Saturday, July 21, 2012

East Coast ParaTour Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Second Stop on the Paranormal Tour was Gettysburg:

I have to admit that I was really looking forward to Gettysburg. But, it was a lot different than I had expected. As a sensitive, I really thought that it would feel a lot different.  But, that really wasn't the case. I felt pretty light there.  And it was really windy the entire time which made for bad evps.  I managed to salvage a few along with some very interesting photographs.

You can't help but be in awe of how huge the battlefield is and how many people sacrificed their lives. There are monuments for all the regiments everywhere as well as canons.  We actually got lucky and ended up staying in a room that was a converted barn that was used in the war as a hospital.  I did get some interesting evps in there.

First, I'm going to show some interesting pictures that I got from the Devil's Den area.  I was quite shocked when I noticed that there was some kind of energy that moved on the rocks.  So, I blew it up.  It was around sundown.  This is the first picture

Here is the 2nd picture (it moved down):

I uploaded some more pictures at photobucket HERE
I also included pictures of the Jennie Wade house.  Jennie was the first civilian killed when her house was under fire. 

Here are the evps. Again, it's better to use headphones when listening to evps.  I know with my air conditioner running in the background, I can barely hear them.

This was on our first round on the audio tour.  Someone asks a question, and then says, answer please.

Not sure what this guy is saying. male2

Someone was talking to me in the national graveyard.  But, it's not a great evp so I didn't include it.  This one you can definitely hear someone speak twice. male3

These are from my bedroom.  On the headphones, you can actually hear someone take 2 really loud steps (it's carpet floor), and then they say something loud.  I am on the bed. male4

I get another response that due to the air conditioner, I just can't hear what he's saying.  This one is strange, someone says something, then there is weird whistling, then someone yells a word, and then the whistling starts again. whistles

It sounds like someone says get a water bucket. water

This is kind of strange.  I keep debating on whether to post it. I don't hear anything like it before or after it happens.  But, it's also responding right after I ask a question.  I ask it to make a sound and it sounds like a sing songy voice.  There are a couple of bangs so I say do it again and the same hum or sing songy voice is heard. Voice

I did record something right afterwards and I'm wondering if the previous voice is outside contamination.  But, there are two other spirit voices in the beginning and very end.   Voice

And, one last voice from the room.  Male

And last but not least, I'm in the middle of triangular field and I say drop your weapon.  I can't make out the first thing that is said, but the second sounds like I will gladly, miss. Voices

Gettysburg was an interesting experience.  I'm glad I got to go and pay some respect to the thousands of soldiers who died there and also to learn more about what happened there.

Next stop:  Norwich Inn (Vermont), Salem, MA, and The Lizzie Borden House

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