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Pardee House Oakland, California 11-30-13

Hi Everyone,

I had the opportunity to investigate at the Pardee Home Museum with the Bay Area Paranomal Group.  Laura organized another great investigation.  The house was erected in 1868.  There is also a detached carriage house which has 2 floors.  The upstairs is mainly storage and there is stories about someone hanging themselves up there.

We began in the carriage house.  Before we even started I got this evp.  It's a male's voice that sounds like he says it hurts below.  Hurts. Right after that, we begin and Laura is talking about who they've talked to up there and a male voice says I'm still here. Here.

After that we did another evp session and I can hear a man that sounds like he says don't talk to me. But, it's hard to hear.

This is the only interesting cam photo (game motion camera).  There's a white spot then nothing.  Also on the 2nd shot if you look in the upper open door (top center) area there are two orbish looking things that aren't in the first picture. Not saying it's paranormal, just interesting.  We're all upstairs.

Here's a video, you can really see the movement in the picture.  I just toggled between the two.

If you can watch this full screen, you can see a lot more movement!

We then went back into the house. We started in the front of the house towards the street. It was the main parlor. I hear a really high pitched noise but no one else heard it. I ask about it(I'm the only one with headphones on) and Laura thinks maybe it could be a car outside, but I don't hear a car until a ways afterward. It sounds like never hurt me.  Hurt.

Everyone gets situated. Laura hears a whisper. There does seem to be a male voice saying what kind is it or what time is it. Male. We tried a spirit box (scanning backwards and at fastest rate). I did here some things. This was the most compelling. It sounds like the same voice for several words. Hello, xxcant't understandxx Listen. Listen. We're trying to get them to talk and she asks to say one of our names and you here I am Michael xxxxx Michael. This is weird because it sounds like a little boy. Boy.

We gave up on the spirit box and just did normal evps. Laura had asked several questions and I started to have some problems breathing. I was struggling to not cough. It didn't feel like allergies but it was like my chest was feeling constricted and I was trying to shake it off and couldn't. I was sitting right at the entrance of the Candlestick Parlor. And it sounds like a voice said I need him. Need. Right after that I drop my flashlight. I can't hold it any more because I'm so overwhelmed. I'm coughing and kind of choking trying to get it under control and someone says what sounds like I'll go. When we were trying to listen to it back at the time, we thought it said agua and it was a child. But it sounds like a woman to me. I'll Go.

I cough again and I ask if someone just whispered cause I can't breath but I still have earphones on. But, no one said they were talking and only one other person heard it but me. Someone thought they heard a noise right before I started choking as well. After that we tried to talk to whoever it was. I do feel like I got some faint whispers but nothing clear. And it seemed so cold in the entrance to that parlor.

The interesting thing about this is that apparently, in a different investigation that I was unaware of, someone was sitting in the same place as me and started choking as well. She started getting all this information about a car crash and her chest being crushed. And the museum staff did some research and Florence Mary Pardee was in a car accident and was crushed and possibly died from her injuries in the house.  Her picture is on the wall in the Main Parlor. There is a faint response when Laura says she's sorry about how you died. And a voice says then help us. Then she tries to get them to make a noise. Noise.

We then went to the dining room. Which is on the other side of the main parlor. I did get a few male responses but couldn't understand what he was saying.

We then went to Ms. Madeline's bedroom. There was a whisper and a weird noise but that's it. Voices.

And the next room (Twin Bedroom) had some whispers but that's about it. Although, I did capture this interesting orb.

Then, we went into the trunk room (which you access through the Billard room. It's very interesting in there.

It had some crazy energy and there were 2 skulls in a case that were apparently stolen from a Guatemalan crypt by friends of the Pardee's. A lot of us were feeling crazy energy in our chests and heads.  We went back into the billard's room and there was a lot of background chatter.  Voices1.

We were in the master bedroom and I left a recorder in the Billard Room. Laura was telling some background stories and we got this Voices5.  It almost sounds like he will not hear you. Voices6.
Then she asks about another person and a male voices says he's not here. NotHere.
She's actually replaying her evps in the other room. She was asking about the man who decapitated the captain and there are some weird noises and then someone yells get out right now. GetOut.
Then she asks more and a male says I know. And then after another question he says I think I know that.Male.

Overall, I really had a great time with the group.  I think I got some great evps as well.

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