Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Town of Locke

I went on another investigation with the Bay Area Paranormal Society, led by Laura Johnson, to the town of Locke near Walnut Grove, PA. It was recently featured on Ghost Adventurers.

And speaking of which, they are persona non grata in that parts after the towns people thought they made them look crazy. After lengthy interviews, they took some things out of context and no, Mary doesn't think there were no Chinese in the town. She only said that they weren't the only nationality there.

It was a harrowing drive for me, partially because of the crazy bridge I had to go over to get there and partly because of the bad weather.  I finally reached the small town and parked and met my fellow investigators who had already started in the school house.

Locke Chinese School Museum

It was a rainy day, so it was a little difficult to weed out the water sounds, I threw a lot out, but there were a couple of clear responses.  It was still daylight by the way when we first started.

When I got there, my team members were reviewing an evp session they had just conducted.

You can hear chatter in the background. Laura asks who is the name of the person whose picture is on the wall and the response is That is Adam. After that you hear another sentence. Name 

I found some questions in Chinese online and recorded it on my phone and then played them. I ask, what is your name? There is a response that I can't understand (maybe that's Adam?) before the Chinese and then a man responds Chatter 

This is interesting because we think the spirit is saying a curse word, but I listen to some Chinese words for basically shushing someone and it sounded just like the response to Laura's loud piano playing. It was not heard int he room. Shhh 

From the school house, we went to the Chinese Association hall. It was difficult because there is a bar next door and you can hear them in there. We were trying to use other ways to get them to communicate. I had my flir for my iphone and we used other devices. At one point, we felt like we could heard someone walking on the roof so Laura went outside to look. There are no walkways beside the building that people could get too. The acoustics were kind of throwing us off. We weren't feeling a lot in there at first or hearing much of anything. We tried using dowsing rods and then we got a very loud response. There 

I can't understand this whole sentence, but someone asks how many children did you have and a male sounds like he says Don't answer the question, right...right Carry on. Male 

One of the investigators asks if they have a favorite food. There's a louder response and then it sounds like a deeper voice responds in Chinese. Chinese  So then someone asks if important decisions were made here. And I can get the first part. It says it's frustrates us that xxxxxxx has not..... I can't understand the middle. Voice  Alright 

So we're both speaking very bad Chinese and Japanese but we did get a response lol. It sounds like, ask questions you know. Then Laura say I don't know and another response. Question 

After we finished there, we went to the Dai Loi Casino. I really wanted to go in there after watching the GA episode and I was not disappointed. The minute I walked through the small hallway and entered the room I felt a wall of energy.

There are no words to describe how this place overwhelmed me. There is a slight slant upwards going towards the back. I was nauseous and it didn't feel like the friendliest of energies. Supposedly, there was an opium den above the caretakers quarters in the far back corner and of course, that is where I was drawn. There were deaths related to prostitution that occurred there and we weren't allowed to go up the steps. I went into the caretakers room and the energy was just so incredibly strong. I did get a response and this was before we got started. There was one person with me standing in the doorway. This wouldn't be my first get out of the night. It sounds more like Get her out. Out  Noises 

We gathered together in the casino part of the room. The entire time I was definitely still drawn to the back. I left a recorder on the back steps. It's raining pretty hard at this point. While Laura is talking, a voice at the same time is saying, Get that off this table. Then a woman says something and at the end a man says, that would be like this. Voices 

There was a lot of chatter in that room. I didn't post everything. We decided to have people go into the money room for isolation. I was first, but unfortunately, everyone else was still playing blackjack in the other room and didn't realize how loud it was. I did manage to get a few evps. I didn't feel anything while I was in there though. You can hear rain in the background. Jennifer  I say hello and a male responds back. Male  I had some other responses that are just too hard to hear.

I'm not sure what is going on in this one. Starts with a weird male voice. Tried  Also got this, Voice 

So, I decided to go back in the corner where the steps are to the opium den and the caretakers small room. I do get some voices and there is strong energy that slams into me on the way there, but I didn't give up and tried to work with it.  It's hard to hear with the loudness of rain and people talking on the other end of the room. I speak and then I hear a woman say something. Woman 

I wish it wasn't raining and that we had set a time limit on the blackjack experiment because the chatter interfered with hearing the voices. It's a chance you take because sometimes reenacting does illicit a lot of responses. I did get one where they said you don't need to hide. It's just difficult to hear and another where a man was whispering to me. Frustrating!

I had put a recorder on the steps right next to the caretakers room and left it there. It's basically the big room and then at end of it you make a left and there is a small distance to the step and the caretakers room is on the right.

This is interesting. A man sounds angry. It kind of sounds like Now! You die. There is a lot of chatter after that. Voices 

While Laura and girls are playing cards, there is a conversation going on near the stairs. Voice 

I ask a question and it sounds like do not try to hold us. At the end, my house.Hold 

We went to the restaurant a few doors down and had a bite to eat and then we held an investigation there. In the past, it was an antique shop from 1986 - 2002 and then it was closed for twelve years. It was sold. There is a room they call the meat room which now has a table in it. It was also possibly a jail.

The front door is 120 years old. The woman, Mary, who runs the restaurant is the woman who Ghost Adventures misrepresented (it didn't help that another towns person threw her under the bus because of a property dispute). I play the recorded Chinese questions and there is one point where I asked where they come from and everyone thinks there is a response. Unfortunately, it was just the noise that came after the recording. Debunked. we thought there was another answer to the name but again, it was the movement on the recorder. Lesson learned on that one. I need to make sure I cue it up better, so there is no possibility of contamination. That's what I get for rushing to do that.

We were doing isolation session in the meat locker at the same time we were doing EVP sessions in the room. I left a few evps out because it's just whispering. There was one response that everyone said they thought said, I want to go home, but that's not what I hear on my recording. There is a male voice that says, I run (I think) and then a female says I worked for casino (I think). I definitely don't hear I want to go home. Voices The interesting thing is that on her recording it sounded like I wanna go home. Home Then, I reversed Laura's recording and it sounds like they want me out or they—lock me out. Reverse 

There's people who believe that a true evp will be able to be played normally and in reverse and you get two messages. If it says nothing in reverse, then it's not a true evp. I don't really believe that, but it's an interesting theory. I had a recorder running when I was in isolation in the meat locker. We were not speaking, but I didn't capture anything. However, I did get some additional voices on that recorder which I left running after I got out. Here's one. Female 

After we left there, we went to a house next door. The person who owned it had passed away and Mary had got the deed to the house and it had a lot of antiques in it, bad sadly the town is taking it away from her. Immediately, most of us felt the energy. It was that strong. At first, we walked into the main room and just looked around at the antiques, but then decided to go into the smaller room which was the former owner's bedroom. It was very narrow, but we all squeezed in. There was a lot of antiques in there. I left one recorder in the outer room and took one with me. The bedroom had some insane energy. Eight out of eleven people ended up feeling sick in one way or another. It's hard to describe, but it was almost like you couldn't concentrate. Your mind was wandering, because you couldn't totally focus. My stomach felt cramped and by the end, I couldn't move. One of the men had to sit because he was nauseous and dizzy.

Here's a weird one. Sounds like someone says Get them out..yes xxxxx, it won't stop the living....then a yell which I"m not sure if it's outside or paranormal. Get  Got some weird sounds in the other room. No one was in there. Can hear the word bedroom. Bedroom  Man 

We go into the other room where the kitchen was and immediately, I feel energy again. I was clenching my hands and not even realizing it. Again, my stomach muscles tightened. Anne was getting pains in her left arm and leg and Ben was getting pains in his left arm. It just felt very thick in there. The room was full of antiques too. Here are some of the evps: Male faintly - Don't answer. Female Si or me Papa Don't Don't talk to the customers. Si pop Don't2 

Well, that was my awesome experience in the town of Locke. I would definitely go back, even though the drive was harrowing for me (not a fan of bridges and had to go over a crazy one to get there and the road back to the freeway is pitch black on either side—very creepy). I might have the chance soon, because I might be attending an investigation nearby and we might do that hotel and the town of Locke again. Stay tuned. I'm so behind in posting. I have a few investigations before this I still haven't posted. Sorry for the delays.


  1. I remember hearing the stories from lock during an investigation of a local bar in which was haunted.I'm glad you picked up so many clear evps..that's pretty incredible..

  2. I remember hearing the stories from lock during an investigation of a local bar in which was haunted.I'm glad you picked up so many clear evps..that's pretty incredible..