Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cohen-Bray House - Oakland 3/1/14

Hello Everyone. I recently got the opportunity to investigate the Cohen Bray house in Oakland California with Bay Area Ghost Hunters (shout out to Laura).


The house was built in 1882-1884 by Julia Moses and Watson A. Bray.  It was very nice to have relatives of the family on the investigate with us.  They provided such a great insight.

While a brief history was given of the house, I listened to music and put in my noise cancelling ear phones so I didn't hear it.  As I tapped into the energy of the house, I got a vision of 2 girls (felt like they were twins).  However, one was very much in the forefront.  She was very excited about something they were celebrating and was talking to an adult.  She had on a dress and was very animated and full of energy. I didn't say anything until later and found out that there were twins.  One died around 6 years of age and her name was Mary.

We started out in a large room adjacent to the library (parlor room).  It's a big sitting room that the kids called the twirling room.  There is a huge mirror that was rescued from the house next door which had caught on fired and burned down (it was also owned by family members).  I was very drawn to it.  We settled into the room and started an evp session.  Again, if you want to hear detail you have to listen with headphones.

Laura asks if there is a little girl named Mary and we do a voice. It's faint though, almost sounds like Mary is right there. Voices

Then we're talking about Mary (who we keep saying is 6) and the room we're in. It sounds like someone yells. I'm seven. Seven A similar voice says something right after that. Voice

Laura asks a question. Response

I talk about the vision I saw while I was tapping into the house before the investigation. And there is a voice that appears along with mine. Voice2

There's a few times when you can hear voices behind us talking. I just can't make out what they are saying. This is one of the louder ones.Voice3

At one point when we're listening back to the recorder, I felt the whole room shift.  I heard it and felt the shift.  Right after I voiced the shift, Laura noted that her battery drained in her camera.  The temperature dropped in the room.  We also ask them to make a noise twice in a row and they do.

Here's two responses. Voice4

I have to say this next was loud it kind of stunned me.  Laura asks the identity of a woman in a photograph (it's Emma) and you hear someone say, that's me.  Then it kind of sounds like a very clipped voice with a slight accent says, let me tell her Francesca.Male There is a male in the group with us but he sounds nothing like that.  It's completely out of the blue with no response.

Here's some voices. Voices

From there, we went to the dining room.  We used the spirit box and got no results. But as soon as we turned it off a man ways, what was that. What

I asked everyone to hold hands to join our energy. I asked whoever was there to say their name and there is a muffled female voice but I just can't make out the name. Then someone asked if the spirit lived in the house and you hear a yes. Males  I ask a question and a female says okay. Okay
Another response Male

We ventured up to the attic.  There was a little room that was a study and also a bedroom at one point.

I had my earbuds plugged into the recorder and listened as we did a minute of silence.  I thought I heard a man say go ahead.  Here it is. Man

I also got two other male voices.  Not sure what 1st voice says but second sounds like Patrick Males.

There was another fainter similar voice after that one.  We then ventured to the master bedroom. 

We went across the hall to the sewing room and got this voice which Laura and I heard. Sounds male first than female reply Voice.  Then Laura asks a question and gets a response. I think it says yes talk. 
Yes.  I did hear that live.

 This was in Emelita's bedroom.  She was the youngest daughter.  It's pretty loud.  Yes

In the master bedroom, I got this. TooHot  Laura asks are you proud of your family and a female says I don't know your family (at the time we thought she said No).  And then a male says who are you?  Who

We went around and all of us asked questions.  On the 2nd round, I felt like they wanted me to ask something about the wedding but my mind went blank and I thought that I could hear movement around the room.  I do ask and then it sounds like a woman says 'kind of' in response and then another says yes mom.KindOf

There's actually two voices (2nd one is louder and sounds like he says i don't feel like it anymore. Voices  Then Laura mentions the house and it sounds like a man says just make it right. Right

Laura then mentions listening to our records and a male says, your voice may not come out right. Harder to hear this one.  Should use headphones.  Male Another voice. Voice

We then went into a room that had a wax doll and some clothing.  The room felt very dense and it was making me nauseous.  So, I asked if we can do a quick evp session.  I'm not totally sure what he says.  At first I thought it was I don't have to like you but the more I listen it sounds like will instead of don't. Man Another response Response

Laura asks a question and he talks under her and then you hear clearly he will not help you. Male
Another answer. Says never. Never Another one. Man2

I have to say, I really enjoyed the investigation.  If you ever get a chance to tour, you really should!!


  1. Ha ha ..This was on my birthday! Nikki I noticed the name Mary pops up around you a lot, have you ever considered Spirits who are named Mary are attracted to you?

  2. Ha ha ..This was on my birthday! Nikki I noticed the name Mary pops up around you a lot, have you ever considered Spirits who are named Mary are attracted to you?