Sunday, February 26, 2012

U.S.S. Hornet 2/03/12


Got another opportunity to volunteer at the U.S.S. Hornet.  It was a smaller group this time (all ladies + Chad).  I got to meet a few people from Alameda Paranormal Researchers who will also be volunteering. I had a great group!  They were pretty quiet.  If they spoke 99.9% of the time they didn't whisper. It helps when it's all female because then you can clearly tell the difference between spirit and human because most of the evps from the ship are male voices. 

We started out in the ready room.  It was pretty cold on the ship.  Although, you'd never know it by looking at Chad (who had a short sleeved shirt on).  Those Marines are always showing off!. We were in this room for 50 minutes. I had 2 recorders going, one right next to Chad in the front of the room and one with me in the back.

Chad is trying to get the steward to let us know he's there and he responds OK. There aren't the best quality but you can definitely hear someone is talking. Someone said they were a skeptic and right at the end a voice says no No. Responses.  I got over 100 separate evps.  Alot of that you hear a male voice but due to the sounds on the ship you can't make out what they are saying. 

This one is interesting because it sounds like he says Chad Chad. There's a loud thud so Heidi radios to see if anyone heard it and asked if we knew where it came from. There are some voices in between (even sounds like singing) and it's no one in the room. At the end sounds like he says 10 years Voices.  A weird whistling Whistle. We decide to use the Ovilus X. It says nine and then again a whistling sound and at the end almost sounds like 2 there Voice.

The ovilus says best then news and a different male voice responds several times News. Ovilus says island, I repeat it and someone says not here. Then Chad says were on the island of Alameda and someone says they hurt. There are more responses, just not sure what they are saying Male Voice. So, we started getting some interesting responses from the Ovilus. It said jumped, party. Chad first says we'll go faster if you lets us know you're actually here. Spirit says "I am". Chad says are you going to tell me that someone jumped. It's hard to hear but it says, "I want to communicate with you more". Chad asks if someone jumped at a party and a male voices whispers "communicate yes". Male Voice.  Then Chad said, are you talking about Captain Browning (who was fired from the Hornet in 1944 due to a mishap on the ship)? There was a film being shown and someone activated a CO2 canister and there was a stampede. In the chaos, 2 fell overboard (one drowned). Captain Browning was held responsible. After he asks that, it's a faint response but sounds like he says "somebody killed".  Then the ovilus says contrition and Chad repeats it and the spirit says "yes,  contrition"  Responses. It sounds like he says thank God after Chad says Captain Browning was fired. But, when he asks is that the best news, another voice says "I didn't do it". The tempature starts getting colder and there is a response Responses2. Weird low voice or sound while Chad is speaking Responses3.  After 40 minutes, someone finally started turning the flash light on and off that was sitting on the desk next to Chad. Responses3.  Another response ("I'm testing you") Response. Chad tells us that a lot of the men on the ship were 17 - 19 years of age. Sounds like a male says "I am twenty" Male. Voices. Sounds like "I want them out of here" and another voice responds Voices2.

I'm pretty shocked at how many evp's we got in that room. I left a lot out where you could here the voice but not understand what it was saying.

Chad took us a few places off the beaten path. We walked through the torpedo berthing where a lot of women tend to have experiences. We left and I didn't turn off my recorder and I get some voices. This one sounds like "I'm thirsty", "keep it down". Voices3.  "Go up there, shhhh". Voices4.  There's a lot of males voices conversing while we're walking and talking.  I'll put this one up.  I did the best I could cleaning it up. Sounds like "right, now...."I don't have the answer".  "It's okay".  "Okay, I'll get an answer...". "Okay, this is the right way to do it".  All speculation of course.... Voices5

So, we're near the scullery and Chad is telling us a story about how one of the ghost shows got the story wrong about this area. When he's first speaking, another male voice speaks. As Chad continues you hear that male voice again. Male Voices. He then says that the story wasn't true and there's a voice. Voice. Here is the remaining story and you can hear several comments being made by a male spirits. Voices.

We move on to the mess hall. As soon as we get in there and Chad is explaining typical happenings (don't have to listen to this one, just pointing out how many male voices are going on behind his talking Chatter), and there is a bunch of male voices whispering. I can't understand what they are saying though. Males. At the end, sounds like it says  "Look for me, Paul". Voice. I ask them to make a noise. Voice. I do get a hello (this is from recorder in adjacent room Hello. I did get a no when I asked if they were in the fight. Someone says "don't look at me" Look. It's just an insane amount of whispering going on. Here, someone says fantastic.Voices2. There's a flurry of activity when someone walks back to where they hear noises. Voices3. As soon as she goes over there, it's silent for a while. Then, I think I hear something. It almost sounds like at the end he says "that was me" People.

We went to a place that they don't visit very much. It originally was a medical ward during World War II and later, when they turned the recovery into a mess hall. You could get ice cream in there.

At first there wasn't a lot of activity but then I finally started getting voices. Here is the first clear voice.  Don't. I say I'm still waiting for my ice cream and sounds like he says take it out twice. Takeout. I didn't post all the whispering. You can understand some of what is said here. First, I think he says lean back on one (this is right after people feel like they are seeing movement). Then, it says we don't need a check. And lastly, I'll stand at the wall. Wall.

We then went to the brig area. I did not go down to the brig. I stayed up at the top of the stairs by myself. I did get some voices though. Brig.

We then went to sickbay. Chad is telling a story and it sounds like after someone says eleven there is a male whisper that says miss. Chad continues and a female is saying so this is.... and sounds like the same voice saying miss again. Male. Right in the beginning someone is talking and behind it there is a voice that says what's the status (right around where you hear 2 knocks). Then, someone laughs and it sounds like he says it is cold. Then says, come on in. There are 2 more whispers later on the clip. Right after Chad says if anyone wants to sleep in here it sounds like someone says too wimpy. At the end sounds like take a nap (which is interesting cause someone had just laid down on a bunk). Voices. There were a few more whispers after that I didn't post. I'm laughing because I was talking about how scared I was sleeping by myself on the ship  Male. So far, way more activity then I usually get. This is interesting. I cut it off cause it got to faint. The female sounding voice sounds like it says there is a tumor. Voices3. I ask what your name. Response. I take the ovilus out and first three words are "we're" "leaving" "quarantine". I get an evp right after which says we're leaving eventually. Leaving. Then we get the word well. There are some whispering on top of us speaking but can't get what he's saying. Here's another response (you should be helpful?). Response2. First word is louder Voice. This has several responses. First it says something like don't you ever and after I say Tim it's sounds like the word attention. Then someone says 10-4. Male Voices. It started talking about a fire (the quarantine/burn room is right next to us). Response. Another voice Male. Male2. This one is creepy. You can hear that someone starts to say something then it almost sounds like a breathing machine or someone suddenly breathing heavy. I don't hear it in any other clip before or after. Than some guy says give me my baby. Baby. Ask them to say something to impress me and I get an okay. After that, a few strange responses. Voices. Voices2. People were starting to fall asleep so we figured it was best to move on lol.

We move onto the Torpedo Berthing. Chad tells us about a few incidents in there and I do get some voices. Male . Sounds like he says keep it Keep. There's a lot of talking on top of Chad telling the story. I just didn't include it all cause I can't understand what they are saying.

We then go to go to the CPO mess hall.  i don't think I've ever gotten a response in here on tape. There is a table set up in there in honor of those who died. There some whispering and then I got this. There is this staccato voice sounds almost like do you remember when ...... tempted or tended you. Voice. Another response Responses Chad then proceeds to talk some smack about the Navy and there is some whispering responses. I just can't understand them. But then, I might not be 100% sure he's cursing in this one (warning), but you can definitely tell he's not happy about the army joke that proceeded it. There's a separate voice at the end and I'm not sure what it says. Mad. Here's some more responses right after that. Males. Chad starts another joke and it sounds like someone says he's gotta let it go, okay. The responses continue. Response. More Response2. Response3. They had asked a question about touching us and someone says they are navy, and sounds like a male says something. Male. Someone asks them if they want to play the touching game again and it almost sounds like someone says come here I'll touch ya. Voice. I ask them if I bring the ovilus out will they talk with it. I wish this was more clear. But, basically, it says we don't know... then louder we don't know what it is. Voice2. Someone ask what they liked to do and they ask him if he liked going to bars and the flashlight came on. I repeat what the ovilus said and someone shouts something. Shout. Then, it sounds like he said that means nothing to me. Nothing. We're laughing cause some times you can't understand the Ovilus but I do have an lcd that shows the word and a voice says something. Voice. I ask if he's 18 and the light came on. Then, the ovilus said bar. One of the ladies say that guys were buying her drinks last night. The ovilus says magic. Then it says rhythm. She is talking about karoake. After some other questions, she mentions the bar again and it repeats the word magic. I do get an evp but I can't understand what he says. I say you're such a smooth talker and the flashlight goes off. She says, oh I have to tell my husband that. She says an 18 yr old sailor is hitting on his wife and the ovilus says "necessary". Then it says "tease". That got a big laugh. Then it said "big". Chad is responding to a question and it sounds like a spirit says "why can't you believe".

We then took a break and we went to the foscle with Heidi's group. I was getting nothing. So, I turned on the ovilus. Heidi asks if they can say their name. I do get some whispering. I believe it says, "independent". Then, "they just don't know", a "what", then "you're not strong", "they don't know nothing from me". Here is both recorders. Again, listen on headphones. You have to when it's not class A. Chatter1. Chatter2.

We then go up to the bunks adjacent to the foscle. Someone did commit suicide there. But, I got nothing.

Wow, to bad I didn't get many evp's this time around......NOT. As usual the hornet didn't disappoint. It takes me weeks to get through all the evps. Sometimes, I have to listen to a specific recording in different sound programs. I make my husband listen lol (if he had a nickle for every time I said, "BABE, come here".) You really get used to listening closely and telling what is phonetic speech and what is movement or someone in the room. If I'm not sure, I discount it.

That's all from the hornet this time.  If you're in the area, you have to visit. It's an extraordinary ship!


  1. Hi We have investigated the USS Hornet 4 times and also have obtained so many EVPS. This last time we got at least 3 evps of a dog. Yes, a dog. The first was when we were in the Ready Room and 3 of us actually heard it with our own ears and it sounded like a dog whining, the second was in a room by the Enterprise Berthing area and was clearly 4 loud barks. The third was when we were all in our bunks ready to crash, also a bark. I believe the pup followed us. Since you seem to be as fortunate as us in communicating with the crew spirits I was wondering if you have ever captured a dog evp. I did some research and did find out that a pilot from the VF-11 flight crew used to take the US Navy mascot dog on missions with him, the dog's name was "Gunner." We wonder if Gunner's spirit is also on the ship. Would love to hear from you!! Thanx

    1. Hello, sorry just saw your reply. I have been in the hornet a few times where people have thought they heard a dog. I however, have never heard a dog on an evp that I have captured. We thought we heard one in the foscle, but an employee said it probably was a real dog because people walk their dogs around the pier a lot. With that being said, anything is possible. Spirits can go anywhere so I can't discount your experience. I would say that the next time you are there, also ask where the rooms are in the ship so you could judge if it possibly could be sounds coming from outside. Great research btw. Also note I have had female voices when there weren't many females on that ship (one time there were some reporters). So, keep documenting!

  2. so let me get this straight. you guys got to have a spectrel sailor flirting with one of your investigators? i actually find this most amusing. have these ghost made any other flirty gestures to you or other women in the past?. i would love to know plus i heard there is a ghost by the fse bo inthe female bathroom or something they like to watch women put thier make up on. try expirimenting eith this onyour next trip and see what you get..