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Oakland Aviation Museum 11/1/13

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile. But, I'm back. I'm trying to catch up on posts. I had the opportunity to investigate the Oakland Aviation Museum with Bay Area Paranormal meetup group and it didn't disappoint.  Thank you to all the staff there that helped as well!  Ellis and Jennifer were great!

As always, you will hear it more clearly with headphones. We started the investigation in the library.  It has some old uniforms in there and basically gives the staff who work there the creeps.

Most of our good responses came from the spirit box.  There were lots of whispering responses. I just couldn't tell what they were saying.  So, I'm not going to post every one of them.

This one is strange though.  Male.Male2. Male3.Male4.

This is louder. Two different voices in beginning. After the 2nd question it sounds like A lot Happened Male5

Here's some spirit box stuff.  I didn't include it all.  The first three are really good.  SB1 SB2 SB3 SB4 SB5

Everyone had left the room and I walked into the hallway and was alone.  I was feeling energy so I recorded. Male 

After that, there was one more answer but don't know what it said.  And another one in the hangar bay that seems to respond to a woman in our group and say do you want some help.

I then headed to the Engine room where I could feel a lot of energy as well.  There was an area with tools and that is where I asked most of the question.  I came back a 2nd time as well.  They banged at one point for me when I asked them to make a noise with a tool.

For this one, right before this I did ask a name and the same voice says one but I just can't understand it.  This one is much clearer.  I think he says I'm Happy. Happy

It's a shame because that deeper voice responds to a lot of my questions.  But, most of it, you just can't understand what he's saying or can only make out part of it. M1 M2
We then went further back into the hanger bay.  Another lady and I were in these 2 rooms that were heavy energy.  I did get someone talking to us but again it was a male whispering.  We then went to the theater room. Male Sounds like he says I'm following you. Male2  Male3

I got a lot of responses. But most I can't understand so you just hear a male voice saying something. This one sounds like a lower voice saying you can't tell me what to do (after I asked their rank) and then you hear Hoffman. Male5 Male6

So, definitely a lot of responses in the theater room. Just wish I could understand more of them.

There were two rooms in the back part of the hanger that felt really weird. The lady I was with felt it heavily too. We got this evp which sounds like he's mad. Mad Man

We went into the restoration area. A lot of the staff don't like it in there. I only got one evp. It was a challenge in there because it's near the street and you can hear traffic noise. Voice

There was a chunk of a smaller plan outside we all sat in. The cockpit and a small seating area was behind it. We tried the spirit box and I'll post some of the better ones. SP1 This one is weird. I had the it on reverse and flipping through stations at the highest rate. SP2

This one is exciting. I ask if they can tell us the number of the flight. But, it sounds like he says Cessna 1112. That is a real plane but I don't think it's the one we were in one Cessna  We ask if they need help. And we get a loud little bit. Little

We then went to the Solent Flying Boat. It's very big. It has two levels. They even have dinners on there some time and I believe he said Harrison Ford ate there. We were aloud to climb through this little hatch into the cockpit. Here's what we got: First a voice that is talking underneath our question Voice We're talking about Howard Hughes and you hear a man say what sounds like I know him. Voice

I had a wonderful time there and got lots of interaction. If you get a chance to investigate or do a tour, I definitely would encourage you to do so.

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