantrygasp

We did an evp session in the front part of the restaurant. But, I didn't capture anything. We did a seance over the well. We were getting a lot of knocking and movement. It was really interesting. The first thing I caught was when we introduced ourselves. As Nancy saw arrived there is a male voice. It sounds like he says Que Pasa maybe, but it's over top of her voice so hard to say. But it would make sense. Then after I say my name, a male voice says Nikki. So, first is the entire file and then amplified versions. Intro and QuePasa and Nikki

Ok, so it's a little creepy having them say your name lol. But, it's all good. Next, someone sings the words It's not unusual (not the Tom Jones one). Not sure where that comes from.Nancy says can you come closer and talk to us and then it's there. There is also a faint No in there. I'm also including an amplified version. Unusual and UnusualAmp

In the middle of the seance, we hear a chair moving at some other tables in the room. Norene was very excited lol. There is a lot of knocking the whole seance. Chair

After the seance, Pam went back into the pantry and saw a full bodied apparition. It was a man in a flannel jacket. She was freaked out but excited.

We went back upstairs into room 9 where Karen was staying. I had left some stuffed animals because supposedly a woman and her 2 kids died in a fire in that room. And I left a recorder. I don't have anything conclusive on the recorder. There was some whispering but hard to tell where it was coming from, so I didn't include it. But, we did do the dowsing rod in that room and got some interesting answers. Here is the evp I got in that room. No. It's weird cause I don't hear Pam say oh wait at all. But, you clear hear a whispered No. NoAmp

Well, that is what I got at our stay. Hope you enjoyed it. Check out paranormal tv. We usually have some kind of broadcast on Saturday nights. You can watch on

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