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Shinn House 8/10/14

Hello All,

I am so behind in posting. Life happens. I got a chance to investigate the historic Shinn House in Fremont, CA with BAGH.

Upon arriving, I noticed a little garden area to the right of the house so I stepped into it and I felt like I walked into a wall of energy.  It was really cool. There's a huge tree to the left of the house and there was crazy energy there as well.

Walking into the house was very overwhelming the energy was that strong. It really took me by surprise. We went to a room in the back to set up our equipment and break into teams.  Then we did a walk-through. I always wear my headphones and just listen to music so i don't know any of the history of the house. While tapping in, I saw two little boys, one had brown hair (I got the name James) and had on a black outfit (knickers) and they other one's hair was a little lighter. There was a female with dark hair (it was brushed into a larger bun) and they were out in the yard.  Then I saw a man with dark hair and a black suit lying down (he was dead).


The energy was palpable in the basement.  During the walk through, I couldn't even stay down there and almost opted out.  But in the end, I decided to go back down with the group after I learned it would be our first stop.  We all took our places and immediately we were feeling things. Mariah thought someone was behind her and we both tapped in and thought it was a little boy.  Unfortunately, there were some people talking outside at the time. But, I still got some great evidence.  You'll just have ignore the background chatter.

Mariah asks who's behind her and gets a female response. There's a lot going on in this one. Unfortunately, we're talking so some of it gets lost. In the beginning sounds like a English accent and he/she says not tall, she's average. At the very end sounds like someone says don't tell me.Voices  Then, we're talking about the boy and you hear a child's voice say, I'll go down.Child   I'm not quite sure what's going on with this at the end. Voice  High pitched voice. I think it either sounds like a little boy says Gail. Voice2 . Laura asks for a name. Name 

The interesting thing is that every time we said little boy (we listened back to evps), and tried to talk about what he might have said on the tape, the REM pod would go off loudly and we couldn't hear the response on the recorder.  It was very cool.  This was the only room it really went off in.

We continued to interact with the spirit and decided to play a variation of the game of hide and go seek. There is a voice after the first time we all count to ten but I can't make it out so I didn't post it. Mariah gets that we were cheating because not all of us closed our eyes (Yes we are in completely darkness). And when she says we're all closing our eyes now. You hear spirit say okay. Okay 

Needless to say, we had a lot of experiences in the basement and I'm glad I chose to go down there.

Day Room 

We moved into the day room. Everyone is feeling a lot of energy (headaches, dizziness etc.). I ask a question and there's a weird noise. I thought it sounded like the key sounding from the piano. We did ask it to play it. They thought it sounded like blowing over a bottle. DR1 About four of us have dowsing rods in our hands and ask where we should go next. My rods and Laura's pull the same way. So, we all decide to go into the Dining Room.  Mariah is feeling like we should go into the little bedroom (also was a gift shop) which is off the dining room and belonged to Florence. We go in there and take out our dowsing rods and try to use them to communicate with her. Laura and a few people feel like they hear someone moving around outside. We decided to try the spirit box. Then Laura sees a shadow behind me (on the outside) because I'm standing in front of the door. Here's a few things we got. Response Response2

When we took a break, Mariah and I were talking and she said what name did you get for the little boy.  I told her to write the name down she got and I did the same and we both had written down the name James.

Second Floor

We then go to the second floor where all the bedrooms are located. We go into one of the rooms. Didn't get a lot in there. Went into the nursery. There were some faint voices and at one point they are communicating using the flashlight and I ask them to make it go on if the boys name in the basement was James and it did. We then all gathered in the honeymoon suite. There is a man who is speaking to us but unfortunately, it's hard to understand him. Man  


I didn't get much else on the second floor. We then went up to the attic. We did a moment of silence and people were feeling energy and having a hard time not falling forward. I hear some responses to our question but they are hard to make out. Here are some voices as we're introducing ourselves. Voices2  Mike asks if any of the girls strikes their fancy. Curse word.Curse  We play some music and got a ghost box response that said, play the song. Play GetEm Then it sounds like a higher pitch love it in response to the next song. Love 

This isn't paranormal, just a creepy doll picture.

So, it was an interesting investigation.  We had a lot of personal experiences and there was a lot I didn't post because it was harder to hear.  Thanks for reading!

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