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U.S.S. Hornet 10/28/11

Hi Everyone,

I had an opportunity to volunteer again at the Hornet.  We had 100 guests; big crowd!  Susan was the docent for our group.  And we had a fun time!

Our first stop was the mess hall.  It's one of my favorite spots on the ship.  As far as physical sounds, it was way quieter than the last time I was there.  With a big group, sometimes it's hard to do noise control. There were people whispering most of the night, so I had to separate people from spirit, which can be very challenging.

We did get some fainter responses, but I didn't include everything here. Usually, I try to give you as much as possible so you can make up your own mind and see the differences between the quality.

There were some temp drops in the room and people were feeling some things.  We did get this response.  It sounds like someone says Tilson go back, into the mess (I used two recorders and this one was near the elevator they used for transporting nukes and not actually in the mess hall where we were all sitting). I had my RTEVP on the table next to me, but I got nothing.  Then I asked if they died on the Hornet and it sounds like a voice says Tilson, tell them and then there is kind of a weird breathy sing songy response. And then there's one more response again it say Tilson and sounds like a breathy yeah response. Male Voice. On the recorder that I had in the room with me, I did get this (people were getting cold at the time). It's hard to hear but sounds something like Lt. James Decosto, Decoste or something like that Lt. So, didn't get as much activity as usual in there. People were feeling like something didn't want us in there but I never felt that and there was nothing on tape that indicated that either. Who knows?

We then went to the catapult room. There are some voices in this clip. There's a yeah and I think when I ask the rank he says private. Voices

This one sounds like he says I'm not returning home. Thank You

We got a name. It sounds like J.R. Blackmon then someone says here. JR1

I ask if they can touch us or whisper and someone says No very clearly. No

Here's some weird voices and sounds. Andrew

We then left the catapult room and there is this area that was an elevator for nukes. I've never done a session in there so a few of us sat in there while the rest went down to the brig. I had to discount most of the things I heard there because people were talking and whispering (when in doubt, throw it out). But, we did get someone to turn the flashlight on and off. And it took a bit to turn it. We didn't make it really easy.

We then all went into the foscle. At first, once we all settled, someone was playing with our flashlight. Someone asked if it was the chaplain turn it on and it did go on. I asked if you died on the ship can you turn the light on and it went on. So, someone was interacting with us.

It was hard going over the audio in there cause people were whispering and the sound carries. I had to discount alot. The K2 meters were going off. And we were trying to communicate with them. But as far as evp's were concerned, there was just too much talking and noise so it was a bust. These are the only ones that I think might be legit. No    Taps

This is from the ready room. We had some K2 activity. Unfortunately, there was again way to much talking. Although we seemed to have some temp changes, there was no communication via recorder, touching, or knocking. And it might have been the table. Since afterwards, they noticed that when they picked it up it the temp moved up. So, that may have been debunked.

We then went to the admirals quarters. There are a few rooms in that area plus a bedroom. I left a recorder in the bedroom, but got nothing on it. We were asking a lot of question and getting K2 responses at the admirals table. Here is one. Response. Here is the next question after that. Brothers

The next room was one of the other mess halls and I got nothing conclusive.

I got to go to a part of the ship that I wouldn't normally get to see. On our way there, we stopped in the sickbay (which was closed to visitors due to it being decorated for Halloween). The docent told a few stories of some recent activity and towards the end there were some interesting responses. Right after he gets off his radio, this is heard . Male. Then, you hear a voice whispering on top of people speaking in the room. Almost sounds like heah Becker, arrest me. Becker Then we walked to another area and got this (can't make out first word but 2nd is collector and then someone says Lancaster). Lancaster We walked to another are and there is something I can't understand before this. But, I don't think he's responding to me. I think he's responding to someone in the other room. Because it sounds like he whispers, that is the thrust. Thrust  Here are some interesting voices. Sounds like Arnie, don't you hear that, and start the main pump. Voices Some more voices. Clarence. It's hard to hear because the docent is talking. There's only one guy in the room besides him and he was not talking. Voices2 Male voice. Male The docent is telling a story and someone says can I help in the beginning and then loudly sounds like she don't know. Voices I'm Happy Happy.

This is interesting. I had my recorder on and listening with headphones as the docent was talking. And I kept hearing all these voices under his voice. Voices  At this time I'm facing this door and there is a lady standing in front of it. I heard the voice and few seconds later, the lady says it feels like something poked her. Then, I  see a foot coming down out of there and as I see this and as I'm telling everyone, there are voices in the background. I said hello, and someone says hello back. Hello

And that's all folks. The Hornet always seems to deliver. If you haven't been there, I encourage you to go!!

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