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Glen Tavern Inn Santa Paula, CA

Hello Everyone,

I had the privilege of attending an paranormal event at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, CA the weekend of March 23rd.

It was hosted by Bill Murphy (Paranormal Files Fact or Faked), and his lovely wife Anita (GhosttownTv).  The theme of the event was the theory of thought form manifestation. It was incredibly informative.  I met many new friends and my brain is still trying to process all the thought provoking material.

After unpacking all my stuff, I turned on my recorder and asked a few questions.  Why not hop right into the action!  I introduced myself and I did get a hello. In fact, there were many odd things on that recording. I even got a few snores (perhaps a neighbor? - although I never heard my neighbors speaking the entire trip and there is nothing on the other side of the wall near my bed and I think the restaurant is underneath me).

I decided to venture downstairs and I met Shaun and Jess (some newbies to paranormal investigating) as well as Dr Michael Lynch and we had a great discussion. I also picked up my Spectercam from Keith. If you have not visited you don't know what you're missing. That evening was the meet and greet where I met Bill & Anita Murphy, Britt Griffith (GH), Paul Bransford (GHI) and many others. We had a raffle and I won a book about the Whaley House. I didn't end up going to bed until after 1:00 am. I couldn't sleep very well. Before I went to bed I just kept hearing weird noises.  I fell asleep with the tv on and around 3:00 am I felt and actually saw in my head that someone had just lifted up the covers and climbed into bed with me.  I sat up immediately but of course, no one was there.

The day was a full day of speakers.  Bill started it off with talking about thought forms.  According to Wikipedia, "A thought form is a manifestation of mental energy, also known as a tulpa in Tibetan mysticism. Its concept is related to the Western philosophy and practice of magic." I hope you've got that.  Bill spoke about an experiment called the Philip Experiment where a group of people met for @ a year.  They created a back story for the thought form so that they could manifest it into existence.  In Tibetan mysticism, it's only by intense focus that these thought forms can be conjured and sometimes they also take physical form.  Bill also spoke about an experiment he did at the Glen Tavern Inn called the Pearl Experiment where they created a thought form named Pearl. Nothing like a light subject to start off the day with.  This was followed by Jim Spann who took some photos at the inn that captured a woman in a mirror in the dining room.  He was standing across the room and there was no one else that could have been in the picture.  They've tried to debunk it several times.

I would like to say that as investigators we do have to take the time to make sure that evidence is indeed paranormal and this does mean trying to debunk.  But, I would also encourage teams to approach their investigations with an open mind.  If your whole team is skeptics, then where is the balance?

Back to business.  The guys from came up and showed us some of the evidence they had collected which was pretty cool.  Check them out the weekend of April 13th where they are live all weekend at the Sallie House.  Next, Keith Engle from Spectercam gave a great presentation about tools and equipment.  A group of us were sitting around discussing tools with him and Paul later that night.  I think we all start off collecting the "it" items and then we get more serious about really getting equipment to support our goals.  Keith made a good point about the KII.  There is no way to be sure what is making it go off unless you could extrapolate the data from it and then analyze whether it's due to the unexplained, electrical pulses, cell phones etc.  So, if you use it during an investigation to communicate, you have to keep that in mind.  Los Angeles Paranormal Association (minus one) got up and talked about investigating and blogging.  It was informative and it was nice seeing them again.  Paul Bradford (Ghost Hunters International) got up and spoke about equipment and some theories he had regarding time slips (which might explain the whole ancient aliens theory). A group of us hung out with Paul a few times and he's really funny and a total parageek. You can find some of his gear for sale HERE.

That night, we all broke up into groups to do some investigating in some of the designated haunted rooms.  First stop was room 104.  I was joined by Summer from Alameda Paranormal, Jim Spann, John Huckert, Bess, and Sean (as well as other enthusiasts).  There was some weird high emf's around the bed and some spots in the room made me feel nauseous.  We all started pitching in questions.  Now, this first one was well discussed over the weekend.  I ended up having to pull video to make sure that it wasn't because the recorder  mic was touched or a noise (Summer was holding it). There were some people in the hallway talking. John was staying in that room and he said the bed was moved while he slept. I asked, "Did you move the bed last night?".  There is a very long pause (where you hear people in the hallway talking), and then there is a loud No, then Summer moves for some reason.  You can hear her move but, I did view the video and you can hear a much fainter no and then Summer moves.  The recorder doesn't brush anything.  And if it were being brushed, then I don't think the camcorder would have picked up the no.  Here is both files. No. NoVid There was some faint responses, so we did a 2nd round and we did get some voices Male.  If you want to just go to youtube and listen to most of the evps go HERE. There were some other responses but I ended up chucking them cause of the hallway chatter. But, this one is quite interesting. It's a female. I wish I hadn't told the next person to go ahead because this was loud and clear. Female. About 2 questions later, there is another response (male or sound right after question) and I believe the female speaks again (at the end she says will you come - sorry for the quality). Male. We do another session. Someone asks if John snores (also the noise while he speaking is because 2 people started to ask a question). Voices. Another response. Help. TrustME.

I then went to Bess's room (I think 223). She was feeling like someone was in her bathroom. I wasn't getting responses so I asked if they could knock. Then while we're trying to figure out of it's someone in the hallway, I voice says No very loudly. The recorder was in the middle of the bed. No. For some reason, I was talking to the spirit like they were a child. I have no idea why. It wasn't something I was thinking about. There is faint singsongy response probably won't hear it without headphones. Voice. Bess was a little freaked out and she went and got Keith (never hurts to have a 2nd opinion). Sound. This is a possible voice speaking as Keith is talking. Voice2.

We then went to Room 218 I believe. Brian from L.A. Paranormal was staying in there. And supposedly someone had been choked in that room. I'm not sure what Brian did to his team that they elected for him to stay in there to see if he'd get choked (just kidding) but I'm glad it wasn't me (not kidding). I'm not posting all we got because some is just too faint. Use Headphones if you have them. This is weird, the spirit says something and then there's whistling sound. Sound. This one is strange too. There's a weird high pitch noise. Under that there is a really deep voice which and I can't quite get what he is saying (I'm worried for you?). You have to ignore the high pitch to hear it. Male2. Then, someone says thanks and a name (Griffin?). This one, there is speech (there's a weird sound but below that can hear a deeper tone and then a mechanical response). Male3. Another low voice (I want to talk to you and a response). The voice is so low, it makes me think of Night at the museum. "Get me some gum gum, dumb dumb." But, I digress. I so wish these were clearer. Male4. Sean says something about it being 2012 and there is a responses. Male5. I think he says I can ask tomorrow. Then, Sean asks a question and the toilet goes off (it was loud) and Bess screams (yes, it was priceless - I do have a picture of her in full panic mode but I have refrained from posting it). We're laughing and we get the last great evp from that room. Male4.  I think it says I can see him.  Seriously, I wish that I can take out more of the noise so the evps could be more pronounced.

I ended up hanging out in the lobby with Brian, Jim, and a few others until 4 am (which I later regretted).  I left the recorder on in my room next to my bed.  It does start raining which just kills the evps. There several voices here and there. But, I did get an interesting conversation @ 4:40 am.

The next, I gulped some 5 hr energy (they should pay me for an endorsement), and David Weatherly gave a fascinating talk about Tulpas and his experience with one. He spoke about thought forms and even had us consider if some entities have been created at certain locations (like Chloe at Myrtle's Plantation).

He just had a book released called The Black Eyed Children. I did purchase it so check it out!

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks for reading!

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