Monday, May 21, 2012

Beerman's in Lincoln, CA

Hello, I haven't investigated with Paul and the HPI crew for quite a while. This event was hosted by Lori Schulz (who is a local radio talent and quite nice). We were investigating the top 2 floors. The business was still operating, so there is a lot of noise contamination. Would love to do an investigation there where it was completely quiet. But, I still managed to get some interesting responses.

History: The structure was initially erected in 1864 by the International Order of Odd Fellows. It was also housed Dallman's Drygoods, Berrman's Lincoln Meat Market, and Alexander's Drug Store.

Since Paul wanted me to put on my psychic hat, I sat in my car just to see if I could pick up anything. I did feel that someone was murdered in a robbery on the left side of the building which is a side dining room now. I also felt like someone had a heart attack there. No one has investigated this site before.  We didn't have a lot of history regarding the property.  A few employees told some stories.  I asked Lori if someone was killed on the site and she went and spoke to the owner, who remembered that it was speculated from family stories that his father would tell them.  Some employees reported seeing a little girl run across the stage (there is a stage with a very old piano on it (which has moved on it's own) that was very attracted to before I heard this story).  I immediately saw her in my head as between the ages of 6 to 8ish.  She had a flowered dress on and light brown hair (barette on side) and it kind of curled under.  I got the name Elizabeth and immediately wanted to shorten it to Lizzy.  Another employee saw an apparition of a woman thought to be Lola Montez.  Other investigators think they got the name Lizzy while they were asking the child's name on evp.

Here is the youtube upload of the evps: YouTube

Once upstairs, I started walking around in this side room that for some reason was attracting me. I  just asking a few questions and I got this evp. Male.

Lori and some of the other investigators were feeling ill up near the bathrooms.  So, I did some EMF's readings and Mark and I both agreed that we thought it was not caused by anything paranormal.  We decided to do some evp sessions in the bathrooms.  Mark and I went into the mens bathroom and asked several questions.  We both kept hearing a lot of whispering so I told the people in the hallway to make sure they didn't speak.  Here is possibly 2 voices (because seems like someone yells something overtop of another male who sounds like he's saying it's a pleasure to....) Male2.. There's a few more whispers after this in response to my questions, but they are hard to make out.  This one sounds like he says I don't know how to. Male3. This is weird.  Almost sounds like he says one thing then don't tell on me. Voice. A few more voices in this one Voices. This happens before I ask another question. Sounds like help me get her back MaleVoice. I ask how old they are and got an unrelated response. Something about her father Father I then ask if anyone is whispering because I am hearing so much of it. I got some more whispered responses but I didn't post them. Interesting bathroom! 

I went back towards the stage where a group was doing an evp session.  There's lots of whispering. Here's one sounds like someone is mad Mad.  Mans voice. They are asking him to play with the flashlight. I hear I can do.... Can. Sounds like Harry get back. Harry. Two Voices Males. Some more yelling Male. Some people on the 3rd floor balcony were asking questions, and we got a big yes. Yes. Towards the end of the night, I tried to go downstairs but there was music on so, I couldn't hear anything when I played it back. I headed back upstairs. I stopped in the middle to see if I got anything but I didn't. No one else was around, so I decided to go near the bar. I asked if anyone was there, and it sounds like a female says Lola. Lola. Now, we were given that name in the beginning, and there was no one around me. And there is no female speaking after that. Also right afterwards there is a really higher pitched voice that sounds like Montez. So, they want to stop the investigation and I go back on the stage really quick. I almost discounted this but then the next question the same female voice talks again. There is a male speaking in the background unfortunately. It's pretty clear what she says. The first time it's there are only 2 people (slight accent). Female1. The 2nd answer, she says get back my children. Female2.

Beerman's was a very interesting place energetically. Hopefully, I'll get another chance to investigate there in the future!


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  2. Hi Stefanie, sorry I missed the post. June was crazy for me cause I was about to go out of town. Sorry and hope the class went well!