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Sacramento 1/7/12

Hello Everyone,

I still have some other things to post. But, I'm going to post this first since I just went on an investigation last weekend with HPI. Here is the youtube version. But, it's much better to listen one by one so you can replay it etc. You Tube

I met up at Paul's house (with the beautiful Judy Rad), went to Regina's birthday party (yea!), and then we headed to an apartment in Sacramento where the tenants were experiencing lots of activity.

One of the children would speak of an imaginary friend that quickly went from being friendly to scary. The kids did not like being alone or separated for fear of this entity. Also, there were nightmares. The father is incarcerated and possibly astral projecting to see/protect his sons.

This was very unusual and the energy was unusual as well. We broke up into 3 teams. Paul (our fearless leader) wanted psychics to lead the teams so Renee, Jennifer, and I led the charge. I have to admit. I'm not used to really wearing that hat so I will take a note pad next time to just jot down what comes to mind. There are things that I should have said that I didn't. First, he had us separately walk around the house to see what we felt (and we all had similar experiences). I definitely felt as though there was strong energy in the hallway and the master bedroom. The bathroom also seemed very active. On my way into the master bedroom, I had to pass the children's bedroom. I didn't feel much and just continued on, but on the way out, I definitely felt as though I was not allowed to go in there. It almost felt like spirits were lining the walls protecting. I just got the message I was not welcome. Frankly, I couldn't even look in there it was so strong. I did turn my recorder on while I was in the bedroom and heard whispering. Male. The 2nd one is under someone talking in the living room. It sounds like when did you said so. It starts right before she starts talking. Male Voice. They are not class A by any means, just wanted to show that something was going on. Renee and Jennifer had similar experiences. Renee also picked up on some tattoos on the husband. I also sensed that he had a shaved head and a particular tattoo on his chest (which she confirmed). Renee also took some pictures that were awesome. It looked like some sort of portal. Later, she also saw some moving orbs that she captured on camera as well.

We then gathered in the living room to get a briefing by the tenant. I had been sitting right where Renee had taken the portal pictures and really was able to tap into some of the energies. This is how I saw the dad and I also saw the grandfather. At one point, I felt this very strange vibration beneath me. I looked up and Judy was looking at me and I was trying to see if she felt it to (which she did). It was very strange. These are fantastic photos.

Our group was in the master bedroom first. We all were feeling cold spots. Regina also heard music. No one was talking in the beginning and the tape was running and someone whispers very lightly. Female. There is nothing before or after that or anyone whispering.

Later, the 3 psychics went outside to different locations without being told where and what happened. To be honest, it was freaking freezing outside. And it was hard for me to focus. We weren't feeling much besides cold. I believe Renee and I were attracted to this one tree, and Jennifer sensed some gang activity. I got stabbing and cutting (like a lot of it). I first though shooting but then thought, oh that is so easy and just pushed that out of my head....see, I need to just bring a pad and not judge things. I'm learning. When we got back to the apartment, we were told there was a major stabbing incident at the complex.

Our group (the Spirit Hos) went into the bedroom and I said I know you're hear I can feel you, can you do something for me. It sounds like the male voice Jacob or Jacobson and then get out of here. Tammy then asks do you need help and it sounds like he says you don't know enough. Males. Sounds like he says wake up. Male. Then, Tammy sees a flash in the corner and there is a weird male voice at the end. I have no idea what he is saying. Male. There are no males in the room btw. Here's another response (sounds like two spirits - really deep yes). Response. Someone thought someone died of lung cancer so they asked if they smoked and got a response (whisper very end). Response2. They ask if the spirit wants a cigarette and there is a male response light (and another word not sure - somewhere.someone). Light. I was in the bathroom and I heard voices and I did make a sound even though a male voice was talking as well cause I wanted everyone to stop talking but listening back don't think it was me. Everyone did hear the strange noise (ssss sounding noise). Response. Then there is another male voice. Male. I'm not posting it but someone asks if they need help and there is a very faint yes. Also, someone asks why he's there. Voice.

Didn't post it but someone asks are you happy here; content with your existence? And someone responds I don't know. This is interesting. I went into the bathroom before all of this and Tammy asks them to show themselves, make some noise, or say your name. I had the recorder in my hand for the last few evps. But, on this click, it's sounds like someone is tapping it. I didn't feel that though. Tapping. At the end of that a woman faintly whispers get out. Also, the people in the room asked if I was moving in the bathroom because they were hearing noise. There is also a faint evp after that I tell them to come out and talk and he said it's hard to talk. And then I say come on you need to talk and it sounds like you says, I do not have to talk. There is also a tap when asked.

I talk about how they were all chatty earlier and that I am disappointed. I then say what do you have to say for yourself? A male says I've passed now. I'm happy. Male. I ask it to come out and do something right now and I get a female saying I can't. Female. Then someone says don't be afraid and a female speaks. Female2. A little after that a male says don't cry.

I bought my dowsing rods out and asked a few questions. For example, I asked if they had ever lived in this complex and it said no. I asked if there was a portal in the hallway and it said no. At the very end of the session after we were saying it's the last chance for you to say something, there is a male voice. Voice. Earlier, I had brought out my Ovilus X and we were getting lots of chatter. Right after I turned it on it said Dawn, forever, hand. I actually was thinking that sounded so high school (Dawn forever)! The tenant says that actually that is her best friend from high school who has a forever tattoo near her hand/wrist area. Her friend is alive so maybe it was just confirmation or someone was trying to say something.

We left the house and went to the office because there have been 911 calls made from an apartment that had no phone hook up a few times a year. The police come out but no one has called. We did get this evp in there. Sounds like it says take it down now. And then maybe, Victor hide and a heah. Help.

Paul then does a blessing on the house. There were lots of weird noises that popped up. For example Response. Female. Voice. Sounds like a female with an accent says Lorraine, take me or sent me. Voice2. And then after Paul comes back in. Male. And that is it.

I have been in contact with the tenant. At first, it calmed down alot but last few nights she can't sleep and she's felt something in her living room again. I gave her a few tips. Hopefully, we can resolve this for her so she feels more safe in her home!

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