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The Sherman - Burlingame, CA 3-9-13

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I had the opportunity to go ghost hunting with BAGH (Bay Are Ghost Hunters - meetup.com). I had a great time. It was aboard the former army transport ship USAT General Frank M Coxe (re-named The Sherman after a supposed owner).

The 144 ft ship was built in 1922 (shortly after WWI) and was in service until 1947. It is estimated that it carried over 6 million passengers during its military service. It was decommissioned and sold after that. "The Coxe provided a regular service between Fort Mason, on the north coast of the San Francisco peninsula, and Fort McDowell on Angel Island, with periodic stops at Alcatraz. The Alcatraz service continued after the Army relinquished control to the Federal Prison Bureau in the mid-1930s." There was an almost successful prison escape from Alcatraz which involved the ship. John K Giles stole an army uniform from the prison laundry and was able to board the ship (which was going to Angel island). Luckily, before he was able to leave the ship, an observant military office noticed his paperwork was forged and arrested him.

Initially the ship was bought by a SF ferry company. It was then converted into a floating restaurant called The Showboat, in Stockton, CA. The restaurant changed hands a few times and also was converted into a night club. In the late 80's it was berthed in Jack London Square and was called the Pattaya Princess. After that, it was thought that a businessman named Robert Sherman (hence the name) bought it and it sat for 16 years until sold. However, he never owned it (that wasn't discovered until his death).

The owner now lives aboard the ship on the 4th floor and has hopes of re-opening the restaurant. There were 9 of us on this investigation. We started on the bottom of the ship and worked our way up. Linda was the organizer of the event and led the investigation. There was only 1 guy in the group (and he really didn't speak that much so it was easy to tell him from the spirits).

I put some of the better evp's on this youtube video.  HERE

Remember: It's better to listen through headphones.

Bottom floor: Storage kitchen, office, lockers, and other storage etc. We started at the bottom since it was darker down there because the sun hadn't set yet. It was around 57 degrees. We started in the kitchen/storage area and it was very interesting. At first we just got a few short responses like this one.  Yes. Male3. I'm not going to post every little things but we got a lot of whispered responses back but sometimes I just couldn't understand. But, it was clear that someone was interacting with us.

And things really started to get interesting when things started to move around on the floor above us. It was pretty trippy. FurnMove1. We heard footsteps. And we were discussing if possibly the owner came in and was moving stuff around. FurnMove2. FurnMove3. Then things get a little more interesting. People think they are hearing water but I feel like I'm listening to a tv. I'm going to post both clips from different recorders. But in the middle of it all I clearly hear someone say Burt, turn the tv off. And then, I hear I can't followed by someone saying first of all Burt.Use headphones if you can.  Voices Voices2. Here's some more phantom tv and some respones. Btw, we are still hearing chairs slide across the floor, I just didn't want to post every single chair slide and be redundant.  Warning, I hear some cursing in the first one. Voices2 Voices3 I'm talking about how I don't want to use the ovilus anymore and someone whispers that is true or that is the truth. True Another voice. Voice4 No

We then made our way to the back of the boat on the same level (where the employee lockers are). I thought I heard a yes over the headphones for the 2nd question but it actually said no. It's hard to hear but right at the end someone says no it wasn't. No2  *One of the weirdest deepest voices I've ever heard says It doesn't matter at the end of this. Doesnt * Mr weird voice responds again when Laura is asking about the owner running the restaurant again. he says No, it will probably be forgotten. And at the end he says I want her to be (but I can't get last words). forgotten * When we asked if they new Mr Sherman died there was a lot of whispering and a faint you don't know him answer. Here is some weird whispering and they keep repeating the word heah. heah * This next one is interesting. A woman answers I can speak to that. But then a male whispers, Alice, don't ask. Alice

So this sounds like deep voice tries to say his name and other things.  Then in 2nd 1/2 there is a clear please help me Man * It's hard to make him out but he says, i don't want to talk about that time. There are other voices in there as well (included female at end - sounds like you're not being very mature). Male 

Male2 Male3  * This one is clearer. HelpU * When she's talking and says we can't tell that it's you.  A female is saying underneath, can you hear me now. A male then says something (I can make out 2nd part let me clear the room) Male *  Voice * We ask if they know they are dead and someone says finito. I think the name he says is Buddy Piccone or Bugsy Name * In the beginning I think it says I am right behind you. Voices Voice  * We moved back to the stairs because we thought we kept seeing shadow movement. This one he says we'll give you what you need and then there is another voice. At the end, it sounds like he says and you die without food. Need * We then make our way up to the bar on the main floor/entrance. You can hear a male voice say let me walk to the kitchen. Male *

There was a while where we didn't hear much then we started getting some more voices. There some other chatter and I did get a guy saying the word alive. Then, there there's a sing songy female voice that says it's not okay it's broken. Female2 * Sounds like someone singing. Singing * This scared all of us. At first we thought it came from the bathroom, but then we figured out that someone had gone behind the bar and opened a door and it slammed shut. DoorSlam Male * Creepy voice sounds like I will tell you. At the end I can't really tell what is said. The first word almost sounds like Blackburn Males * I ask if they can whistle and I hear a male singing. Only can make out first few words of song. Stop the love. Stop *

Spirit box at bar: Got some interesting responses. Let Me * Can't get what male said right after question but sounds like someone answers 12. 12 * This is interesting. Laura tells them that they can come join her in the bar, at the end it sounds like I do.IDo * We're hearing footsteps and a spirit says I see them. Then she asks who's upstairs and there is a response 1st sounds like 2 heaven. Name  * Someone asks about going upstairs, sounds like too evil  Voices * When Laura talks about help there is a faint female thank you. At the end a male says 3 words. Voices2 * She asks if it's Mercedes and a male says Hello. Hello * We start hearing things being moved above us.Movement * We then went to the upstairs bar. Immediately I'm hearing voices and someone is seeing a shadow in the men's bathroom. Here is 2 recorders (they are at opposite ends of the bar.) The only male in our group is actually talking but you hear other males in the background. Males * There are some voices on this one. Female sounds like she's says where's Cassie at? And then a male says don't let them through.* Voices

After she said we're not asking you to leave. A male voice says I can help myself. Then very faintly he said I don't think I want you (can't make out end) and then we hear footsteps but none of us are walking. Male *  There is a lot of whispering going on that I just can't make out. I really really wish this one was clearer. It sounds like he says that's there own business. Male * Male and female response. MaleFemale * Almost sounds like we know that Colin.....did it, then No.  Colin *There's a lot of talking going on but it's so hard to understand easily. You can hear very loudly what happens after the word Betty. Just say the names.  Then a word is spoken while Laura is speaking. The end is hard to hear but he says I like to drink. Drink Sounds like I'm from ...... beach beach * Whispering (Just name your price, I'll give you) and somebody moving things. Movement *

This was weird. There is lots of movement and whispering. A woman responds a few times. I thought maybe before the middle when it's a really clear voice that it was maybe a woman with an accent Woman *So then I isolated that section and also the end just for fun, and I reversed it. Reverse *Then it sounds like she says it's all right. And right before that it sounds like a guy saying I will burn in hell (maybe). At the very end it sounds like help my friends and I. The same female voice is in this one. Female * I reversed it and it sounds like Susan can help Help * I do hear that voice again but I can't quite get what she's saying.

Then, there is just some weird whispering and then it sounds like an argument. It seems like some yells Get me outta here ahole. The a woman says you're so dumb. And another woman says something at the very end. Voices* It's followed by a weird evp. Sounds like the same yelling type voice saying Get.... I can't make it out. Voice * Here is some footsteps and banging. Banging *We hear more banging and then something slams.* Slam

This is the only picture I got that seemed like it could  possibly be a real orb. 

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