Monday, May 27, 2013

Viginia City Nevada May 2013

I had the opportunity to go to Virginia City, NV again with EGPI.

It was colder than I'd thought it would be there, but I still had a great time.

I got the opportunity to take a tour of the Mckay Mansion this time around. The tour was great. I learned a great history lesson and the house was interesting. We also got to take a tour of the Washoe Club which I didn't get to do last time.  I'll get back to that later.

We stayed in a cottage across the street from the Gold Hill. It's the same one I stayed in the last time but a different section. It didn't seem to be as active as the front one. Judy and Regina went into this big empty walk in closet inside the bedroom and got a few evps. Male. Voice. The room wasn't really that active. The last night there a few of us kept hearing talking, but we were never able to locate it.

MacKay mansion. It was built in 1860 and it was the home of John MacKay as well as the office for the Gould & Curry Mining Company. Initially, George Hearst worked as a superintendent in the mines and he resided there. John McKay later resided there. There have been reports of a little girl in white. I was having some video difficulties. Only me and Stephanie were in the house. MaleVoice.

Brittany and I decided to go to the mines located in back of the Gold Hill. The previous night, we had went out there (lower mine behind Miner's Cabin) and as soon as I turned on my recorder, I got a male voice and a whisper. Male. It freaked me out cause it was clear. We didn't hear anything and there was no one else around. Down the hill a ways there is a trailer with some cars parked. But, we weren't that close to it. Here's a 2nd one. Male2.

We ended up going to the main cemetery in town.  We had it all to ourselves so it was nice.
Regina had a couple of evps where I could hear a voice.  Another female voice was captured on a 2nd recorder I had laid on some bricks. But, it was nothing exciting.  On my third recorder which I was carrying, I got this.It's hard to hear what he's saying. Voice.

Judy did some fast talking and we got to investigate a very old restaurant we had eaten in called Cafe de Rio.  They have really good food.  The owner and staff had experienced some weird occurences upstairs including some bluish energy.  In the first evp in the middle someone says I am.... and I just can't make out the two syllable word.  And at the end there is someone whispering to me. I'm in the room by myself. Voice2.Voice3.

We got to investigate the Old Washoe Club.  I didn't have the opportunity to investigate the club the last time but now they've opened up a tour where you can go upstairs.

It was very interesting.  I had a personal experience I'll never forget.  A few times I got very overwhelmed with energy.  By the time we made it up to the 3rd floor I was having a hard time breathing.  Part of that could have been the altitude which none of us were used to. The elevation is 6200 ft.  But as we kept walking around, I was burning up.  I did have a coat on but no one else around me at the time was experiencing this and I hadn't been hot all night.  But, I was literally burning up to the point where it was making me very weak.  By the time we went to go down the stairs, my legs almost gave out on me going down the steps and I was doing everything I could to focus and get down them safely.  When we got outside it was cold.  But, I ended up siting down on a bench.  I was pretty messed up.  It took me about a 1/2 hr to cool down.  I mentioned it to another EGPI team member (who had just showed up before we went on the tour) and he mentioned his wife was having the same problem as me.  I did find out that there was a fire in there before.  So, I'm wondering if that is what happened because I've only ever experienced that before under the same circumstances (many years ago).  Unfortunately, they were singing karaoke on the 1st floor at the beginning of the tour so I had to throw out potential evps.

You can hear the whispering in some of these. Voices1 Voices2 Voices3.Voices4.

Later that night, we went and tried to do some investigating in the Gold Hill Hotel.  We were mainly in the dining room area.  We even took turns going in there individually.  I got some whispers.  But, it was nothing to write home about.  We went back into the dining area by the bar and we still had our Mel Meters on and we were chatting.  I was telling a few stories and the Mel Meter would keep going off when I finished.  And for some reason every time I said the word creepy.  I'd even randomly throw it into the conversation to try and trick it and it would would spike all the lights.  It was pretty funny.  I have no idea if it was paranormal, but it was entertaining for a while (okay, it was late and we were tired).

Overall, I had a great time.  I didn't get to really investigate St. Mary's again which was disappointing. I did stop in there on the way home.  I wanted to at least do the tour, but no one came to greet us. I walked around a little bit and did some evp sessions. But, I got nothing. 

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