Saturday, July 16, 2011

San Leandro Investigation

Hello everyone,

I went to a private investigation with HPI & Global Paranormal Society in San Leandro, CA.  The tenants had some spirits follow them from a 100 yr old house.

Immediately upon walking in, you could feel that something was going on in the house.  Alot of the baseline EMF readings showed that due to their electronic equipment throughout the house, it was pretty high.  We did take that into consideration during the investigation. Here is the youtube video with all the evps from below in one file YouTube

Paul split us up into groups and I was with Karen from GPS.  I used to be in a different group with the GPS team, so it was wonderful getting to see them again.  First, we did an investigation outside (which was noisy).  But, we used the dowsing rods (Karen) and got a lot of responses.  In fact we asked if there were more than 10 spirits and less than 15 and another group got that there were 12.  I did pick up that the spirit who was interacting with us was male and the grandfather which was confirmed with the rods.  But later, we weren't convinced that this was the case.  I know none of us said No in this evp because the answer from the rods was Yes.  It's possibly that one of us whispered Yes, but it was so faint and from listening to this over and over you get to know human vs spirit.   NoYes. Then Pam asks a question and sounds like a no. No. Then, Karen was asking the homeowner if she could come over and join us but sounds like a spirit answered instead. Yes. We start asking if he can stop scaring the occupant and if he can ask other spirits to leave. Yes. The occupant asks if this spirit knows names of other spirits (she has heard these names in her house). I'm not sure why it says oh no. Answers. I asked if they could talk into the recorder towards the end. There's a word, but I can't make it out. I say I know you can and it sounds like don't. Answers2. I'm surprised we got as much as we did outside.

The two bedrooms were connected by a bathroom.  So, Pam & I went into the 2nd bedroom and Karen and the rest of the group stayed in the main bedroom.

Pam had to go downstairs so I was in the room by myself for a while.  It was really really creepy in there.  I almost felt claustrophobic. We got a lot of stuff in this room. First,  as Pam and I were setting up, you hear a woman sigh.Sigh. Then, there were fans on and I was trying to turn them off and I ask how many fans are in the room and someone answers "there's four". And also, as I say there you go as I found the plug, you hear a sigh "there". There. Pam says you ready. I say mmhmm. And the someone else says amen. Amen. I grab my recorder to make sure it's on and someone says go. Go. Pam's head hurt and I was feeling nauseous right after that. We start the evp session. Here are a few responses and whispers. Whispers. Some more whispers and the last one I can only hear the 2nd word "window". Whispers2.

Due to noise contamination (especially in the main bedroom, we did a joint evp session with us staying in the 2nd bedroom and the doors open between the 2 rooms (via bathroom). Pam asks if they can you come and go as you please and sounds like someone says I can. ICan.

We then all went into the main bedroom to combine our efforts. That bedroom really was weird energetically. We'd all just feel this wave and people were feeling light headed and nauseous all at the same time. It was crazy! Here's what we got from the main bedroom. I thought it was saying noooooo but now I hear a popping sound (which was interesting cause that happened quite often before I got responses), and then let's go. LetsGo. We did an experiment with the occupant because he said he'd be walking between the two rooms, through the bathroom, talking on his phone and a spirit would speak through his phone. A male voice talking over Karen that says bedroom (sounds like through the occupants phone). Bedroom. We then moved to the frank box (quickly scans radio frequencies. Spirits use it to communicate). Here's a portion of it. Frankbox We did an evp session after that. Nancy provokes a little and you do hear a male voice say hello right after the male occupant speaks. Hello

In all, it was a great investigation. It was great seeing old friends. And, I can't wait for the next (which will be at the USS Hornet this Friday night). Until next time!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Investigation - Virginia City, Nevada Part 2 Dueling Rosies

Hi Everyone,

This is part 2, if you haven't seen part one click here. Also, if you don't want to have to click on everything, here is a youtube summary of all evp's captured. youtube

We decided to do a ghost tour led by Bats in the Belfry.  They basically start out at the Silver Queen hotel and you walk around the town at several hotspots of activity, and end up at the Old Washoe Club.

The tour starts out in the wedding chapel in the Silver Queen.  And then, we were able to go upstairs and visit a few haunted rooms.  It was really hard getting evp's in a group like this.  There was a lot of contamination. But, I will post what I got anyway.  We visited a room and were asking Rosie to talk with us.  The guide wanted to switch out people from the rooms to the hallway and I got this male voice. Male. The guide thinks Rosie might be in the hallway and there is a faint male voice that says behind. Behind. Then, the guide asks if Rosie can say hello.  Hello

I did take a picture (without flash) in the room we were in.  It is kind of strange.  Seems like there is something overlaid on the person in the photo.  It appears to be a woman to me.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.

I didn't get anything else until we got to the Old Washoe Club.  There is a crypt area where they used to keep dead bodies in the winter until the ground thawed so they could be buried. It was still rather loud back there because people were talking in the room right next to it.  I did see a light at one point (others saw it as well).  One of the ladies in the group (who was really scared), said she could see the person.  The interesting thing is that she asked two questions back to back and it does say a name and it might be the same person that we spoke to at the mine earlier. It sounds like he says Hector.Hector

We headed to our room. But, not before stopping at the mine for a quick evp session.  It was really creepy.  We didn't go all the way up cause Bev's knee was bothering her.  But, she was a trooper and went 1/2 way up there.  I saw really weird light in the sky.  It flashed (like a pulse of light) and then shortly thereafter, there was a shooting star.  There is some response right before I say shooting star.  That is the only thing we got.  Response

We went back to the room and started listening to evp's. Then, we started hearing all of this noise in the room I was going to sleep in. Movement Bev caught a great evp but she's fumbling with my recorder so listen carefully. Sounds like Rosie says Yes, I am. Yes. The noise settles down and I go to bed. I didn't get a lot of sleep. I think I was anticipating that something was going to happen so I kept waking myself up. Bev says twice it sounded like someone was shutting a door (to the bathroom) and moving around. She got up but I was asleep. I never felt or heard anything. However, I did have two small stuffed animals on my bed and I kept feeling like they were moved. I'd wake up and they were further up then I remembered. But, who knows.

In the morning, we decided to do another evp session. Bev asks if they kept me up and there's a faint yes. Then, I asked them to knock if they are in the other room (we are in the bedroom at this point)and I hear a knock. Knock.

In this evp, there is a lot of whispering. I can hear a male say a name, but it sounds like Chris, and a female whispers yes. Sounds like the male says come over here right now. Then I ask were you walking around in here last night before we went to bed. The woman responds yes.Yes. This is interesting. You hear a male say maybe Chris. A female says heah. And then it sounds like he says come over here and sit down. Whispers. We switch to the living room but leave the recorder in the bedroom. We get some small responses. There are knocks (sounds close to the recorder) and there is a response from the female but I can't make it out. Response.

We went up to the mine again before we left. We didn't get a whole lot. It felt very different. We both noted the heavy sad feeling. It was quite a bit noisier too. These are all I got. Sounds like he responds by saying alot. Alot and American.

We only had a short visit to Virginia City, but we had a lot of experiences. The town definitely is haunted! If you have the chance to visit, I would definitely recommend it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Investigation - Virginia City, Nevada Part 1 - Cemetery & Gold Hill Mine

Hello everyone,

Sorry I'm so late posting this but I had a family emergency. I'm going to do this in parts because there is a lot to report.

Virginia City did not disappoint! I was so excited to travel there and find out if it is indeed haunted. I invited my friend Bev to come with me. She had never done a paranormal investigation before, but she really wanted to try. We only stayed one night. I definitely would travel there again.

As we drove into Virginia City, we noticed a sign for a cemetery. It was too early to check into our room so we walked around it and took some pictures. Unfortunately, we were unable to return at night.  I did get something that sounds like a hi after I say I'm leaving. Hi. A female voice comes out of nowhere. Noone was around me and has an accent. I think she says where is the gun. Female  This one is hard to hear cause of the darn wind.  But, you hear a female voice possibly saying I'm right here.  Then in the middle almost seems like she says I'm here.  I then ask if anyone is here and there is a yes. Female2. I asked who's here and I think a man says Walter  Walter.

We stayed at the Gold Hill Hotel which is haunted by Rosie & William. There is also a mine behind it that collapsed and 37 miners died. We stayed in the Blue Room (a guest cottage across the street from the hotel). While we were checking in, the couple who was staying in room 4 (the room where Rosie supposedly haunts), spoke to us. I made some quip to them to enjoy Rosie and turned to my friend in complete envy. All I can say, is that Rosie must have heard me because she didn't disappoint(I'll get back to that later).

We checked into the room and decided to get a bite to eat and walk up to the mine and see if we can do some evp sessions and take some pictures. You basically walk up a path (stairs) and then walk up another steeper dirt road and there is a railroad and you can see parts of the collasped mine. We got some really strange pictures. I'm not sure what to make of them. It was a clear dry day. There was some wind. These anomalies are not on all pictures. There are points in between where they don't appear. Here is what I got and then I'll post some of Bev's pictures. Oh, and there is no metal around the shoot. It's wood. We checked.

I don't know where that purple is coming from.

For Bev's, we were trying to figure out if something was wrong with the camera.  But, there are pictures before and after (even in between) where there is nothing.  I just can't explain it. 

 Ok so we are taking pictures of the skyline.  And this pops up in between photos on bev's camera.

Here are the evp's we got from that session:

The wind was blowin but we still got some wonderful responses. These are best heard via headphones due to the wind.

I say, is anyone here. I think he's saying a name. Name.

There were railroad tracks that Bev crossed over and climbed up a little embankment and there was a hole.  We're not sure where the actual entrance was but it did seem to curve around to a bigger area.  Here's a hello.  Hello.  I have no idea what this miner is saying.  Whisper

I wish there was no wind in this clip because I believe Hector/Victor is trying to have an interactive conversation with us. In fact, I believe he followed us elsewhere (see part 2). He responds yes a few times and the name sounds like Hector or Victor Fitz. An awesome evp. Name.

You can hear someone responding with one word and then saying a sentence but between the wind and the motorcycles, I can't really hear what they are trying to say. Hello.

So, that's part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.  It gets even better.  I will have a youtube summary evp video when I'm done all the parts.  For now, either open the evp files in a different window or you'll have to use the back button to get back to the page.