Tuesday, July 17, 2012

East Coast ParaGhost tour Part 1

Hi everyone,

Really wanted to get this off earlier, but my computer is on the fritz and I was hoping to get back on it but alas I'm on a laptop which is much harder for me.  But, the show must go on.

I had the opportunity to go back East to visit family and since I knew I'd be driving over 2000 miles (ok the hubby drove and I rode shotgun), I figured, why not add some ghosties into the mix.  I went to 5 haunted places (plus grandma's house).  Here are the photobucket links for Eastern State.  HERE

First Stop - Eastern State Penitentiary

This structure was the first real penitentiary in the world.  It housed several of America’s most notorious criminals including Al Capone (who I was told that during his stay, he used to scream “Jimmy don’t” a lot because he was being haunted by someone he murdered). There is a total of 15 cell blocks (originally there were 6).  Most of the prison is made up of crumbling cellblocks and decay.  Several of the cell blocks were off limits to the public.  We had the most activity in the woman’s ward and in death row.  It’s a very eerie place.  I have to admit I felt like I shouldn’t be there.  But at the same time, I totally wished I was alone (without the tourists) and had access to the prison at night.  They do have some night events there.  If you are near Philadelphia, I highly recommend it.  They do allow you do go into some cells, and there are also additional cells that have prison interpretive art in them depicting how the prisoners lived etc.  A lot of the cells are in varying states of decay. 


Deathrow: When I first heard this I thought it was telling me to go to hell.  But, it's really hard to hear the beginning of this, I think it says go to hell stripers.  Listen with earphones and come to your own conclusion.    

I asked a question and a male responds male
Afterward, I ask a question in one of the cellblocks and  I get a reply.  It's hard to hear (darn birds are tweeting too loud....nature....). 


Don't know exactly what he's saying, but he doesn't seem happy. I hope you ____ in it.


At the very end, it sounds like he says a name.  Burt something (monk...not sure),


Here are a few of the female evps.  In the first one, there's a lot of whispering going on..
In this one it sounds like she asks for help. Female2
Another one weird cause it sounds like a male and female voice saying the same thing. Female3

In the past, I had been hesitant about going to prisons or asylums because I really didn't get the point.  I guess I still have mixed feelings.  The building and grounds were very interesting.  Energetically, it wasn't overwhelming.  But, I know there are way more violent prisons that I have no desire in visiting.  And asylums just seem like they would be very depressing.  I love getting evp's but I guess it's good to draw some boundaries about where your comfort zone lies.  Next stop on the tour:  Gettysburg.


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