Sunday, July 29, 2012

East Coast ParaTour Part 3

Hi Everyone!

I combined the last 3 stops of my East Coast ParaTour into one.

My third stop was the Norwich Inn in Vermont which was established in 1797.

I didn't even know about this place but we were visiting my husband's sister and she suggested we stop in.  They don't mind if you walk around the place, so she gave me a tour.  They also have a printout about the paranormal activities at the inn at the front desk.  The inn is supposedly haunted by Mary Walker who died there.  She was involved with prohibition and sold bootleg alcohol in the basement (which is now a wine cellar). Can't say I ran into Mary, but think I would have rather of spoken to her then to who showed up. Again, use headphones!!!

We went to the library and got several responses. 
Voices. Almost sounds like they say Las Vegas at the end. Voices.  Here's a response. Not sure what he is saying though. Male.

Then it starts getting weird. I ask if a female is there and a male (who doesn't sound pleased), says I don't know. DontKnow. Then, he says, the master will kill you. We're talking so he does say something else faint after that. But, wow! Master.  We then go downstairs to the wine cellar. It sounds like he says prepare our place - yes (then a weird voice noise - come), I am the light. Light. You know, sometimes you listen to things back and you're like what the heck and this is one of those times.

This one isn't as clear. Think he says there's no light in here. Male.  If I'm right about what is being said next, then it's disturbing. In the beginning I can hear part of it (back in the) but then I say something and it sounds like the voices says, he raped me. Voice.  Wasn't sure if I should even post it. If someone younger is listening to these. Don't let me listen to the next one. I did have someone else listen and they heard the same thing I did. Male.  I feel like I'm listening to such a sick convo. Rape is mentioned again. Males.
Another voice, I can only make out the word okay. Male2. Male3.Male4.Male5. Here he says don't know towards the end. Male6. Voices. Voices2.

I don't think I've ever felt like I wanted to cleanse after listening to evps before. I'm not sure what to say about all of these. It's creepy and not sure I'd want to go back there.

Next stop:  Salem

Boy, I can't even tell you how disappointed I was in Salem.  It's beyond commercial, everything closes early and opens late (around noon).  The old bed and breakfast we stayed at smelled so bad. Seriously, I didn't even want to breathe in there.  So, I had a horrible nights sleep.  But, was so glad to get out of there. I did get a few voices in the room (I think one said I'm telling you to leave me alone).  But, they weren't the best quality. We went to the graveyard late at night and the next day. For the first time ever, I didn't get any evp's in a graveyard.  Wouldn't recommend Salem at all.

Next stop: Lizzie Borden's House

 I really wish we had sucked it up and driven down to Lizzie’s house and stayed there.  Even my husband felt a real heaviness upon walking in.  For those of you who aren’t family with this story.  On August 4, 1892, Andrew Jackson Borden & his wife (Lizzie’s stepmother Abby Borden) were brutally murdered while Lizzie was home.  She also had an older sister named Emma.  The father was struck 10 to 11 times with an axe while he sat on the couch.  The mother was killed prior to the father in another part of the house.  She received 19 blows to the head.  Nothing was taken in the house.  Lizzie was arrested but later acquitted.  She changed her story numerous times, and upon visiting the house, there is no way that someone could be chopping up her stepmother right above her while she was ironing her handkerchiefs and her not hear it.  She also burnt her dress in front of someone possibly burning the evidence of what she was wearing.  The day before, Lizzie actually went to a store in town to purchase some rather lethal poison (but they wouldn’t sell it without a doctor’s note). She had the dream team for attorneys and they got her off.  But, there is still a lot of controversy over it to this day.  She was shunned by the town and purchased another house near by.   
It’s definitely a fascinating story and if you are in the area and can spend the night, put on your depends, and do so! The tour guide was great and we got lucky and there were only 4 other people with us.  Before I post the evps, here is the incredible photo I got in the father's bedroom.

I darkened it a bit to try to see more definition.  I had hung back in his bedroom and hastily shot a few pictures.  When I looked through my camera, I was shocked to see a light on the backboard of his bed, and when I blew it up, I could see a face.  Some people see a face straight on and then a profile.  You do have to keep in mind there is a matrix in the wood. But, I think that's easy to distinguish.

I did get a few whispers while she was telling stories.  And I was watching people and no one was talking.  My husband and I were discussing how we felt in the house in between moving to another room.  It sounds like a man says help me or please at the end.  
Male. So, the tour guide is talking about Bridget, the maid and right before she she starts talking again, it sounds like someone says, killer ok kill her. Killer. It's so hard cause people are talking. But, does sound like a female responding. Female. This is the last thing I got. It's hard to hear because people are talking on the porch. But, you can definitely hear some responses. On top of the motorcycles, it sounds like Love this house is whispered. After I say I can feel you. I know you're here. A female voice responds. Sounds like feed me (I'm in the kitchen). Another part really sounds like a male sales do not call them, again (this is after I ask for a name) Voices. I so wish it was quiet and I could have gotten some great evps. We then ventured to the grave yard where Lizzie (Lizbeth on her gravestone) was buried.  We were in the wrong place at first but then found her and the family.  It's funny cause right before I got back in the car (before we found the right grave), I got this evp saying, it's the next one. Voice.

I got several other people talking but it's hard cause of the wind. One sounds like they says Listen to me. While I was looking at my camera, I caught some movement about 20 yards in front of me. I saw a shadow (looked weird like a cutout shape but brown) and it darted from one gravestone to another. I did yell, who's there I saw you move. But, I didn't get a response. We had a long ride home, so we didn't stay long. We logged over 2300 miles driving time on that trip. I will definitely go back to see the Borden's. Here is the photobucket link for Lizzie  HERE

Saturday, July 21, 2012

East Coast ParaTour Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Second Stop on the Paranormal Tour was Gettysburg:

I have to admit that I was really looking forward to Gettysburg. But, it was a lot different than I had expected. As a sensitive, I really thought that it would feel a lot different.  But, that really wasn't the case. I felt pretty light there.  And it was really windy the entire time which made for bad evps.  I managed to salvage a few along with some very interesting photographs.

You can't help but be in awe of how huge the battlefield is and how many people sacrificed their lives. There are monuments for all the regiments everywhere as well as canons.  We actually got lucky and ended up staying in a room that was a converted barn that was used in the war as a hospital.  I did get some interesting evps in there.

First, I'm going to show some interesting pictures that I got from the Devil's Den area.  I was quite shocked when I noticed that there was some kind of energy that moved on the rocks.  So, I blew it up.  It was around sundown.  This is the first picture

Here is the 2nd picture (it moved down):

I uploaded some more pictures at photobucket HERE
I also included pictures of the Jennie Wade house.  Jennie was the first civilian killed when her house was under fire. 

Here are the evps. Again, it's better to use headphones when listening to evps.  I know with my air conditioner running in the background, I can barely hear them.

This was on our first round on the audio tour.  Someone asks a question, and then says, answer please.

Not sure what this guy is saying. male2

Someone was talking to me in the national graveyard.  But, it's not a great evp so I didn't include it.  This one you can definitely hear someone speak twice. male3

These are from my bedroom.  On the headphones, you can actually hear someone take 2 really loud steps (it's carpet floor), and then they say something loud.  I am on the bed. male4

I get another response that due to the air conditioner, I just can't hear what he's saying.  This one is strange, someone says something, then there is weird whistling, then someone yells a word, and then the whistling starts again. whistles

It sounds like someone says get a water bucket. water

This is kind of strange.  I keep debating on whether to post it. I don't hear anything like it before or after it happens.  But, it's also responding right after I ask a question.  I ask it to make a sound and it sounds like a sing songy voice.  There are a couple of bangs so I say do it again and the same hum or sing songy voice is heard. Voice

I did record something right afterwards and I'm wondering if the previous voice is outside contamination.  But, there are two other spirit voices in the beginning and very end.   Voice

And, one last voice from the room.  Male

And last but not least, I'm in the middle of triangular field and I say drop your weapon.  I can't make out the first thing that is said, but the second sounds like I will gladly, miss. Voices

Gettysburg was an interesting experience.  I'm glad I got to go and pay some respect to the thousands of soldiers who died there and also to learn more about what happened there.

Next stop:  Norwich Inn (Vermont), Salem, MA, and The Lizzie Borden House

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

East Coast ParaGhost tour Part 1

Hi everyone,

Really wanted to get this off earlier, but my computer is on the fritz and I was hoping to get back on it but alas I'm on a laptop which is much harder for me.  But, the show must go on.

I had the opportunity to go back East to visit family and since I knew I'd be driving over 2000 miles (ok the hubby drove and I rode shotgun), I figured, why not add some ghosties into the mix.  I went to 5 haunted places (plus grandma's house).  Here are the photobucket links for Eastern State.  HERE

First Stop - Eastern State Penitentiary

This structure was the first real penitentiary in the world.  It housed several of America’s most notorious criminals including Al Capone (who I was told that during his stay, he used to scream “Jimmy don’t” a lot because he was being haunted by someone he murdered). There is a total of 15 cell blocks (originally there were 6).  Most of the prison is made up of crumbling cellblocks and decay.  Several of the cell blocks were off limits to the public.  We had the most activity in the woman’s ward and in death row.  It’s a very eerie place.  I have to admit I felt like I shouldn’t be there.  But at the same time, I totally wished I was alone (without the tourists) and had access to the prison at night.  They do have some night events there.  If you are near Philadelphia, I highly recommend it.  They do allow you do go into some cells, and there are also additional cells that have prison interpretive art in them depicting how the prisoners lived etc.  A lot of the cells are in varying states of decay. 


Deathrow: When I first heard this I thought it was telling me to go to hell.  But, it's really hard to hear the beginning of this, I think it says go to hell stripers.  Listen with earphones and come to your own conclusion.    

I asked a question and a male responds male
Afterward, I ask a question in one of the cellblocks and  I get a reply.  It's hard to hear (darn birds are tweeting too loud....nature....). 


Don't know exactly what he's saying, but he doesn't seem happy. I hope you ____ in it.


At the very end, it sounds like he says a name.  Burt something (monk...not sure),


Here are a few of the female evps.  In the first one, there's a lot of whispering going on..
In this one it sounds like she asks for help. Female2
Another one weird cause it sounds like a male and female voice saying the same thing. Female3

In the past, I had been hesitant about going to prisons or asylums because I really didn't get the point.  I guess I still have mixed feelings.  The building and grounds were very interesting.  Energetically, it wasn't overwhelming.  But, I know there are way more violent prisons that I have no desire in visiting.  And asylums just seem like they would be very depressing.  I love getting evp's but I guess it's good to draw some boundaries about where your comfort zone lies.  Next stop on the tour:  Gettysburg.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Beerman's in Lincoln, CA

Hello, I haven't investigated with Paul and the HPI crew for quite a while. This event was hosted by Lori Schulz (who is a local radio talent and quite nice). We were investigating the top 2 floors. The business was still operating, so there is a lot of noise contamination. Would love to do an investigation there where it was completely quiet. But, I still managed to get some interesting responses.

History: The structure was initially erected in 1864 by the International Order of Odd Fellows. It was also housed Dallman's Drygoods, Berrman's Lincoln Meat Market, and Alexander's Drug Store.

Since Paul wanted me to put on my psychic hat, I sat in my car just to see if I could pick up anything. I did feel that someone was murdered in a robbery on the left side of the building which is a side dining room now. I also felt like someone had a heart attack there. No one has investigated this site before.  We didn't have a lot of history regarding the property.  A few employees told some stories.  I asked Lori if someone was killed on the site and she went and spoke to the owner, who remembered that it was speculated from family stories that his father would tell them.  Some employees reported seeing a little girl run across the stage (there is a stage with a very old piano on it (which has moved on it's own) that was very attracted to before I heard this story).  I immediately saw her in my head as between the ages of 6 to 8ish.  She had a flowered dress on and light brown hair (barette on side) and it kind of curled under.  I got the name Elizabeth and immediately wanted to shorten it to Lizzy.  Another employee saw an apparition of a woman thought to be Lola Montez.  Other investigators think they got the name Lizzy while they were asking the child's name on evp.

Here is the youtube upload of the evps: YouTube

Once upstairs, I started walking around in this side room that for some reason was attracting me. I  just asking a few questions and I got this evp. Male.

Lori and some of the other investigators were feeling ill up near the bathrooms.  So, I did some EMF's readings and Mark and I both agreed that we thought it was not caused by anything paranormal.  We decided to do some evp sessions in the bathrooms.  Mark and I went into the mens bathroom and asked several questions.  We both kept hearing a lot of whispering so I told the people in the hallway to make sure they didn't speak.  Here is possibly 2 voices (because seems like someone yells something overtop of another male who sounds like he's saying it's a pleasure to....) Male2.. There's a few more whispers after this in response to my questions, but they are hard to make out.  This one sounds like he says I don't know how to. Male3. This is weird.  Almost sounds like he says one thing then don't tell on me. Voice. A few more voices in this one Voices. This happens before I ask another question. Sounds like help me get her back MaleVoice. I ask how old they are and got an unrelated response. Something about her father Father I then ask if anyone is whispering because I am hearing so much of it. I got some more whispered responses but I didn't post them. Interesting bathroom! 

I went back towards the stage where a group was doing an evp session.  There's lots of whispering. Here's one sounds like someone is mad Mad.  Mans voice. They are asking him to play with the flashlight. I hear I can do.... Can. Sounds like Harry get back. Harry. Two Voices Males. Some more yelling Male. Some people on the 3rd floor balcony were asking questions, and we got a big yes. Yes. Towards the end of the night, I tried to go downstairs but there was music on so, I couldn't hear anything when I played it back. I headed back upstairs. I stopped in the middle to see if I got anything but I didn't. No one else was around, so I decided to go near the bar. I asked if anyone was there, and it sounds like a female says Lola. Lola. Now, we were given that name in the beginning, and there was no one around me. And there is no female speaking after that. Also right afterwards there is a really higher pitched voice that sounds like Montez. So, they want to stop the investigation and I go back on the stage really quick. I almost discounted this but then the next question the same female voice talks again. There is a male speaking in the background unfortunately. It's pretty clear what she says. The first time it's there are only 2 people (slight accent). Female1. The 2nd answer, she says get back my children. Female2.

Beerman's was a very interesting place energetically. Hopefully, I'll get another chance to investigate there in the future!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Glen Tavern Inn Santa Paula, CA

Hello Everyone,

I had the privilege of attending an paranormal event at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, CA the weekend of March 23rd.

It was hosted by Bill Murphy (Paranormal Files Fact or Faked), and his lovely wife Anita (GhosttownTv).  The theme of the event was the theory of thought form manifestation. It was incredibly informative.  I met many new friends and my brain is still trying to process all the thought provoking material.

After unpacking all my stuff, I turned on my recorder and asked a few questions.  Why not hop right into the action!  I introduced myself and I did get a hello. In fact, there were many odd things on that recording. I even got a few snores (perhaps a neighbor? - although I never heard my neighbors speaking the entire trip and there is nothing on the other side of the wall near my bed and I think the restaurant is underneath me).

I decided to venture downstairs and I met Shaun and Jess (some newbies to paranormal investigating) as well as Dr Michael Lynch and we had a great discussion. I also picked up my Spectercam from Keith. If you have not visited you don't know what you're missing. That evening was the meet and greet where I met Bill & Anita Murphy, Britt Griffith (GH), Paul Bransford (GHI) and many others. We had a raffle and I won a book about the Whaley House. I didn't end up going to bed until after 1:00 am. I couldn't sleep very well. Before I went to bed I just kept hearing weird noises.  I fell asleep with the tv on and around 3:00 am I felt and actually saw in my head that someone had just lifted up the covers and climbed into bed with me.  I sat up immediately but of course, no one was there.

The day was a full day of speakers.  Bill started it off with talking about thought forms.  According to Wikipedia, "A thought form is a manifestation of mental energy, also known as a tulpa in Tibetan mysticism. Its concept is related to the Western philosophy and practice of magic." I hope you've got that.  Bill spoke about an experiment called the Philip Experiment where a group of people met for @ a year.  They created a back story for the thought form so that they could manifest it into existence.  In Tibetan mysticism, it's only by intense focus that these thought forms can be conjured and sometimes they also take physical form.  Bill also spoke about an experiment he did at the Glen Tavern Inn called the Pearl Experiment where they created a thought form named Pearl. Nothing like a light subject to start off the day with.  This was followed by Jim Spann who took some photos at the inn that captured a woman in a mirror in the dining room.  He was standing across the room and there was no one else that could have been in the picture.  They've tried to debunk it several times.

I would like to say that as investigators we do have to take the time to make sure that evidence is indeed paranormal and this does mean trying to debunk.  But, I would also encourage teams to approach their investigations with an open mind.  If your whole team is skeptics, then where is the balance?

Back to business.  The guys from came up and showed us some of the evidence they had collected which was pretty cool.  Check them out the weekend of April 13th where they are live all weekend at the Sallie House.  Next, Keith Engle from Spectercam gave a great presentation about tools and equipment.  A group of us were sitting around discussing tools with him and Paul later that night.  I think we all start off collecting the "it" items and then we get more serious about really getting equipment to support our goals.  Keith made a good point about the KII.  There is no way to be sure what is making it go off unless you could extrapolate the data from it and then analyze whether it's due to the unexplained, electrical pulses, cell phones etc.  So, if you use it during an investigation to communicate, you have to keep that in mind.  Los Angeles Paranormal Association (minus one) got up and talked about investigating and blogging.  It was informative and it was nice seeing them again.  Paul Bradford (Ghost Hunters International) got up and spoke about equipment and some theories he had regarding time slips (which might explain the whole ancient aliens theory). A group of us hung out with Paul a few times and he's really funny and a total parageek. You can find some of his gear for sale HERE.

That night, we all broke up into groups to do some investigating in some of the designated haunted rooms.  First stop was room 104.  I was joined by Summer from Alameda Paranormal, Jim Spann, John Huckert, Bess, and Sean (as well as other enthusiasts).  There was some weird high emf's around the bed and some spots in the room made me feel nauseous.  We all started pitching in questions.  Now, this first one was well discussed over the weekend.  I ended up having to pull video to make sure that it wasn't because the recorder  mic was touched or a noise (Summer was holding it). There were some people in the hallway talking. John was staying in that room and he said the bed was moved while he slept. I asked, "Did you move the bed last night?".  There is a very long pause (where you hear people in the hallway talking), and then there is a loud No, then Summer moves for some reason.  You can hear her move but, I did view the video and you can hear a much fainter no and then Summer moves.  The recorder doesn't brush anything.  And if it were being brushed, then I don't think the camcorder would have picked up the no.  Here is both files. No. NoVid There was some faint responses, so we did a 2nd round and we did get some voices Male.  If you want to just go to youtube and listen to most of the evps go HERE. There were some other responses but I ended up chucking them cause of the hallway chatter. But, this one is quite interesting. It's a female. I wish I hadn't told the next person to go ahead because this was loud and clear. Female. About 2 questions later, there is another response (male or sound right after question) and I believe the female speaks again (at the end she says will you come - sorry for the quality). Male. We do another session. Someone asks if John snores (also the noise while he speaking is because 2 people started to ask a question). Voices. Another response. Help. TrustME.

I then went to Bess's room (I think 223). She was feeling like someone was in her bathroom. I wasn't getting responses so I asked if they could knock. Then while we're trying to figure out of it's someone in the hallway, I voice says No very loudly. The recorder was in the middle of the bed. No. For some reason, I was talking to the spirit like they were a child. I have no idea why. It wasn't something I was thinking about. There is faint singsongy response probably won't hear it without headphones. Voice. Bess was a little freaked out and she went and got Keith (never hurts to have a 2nd opinion). Sound. This is a possible voice speaking as Keith is talking. Voice2.

We then went to Room 218 I believe. Brian from L.A. Paranormal was staying in there. And supposedly someone had been choked in that room. I'm not sure what Brian did to his team that they elected for him to stay in there to see if he'd get choked (just kidding) but I'm glad it wasn't me (not kidding). I'm not posting all we got because some is just too faint. Use Headphones if you have them. This is weird, the spirit says something and then there's whistling sound. Sound. This one is strange too. There's a weird high pitch noise. Under that there is a really deep voice which and I can't quite get what he is saying (I'm worried for you?). You have to ignore the high pitch to hear it. Male2. Then, someone says thanks and a name (Griffin?). This one, there is speech (there's a weird sound but below that can hear a deeper tone and then a mechanical response). Male3. Another low voice (I want to talk to you and a response). The voice is so low, it makes me think of Night at the museum. "Get me some gum gum, dumb dumb." But, I digress. I so wish these were clearer. Male4. Sean says something about it being 2012 and there is a responses. Male5. I think he says I can ask tomorrow. Then, Sean asks a question and the toilet goes off (it was loud) and Bess screams (yes, it was priceless - I do have a picture of her in full panic mode but I have refrained from posting it). We're laughing and we get the last great evp from that room. Male4.  I think it says I can see him.  Seriously, I wish that I can take out more of the noise so the evps could be more pronounced.

I ended up hanging out in the lobby with Brian, Jim, and a few others until 4 am (which I later regretted).  I left the recorder on in my room next to my bed.  It does start raining which just kills the evps. There several voices here and there. But, I did get an interesting conversation @ 4:40 am.

The next, I gulped some 5 hr energy (they should pay me for an endorsement), and David Weatherly gave a fascinating talk about Tulpas and his experience with one. He spoke about thought forms and even had us consider if some entities have been created at certain locations (like Chloe at Myrtle's Plantation).

He just had a book released called The Black Eyed Children. I did purchase it so check it out!

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

U.S.S. Hornet 2/03/12


Got another opportunity to volunteer at the U.S.S. Hornet.  It was a smaller group this time (all ladies + Chad).  I got to meet a few people from Alameda Paranormal Researchers who will also be volunteering. I had a great group!  They were pretty quiet.  If they spoke 99.9% of the time they didn't whisper. It helps when it's all female because then you can clearly tell the difference between spirit and human because most of the evps from the ship are male voices. 

We started out in the ready room.  It was pretty cold on the ship.  Although, you'd never know it by looking at Chad (who had a short sleeved shirt on).  Those Marines are always showing off!. We were in this room for 50 minutes. I had 2 recorders going, one right next to Chad in the front of the room and one with me in the back.

Chad is trying to get the steward to let us know he's there and he responds OK. There aren't the best quality but you can definitely hear someone is talking. Someone said they were a skeptic and right at the end a voice says no No. Responses.  I got over 100 separate evps.  Alot of that you hear a male voice but due to the sounds on the ship you can't make out what they are saying. 

This one is interesting because it sounds like he says Chad Chad. There's a loud thud so Heidi radios to see if anyone heard it and asked if we knew where it came from. There are some voices in between (even sounds like singing) and it's no one in the room. At the end sounds like he says 10 years Voices.  A weird whistling Whistle. We decide to use the Ovilus X. It says nine and then again a whistling sound and at the end almost sounds like 2 there Voice.

The ovilus says best then news and a different male voice responds several times News. Ovilus says island, I repeat it and someone says not here. Then Chad says were on the island of Alameda and someone says they hurt. There are more responses, just not sure what they are saying Male Voice. So, we started getting some interesting responses from the Ovilus. It said jumped, party. Chad first says we'll go faster if you lets us know you're actually here. Spirit says "I am". Chad says are you going to tell me that someone jumped. It's hard to hear but it says, "I want to communicate with you more". Chad asks if someone jumped at a party and a male voices whispers "communicate yes". Male Voice.  Then Chad said, are you talking about Captain Browning (who was fired from the Hornet in 1944 due to a mishap on the ship)? There was a film being shown and someone activated a CO2 canister and there was a stampede. In the chaos, 2 fell overboard (one drowned). Captain Browning was held responsible. After he asks that, it's a faint response but sounds like he says "somebody killed".  Then the ovilus says contrition and Chad repeats it and the spirit says "yes,  contrition"  Responses. It sounds like he says thank God after Chad says Captain Browning was fired. But, when he asks is that the best news, another voice says "I didn't do it". The tempature starts getting colder and there is a response Responses2. Weird low voice or sound while Chad is speaking Responses3.  After 40 minutes, someone finally started turning the flash light on and off that was sitting on the desk next to Chad. Responses3.  Another response ("I'm testing you") Response. Chad tells us that a lot of the men on the ship were 17 - 19 years of age. Sounds like a male says "I am twenty" Male. Voices. Sounds like "I want them out of here" and another voice responds Voices2.

I'm pretty shocked at how many evp's we got in that room. I left a lot out where you could here the voice but not understand what it was saying.

Chad took us a few places off the beaten path. We walked through the torpedo berthing where a lot of women tend to have experiences. We left and I didn't turn off my recorder and I get some voices. This one sounds like "I'm thirsty", "keep it down". Voices3.  "Go up there, shhhh". Voices4.  There's a lot of males voices conversing while we're walking and talking.  I'll put this one up.  I did the best I could cleaning it up. Sounds like "right, now...."I don't have the answer".  "It's okay".  "Okay, I'll get an answer...". "Okay, this is the right way to do it".  All speculation of course.... Voices5

So, we're near the scullery and Chad is telling us a story about how one of the ghost shows got the story wrong about this area. When he's first speaking, another male voice speaks. As Chad continues you hear that male voice again. Male Voices. He then says that the story wasn't true and there's a voice. Voice. Here is the remaining story and you can hear several comments being made by a male spirits. Voices.

We move on to the mess hall. As soon as we get in there and Chad is explaining typical happenings (don't have to listen to this one, just pointing out how many male voices are going on behind his talking Chatter), and there is a bunch of male voices whispering. I can't understand what they are saying though. Males. At the end, sounds like it says  "Look for me, Paul". Voice. I ask them to make a noise. Voice. I do get a hello (this is from recorder in adjacent room Hello. I did get a no when I asked if they were in the fight. Someone says "don't look at me" Look. It's just an insane amount of whispering going on. Here, someone says fantastic.Voices2. There's a flurry of activity when someone walks back to where they hear noises. Voices3. As soon as she goes over there, it's silent for a while. Then, I think I hear something. It almost sounds like at the end he says "that was me" People.

We went to a place that they don't visit very much. It originally was a medical ward during World War II and later, when they turned the recovery into a mess hall. You could get ice cream in there.

At first there wasn't a lot of activity but then I finally started getting voices. Here is the first clear voice.  Don't. I say I'm still waiting for my ice cream and sounds like he says take it out twice. Takeout. I didn't post all the whispering. You can understand some of what is said here. First, I think he says lean back on one (this is right after people feel like they are seeing movement). Then, it says we don't need a check. And lastly, I'll stand at the wall. Wall.

We then went to the brig area. I did not go down to the brig. I stayed up at the top of the stairs by myself. I did get some voices though. Brig.

We then went to sickbay. Chad is telling a story and it sounds like after someone says eleven there is a male whisper that says miss. Chad continues and a female is saying so this is.... and sounds like the same voice saying miss again. Male. Right in the beginning someone is talking and behind it there is a voice that says what's the status (right around where you hear 2 knocks). Then, someone laughs and it sounds like he says it is cold. Then says, come on in. There are 2 more whispers later on the clip. Right after Chad says if anyone wants to sleep in here it sounds like someone says too wimpy. At the end sounds like take a nap (which is interesting cause someone had just laid down on a bunk). Voices. There were a few more whispers after that I didn't post. I'm laughing because I was talking about how scared I was sleeping by myself on the ship  Male. So far, way more activity then I usually get. This is interesting. I cut it off cause it got to faint. The female sounding voice sounds like it says there is a tumor. Voices3. I ask what your name. Response. I take the ovilus out and first three words are "we're" "leaving" "quarantine". I get an evp right after which says we're leaving eventually. Leaving. Then we get the word well. There are some whispering on top of us speaking but can't get what he's saying. Here's another response (you should be helpful?). Response2. First word is louder Voice. This has several responses. First it says something like don't you ever and after I say Tim it's sounds like the word attention. Then someone says 10-4. Male Voices. It started talking about a fire (the quarantine/burn room is right next to us). Response. Another voice Male. Male2. This one is creepy. You can hear that someone starts to say something then it almost sounds like a breathing machine or someone suddenly breathing heavy. I don't hear it in any other clip before or after. Than some guy says give me my baby. Baby. Ask them to say something to impress me and I get an okay. After that, a few strange responses. Voices. Voices2. People were starting to fall asleep so we figured it was best to move on lol.

We move onto the Torpedo Berthing. Chad tells us about a few incidents in there and I do get some voices. Male . Sounds like he says keep it Keep. There's a lot of talking on top of Chad telling the story. I just didn't include it all cause I can't understand what they are saying.

We then go to go to the CPO mess hall.  i don't think I've ever gotten a response in here on tape. There is a table set up in there in honor of those who died. There some whispering and then I got this. There is this staccato voice sounds almost like do you remember when ...... tempted or tended you. Voice. Another response Responses Chad then proceeds to talk some smack about the Navy and there is some whispering responses. I just can't understand them. But then, I might not be 100% sure he's cursing in this one (warning), but you can definitely tell he's not happy about the army joke that proceeded it. There's a separate voice at the end and I'm not sure what it says. Mad. Here's some more responses right after that. Males. Chad starts another joke and it sounds like someone says he's gotta let it go, okay. The responses continue. Response. More Response2. Response3. They had asked a question about touching us and someone says they are navy, and sounds like a male says something. Male. Someone asks them if they want to play the touching game again and it almost sounds like someone says come here I'll touch ya. Voice. I ask them if I bring the ovilus out will they talk with it. I wish this was more clear. But, basically, it says we don't know... then louder we don't know what it is. Voice2. Someone ask what they liked to do and they ask him if he liked going to bars and the flashlight came on. I repeat what the ovilus said and someone shouts something. Shout. Then, it sounds like he said that means nothing to me. Nothing. We're laughing cause some times you can't understand the Ovilus but I do have an lcd that shows the word and a voice says something. Voice. I ask if he's 18 and the light came on. Then, the ovilus said bar. One of the ladies say that guys were buying her drinks last night. The ovilus says magic. Then it says rhythm. She is talking about karoake. After some other questions, she mentions the bar again and it repeats the word magic. I do get an evp but I can't understand what he says. I say you're such a smooth talker and the flashlight goes off. She says, oh I have to tell my husband that. She says an 18 yr old sailor is hitting on his wife and the ovilus says "necessary". Then it says "tease". That got a big laugh. Then it said "big". Chad is responding to a question and it sounds like a spirit says "why can't you believe".

We then took a break and we went to the foscle with Heidi's group. I was getting nothing. So, I turned on the ovilus. Heidi asks if they can say their name. I do get some whispering. I believe it says, "independent". Then, "they just don't know", a "what", then "you're not strong", "they don't know nothing from me". Here is both recorders. Again, listen on headphones. You have to when it's not class A. Chatter1. Chatter2.

We then go up to the bunks adjacent to the foscle. Someone did commit suicide there. But, I got nothing.

Wow, to bad I didn't get many evp's this time around......NOT. As usual the hornet didn't disappoint. It takes me weeks to get through all the evps. Sometimes, I have to listen to a specific recording in different sound programs. I make my husband listen lol (if he had a nickle for every time I said, "BABE, come here".) You really get used to listening closely and telling what is phonetic speech and what is movement or someone in the room. If I'm not sure, I discount it.

That's all from the hornet this time.  If you're in the area, you have to visit. It's an extraordinary ship!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

U.S.S. Hornet 10/28/11

Hi Everyone,

I had an opportunity to volunteer again at the Hornet.  We had 100 guests; big crowd!  Susan was the docent for our group.  And we had a fun time!

Our first stop was the mess hall.  It's one of my favorite spots on the ship.  As far as physical sounds, it was way quieter than the last time I was there.  With a big group, sometimes it's hard to do noise control. There were people whispering most of the night, so I had to separate people from spirit, which can be very challenging.

We did get some fainter responses, but I didn't include everything here. Usually, I try to give you as much as possible so you can make up your own mind and see the differences between the quality.

There were some temp drops in the room and people were feeling some things.  We did get this response.  It sounds like someone says Tilson go back, into the mess (I used two recorders and this one was near the elevator they used for transporting nukes and not actually in the mess hall where we were all sitting). I had my RTEVP on the table next to me, but I got nothing.  Then I asked if they died on the Hornet and it sounds like a voice says Tilson, tell them and then there is kind of a weird breathy sing songy response. And then there's one more response again it say Tilson and sounds like a breathy yeah response. Male Voice. On the recorder that I had in the room with me, I did get this (people were getting cold at the time). It's hard to hear but sounds something like Lt. James Decosto, Decoste or something like that Lt. So, didn't get as much activity as usual in there. People were feeling like something didn't want us in there but I never felt that and there was nothing on tape that indicated that either. Who knows?

We then went to the catapult room. There are some voices in this clip. There's a yeah and I think when I ask the rank he says private. Voices

This one sounds like he says I'm not returning home. Thank You

We got a name. It sounds like J.R. Blackmon then someone says here. JR1

I ask if they can touch us or whisper and someone says No very clearly. No

Here's some weird voices and sounds. Andrew

We then left the catapult room and there is this area that was an elevator for nukes. I've never done a session in there so a few of us sat in there while the rest went down to the brig. I had to discount most of the things I heard there because people were talking and whispering (when in doubt, throw it out). But, we did get someone to turn the flashlight on and off. And it took a bit to turn it. We didn't make it really easy.

We then all went into the foscle. At first, once we all settled, someone was playing with our flashlight. Someone asked if it was the chaplain turn it on and it did go on. I asked if you died on the ship can you turn the light on and it went on. So, someone was interacting with us.

It was hard going over the audio in there cause people were whispering and the sound carries. I had to discount alot. The K2 meters were going off. And we were trying to communicate with them. But as far as evp's were concerned, there was just too much talking and noise so it was a bust. These are the only ones that I think might be legit. No    Taps

This is from the ready room. We had some K2 activity. Unfortunately, there was again way to much talking. Although we seemed to have some temp changes, there was no communication via recorder, touching, or knocking. And it might have been the table. Since afterwards, they noticed that when they picked it up it the temp moved up. So, that may have been debunked.

We then went to the admirals quarters. There are a few rooms in that area plus a bedroom. I left a recorder in the bedroom, but got nothing on it. We were asking a lot of question and getting K2 responses at the admirals table. Here is one. Response. Here is the next question after that. Brothers

The next room was one of the other mess halls and I got nothing conclusive.

I got to go to a part of the ship that I wouldn't normally get to see. On our way there, we stopped in the sickbay (which was closed to visitors due to it being decorated for Halloween). The docent told a few stories of some recent activity and towards the end there were some interesting responses. Right after he gets off his radio, this is heard . Male. Then, you hear a voice whispering on top of people speaking in the room. Almost sounds like heah Becker, arrest me. Becker Then we walked to another area and got this (can't make out first word but 2nd is collector and then someone says Lancaster). Lancaster We walked to another are and there is something I can't understand before this. But, I don't think he's responding to me. I think he's responding to someone in the other room. Because it sounds like he whispers, that is the thrust. Thrust  Here are some interesting voices. Sounds like Arnie, don't you hear that, and start the main pump. Voices Some more voices. Clarence. It's hard to hear because the docent is talking. There's only one guy in the room besides him and he was not talking. Voices2 Male voice. Male The docent is telling a story and someone says can I help in the beginning and then loudly sounds like she don't know. Voices I'm Happy Happy.

This is interesting. I had my recorder on and listening with headphones as the docent was talking. And I kept hearing all these voices under his voice. Voices  At this time I'm facing this door and there is a lady standing in front of it. I heard the voice and few seconds later, the lady says it feels like something poked her. Then, I  see a foot coming down out of there and as I see this and as I'm telling everyone, there are voices in the background. I said hello, and someone says hello back. Hello

And that's all folks. The Hornet always seems to deliver. If you haven't been there, I encourage you to go!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sacramento 1/7/12

Hello Everyone,

I still have some other things to post. But, I'm going to post this first since I just went on an investigation last weekend with HPI. Here is the youtube version. But, it's much better to listen one by one so you can replay it etc. You Tube

I met up at Paul's house (with the beautiful Judy Rad), went to Regina's birthday party (yea!), and then we headed to an apartment in Sacramento where the tenants were experiencing lots of activity.

One of the children would speak of an imaginary friend that quickly went from being friendly to scary. The kids did not like being alone or separated for fear of this entity. Also, there were nightmares. The father is incarcerated and possibly astral projecting to see/protect his sons.

This was very unusual and the energy was unusual as well. We broke up into 3 teams. Paul (our fearless leader) wanted psychics to lead the teams so Renee, Jennifer, and I led the charge. I have to admit. I'm not used to really wearing that hat so I will take a note pad next time to just jot down what comes to mind. There are things that I should have said that I didn't. First, he had us separately walk around the house to see what we felt (and we all had similar experiences). I definitely felt as though there was strong energy in the hallway and the master bedroom. The bathroom also seemed very active. On my way into the master bedroom, I had to pass the children's bedroom. I didn't feel much and just continued on, but on the way out, I definitely felt as though I was not allowed to go in there. It almost felt like spirits were lining the walls protecting. I just got the message I was not welcome. Frankly, I couldn't even look in there it was so strong. I did turn my recorder on while I was in the bedroom and heard whispering. Male. The 2nd one is under someone talking in the living room. It sounds like when did you said so. It starts right before she starts talking. Male Voice. They are not class A by any means, just wanted to show that something was going on. Renee and Jennifer had similar experiences. Renee also picked up on some tattoos on the husband. I also sensed that he had a shaved head and a particular tattoo on his chest (which she confirmed). Renee also took some pictures that were awesome. It looked like some sort of portal. Later, she also saw some moving orbs that she captured on camera as well.

We then gathered in the living room to get a briefing by the tenant. I had been sitting right where Renee had taken the portal pictures and really was able to tap into some of the energies. This is how I saw the dad and I also saw the grandfather. At one point, I felt this very strange vibration beneath me. I looked up and Judy was looking at me and I was trying to see if she felt it to (which she did). It was very strange. These are fantastic photos.

Our group was in the master bedroom first. We all were feeling cold spots. Regina also heard music. No one was talking in the beginning and the tape was running and someone whispers very lightly. Female. There is nothing before or after that or anyone whispering.

Later, the 3 psychics went outside to different locations without being told where and what happened. To be honest, it was freaking freezing outside. And it was hard for me to focus. We weren't feeling much besides cold. I believe Renee and I were attracted to this one tree, and Jennifer sensed some gang activity. I got stabbing and cutting (like a lot of it). I first though shooting but then thought, oh that is so easy and just pushed that out of my head....see, I need to just bring a pad and not judge things. I'm learning. When we got back to the apartment, we were told there was a major stabbing incident at the complex.

Our group (the Spirit Hos) went into the bedroom and I said I know you're hear I can feel you, can you do something for me. It sounds like the male voice Jacob or Jacobson and then get out of here. Tammy then asks do you need help and it sounds like he says you don't know enough. Males. Sounds like he says wake up. Male. Then, Tammy sees a flash in the corner and there is a weird male voice at the end. I have no idea what he is saying. Male. There are no males in the room btw. Here's another response (sounds like two spirits - really deep yes). Response. Someone thought someone died of lung cancer so they asked if they smoked and got a response (whisper very end). Response2. They ask if the spirit wants a cigarette and there is a male response light (and another word not sure - somewhere.someone). Light. I was in the bathroom and I heard voices and I did make a sound even though a male voice was talking as well cause I wanted everyone to stop talking but listening back don't think it was me. Everyone did hear the strange noise (ssss sounding noise). Response. Then there is another male voice. Male. I'm not posting it but someone asks if they need help and there is a very faint yes. Also, someone asks why he's there. Voice.

Didn't post it but someone asks are you happy here; content with your existence? And someone responds I don't know. This is interesting. I went into the bathroom before all of this and Tammy asks them to show themselves, make some noise, or say your name. I had the recorder in my hand for the last few evps. But, on this click, it's sounds like someone is tapping it. I didn't feel that though. Tapping. At the end of that a woman faintly whispers get out. Also, the people in the room asked if I was moving in the bathroom because they were hearing noise. There is also a faint evp after that I tell them to come out and talk and he said it's hard to talk. And then I say come on you need to talk and it sounds like you says, I do not have to talk. There is also a tap when asked.

I talk about how they were all chatty earlier and that I am disappointed. I then say what do you have to say for yourself? A male says I've passed now. I'm happy. Male. I ask it to come out and do something right now and I get a female saying I can't. Female. Then someone says don't be afraid and a female speaks. Female2. A little after that a male says don't cry.

I bought my dowsing rods out and asked a few questions. For example, I asked if they had ever lived in this complex and it said no. I asked if there was a portal in the hallway and it said no. At the very end of the session after we were saying it's the last chance for you to say something, there is a male voice. Voice. Earlier, I had brought out my Ovilus X and we were getting lots of chatter. Right after I turned it on it said Dawn, forever, hand. I actually was thinking that sounded so high school (Dawn forever)! The tenant says that actually that is her best friend from high school who has a forever tattoo near her hand/wrist area. Her friend is alive so maybe it was just confirmation or someone was trying to say something.

We left the house and went to the office because there have been 911 calls made from an apartment that had no phone hook up a few times a year. The police come out but no one has called. We did get this evp in there. Sounds like it says take it down now. And then maybe, Victor hide and a heah. Help.

Paul then does a blessing on the house. There were lots of weird noises that popped up. For example Response. Female. Voice. Sounds like a female with an accent says Lorraine, take me or sent me. Voice2. And then after Paul comes back in. Male. And that is it.

I have been in contact with the tenant. At first, it calmed down alot but last few nights she can't sleep and she's felt something in her living room again. I gave her a few tips. Hopefully, we can resolve this for her so she feels more safe in her home!