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Meek Mansion Hayward, CA 5/24/14


I recently got to investigate at he Meek Mansion in Hayward California with BAGH.

I was shocked at how big the mansion is and there is a beautiful park around the property. It was built in 1869 by William Meek. It's approximately 7,902 sq ft with over 20 rooms.  The Ream family brought the mansion in 1940 and added a ballroom and bedroom space.

The docents and Laura from BAGH were excellent hosts and there was a lot of activity in the house.  As soon as we stepped through the door, we were experiencing it.  In fact, I could feel it just walking up the front steps. We did a walk through and I noted any impressions or feelings I had.  I didn't listen to the docent because I didn't want any history of the house to influence what I was sensing.  I was attracted to a huge bay window in the front of the house and on the 3rd floor there was a left bedroom that I felt a huge amount of energy in as well as the servants quarters on the 2nd floor.

Our command central was in the carriage house.  We gathered all our gear up and soon as I headed towards the front steps, I along with several others felt a surge of energy.  It was hard for Laura to even get through the door.  I went to where the front window was again to see if I felt anything as everyone waited to start and a female whispered in my ear at one point; much to my delight.  We kept hearing sounds from the adjacent room as well as movement above us from the 2nd floor.  The spirits were definitely willing to communicate with us.

You'll have to ignore the kids playing outside in the beginning, the park was still open at this point.

USE HEADPHONES FOR BEST HEARING RESULTS - Right after the spirit whispered in my ear you can hear a spirit speaking and then another answers. I think a male says I'll be late for the night train and then there's a female reply don't panic. Voices

Someone comments that they heard a little kid outside yell the name Mariah (one of the attendees).  And then there female voices.  One of which says I want you to be bad.Voices2

We start the investigation.  My group is on the 3rd floor first.  I ask if we can investigate the left bedroom, since I felt a lot of energy in there on the walk through.  There is a bathroom with a clawfoot tub that separates that bedroom from the other.  We have the door open between them and a rempod in the bathroom along with a push bell (like you'd see on a counter).

We do a round of questioning and get a response.  I'm not quite sure what was said in the middle.  I can hear I don't know.....I can not have Then there is a pause. I hate em. Voices3

Ann asks what holiday is coming up.  He says Gracias mem...morial day (will have to use headphones to hear more clearly). Holiday

Mike asks a question and the reply is I don't know. Answer There is a response to a question.  Voice

This one is harder to hear but since they actually rang the bell, I'll leave it.  Actually they ring it again within a minute later.  I think a man says Go ahead....they're waiting.  There's another whisper, a pause, then I think it says I'll try and then you hear the bell ring.  Bell The only other thing I could think that noise could be is a camera but I checked my video and even though I'm facing away from the group, I would see the flash of one. It also makes that same noise a few minutes later.

The bell was a great idea.  It's easy to push as well.  I think I'll have to get one.  Genius idea Laura.

We got a response when we asked for a name but I think it says April I think. Which is interesting because that is my first name that I don't go by.. Male Another male voice. I can hear the word water. Male2 

I have two versions of this.  The man says, help me my mother's still alive. Alive Alive2 

There's a couple of other responses after that and one of them sounds like he says don't try to help me. Then Laura thinks she's hearing footsteps and there is some whispering. After that, Laura asked them to walk through the bathroom and you can hear a male voice.Man 

We then went to the other bedroom on the other side of the bathroom.  We used the spirit box.  There is a man talking that doesn't seem like it's through the spirit box several times but it's really hard to hear.  We ask if they want us to leave. He says no, stay. Stay  Now, I thought I heard it say April. Laura at that point said she heard someone say that in the other room. Then, it kind of goes April crazy (we are talking under it). The first part says April help us. There's a weird male gravely voice that says something right before two more female Aprils back to back. April  This one says, here is Joe. Joe 

In the attic we got several responses. The street noise is loud but you can hear most of them.  I ask if someone died in the house. A male says connect to? Use headphones.  Voice  Laura asks a question about hair and I think he replies. Male  Someone asks do you know what year it is. There's a no and then later I think you better not give up. This is harder to hear. Voice2 . Mike asks a crazy question and a female responds, sounds like I fear. Female 

We then went into the main parlor on the 1st floor - Laura is setting up and a spirit is whispering.  Sounds like he died too then please go (harder to hear).Male Next, it sounds like a male says go to the main house, take my wing?. A female speaks right over Laura and says don't say a lot, and I can't understand the last part. Voices Laura is talking and there is a male voice. Man 

We then here some movements coming from upstairs (thumps).  There was a lot of chatter in this room so I didn't post it all.  In this one, Laura asks did someone assist you in their death and a voice sounds like it says Mercy Mercy 

I wish I could understand their answer to the question, does this room hold any secrets. There are two responses actually but I can't figure out what's said. So, I didn't post it. Here's a louder voice. Sounds like throw em away. Voice Someone asks what do you miss most about being alive and a male answers, I'm not sure. Man Someone is talking over Laura's voice and says three things. Response 

We start a 2nd evp session and we heard the answer.Voice 

So at the time we were listening to this in the room, we thought the voice said Morena (and later that name was said upstairs with the other group). Everyone swore they didn't say it. Before the cough, there is whispering too. Morena 

We got into the solarium and I was asking Laura some questions and there is someone talking as we talk. In the first one, I can clearly hear don't you think about it.Voice This one, there's a weird voice in the beginning and then a Yes at the end. Yes  There was another whisper but I didn't post it and several responses like that. Voice  Voice2

We had stepped back inside because we were all feeling crazy energy and Laura's ears were hurting.  Then different people were feeling sick or like energy was pushing or pulling us.  I started feeling tense and clenching my fists and others were feeling tense too. We got several responses during that time but I can only understand I am. Male2  And then some more voices. Voices

We go down to the basement (creepy) and mostly everyone went downstairs except for three of us.  Laura and everyone else went down into the cistern (where they would get water).  It was a steep climb down so I optioned out.  We kept hearing talking (a male).  And they were either quite down there or Laura was asking questions.  It echos really bad in that chamber so you couldn't make a lot of noise.  Here is a male speaking. Male

Now, this was creepy because again I think someone whispered April again. April I'm still hearing something.  You can tell the difference between them speaking down below cause it echos. Voice  Ann asks how many are here and sounds like someone says six. Six 

I think I in the kitchen for this one. Sounds like I want that in the parlor. Female  

We went to the dining room.  There were some possible voices in the beginning but everyone was chatty so I had to discount them. I asked how long have you lived here. Male  We ask some questions and someone is using dowsing rods.  There's a couple of good evps.  The first one sounds like he says I love you. Male2  Female  

So, I asked when they said April earlier if they were referring to me.  The rods crossed for yes.  Then I asked if they new I didn't like being called April and it said yes.  We're laughing and then Laura asks do you care and it gave a resounding No. Then someone says, can you point to who in this room is named April and it pointed to me.  Then I say interesting and someone speaks. It almost sounds like the answers by the way I don't know.Response  

We went to the servant's quarters next.  There's a lot of whispering.Whispers  Man  Man2  

There was a long sentence by a woman. But I can only make out matter of fact (in the beginning). In that room you can hear traffic noise so sometimes it's difficult to hear.  I was actually hoping for a lot more in there. It's interesting that the activity lessens the later it gets. I notice that at the Hornet sometimes too. Maybe it's because our energy is petering out.  Anyway, our last stop was Mrs. Meek's bedroom.  I got a few whispers, but that was about it.

All in all, it was a great investigation.  Up next: Hotel Ledger in California Gold country.

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