Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hornet 10/19/12

Hi, I got another opportunity to help lead a group on a Haunted Sleepover at the hornet. As always, if you really want to hear the evps clearly, please use headphones.

Bill lead our group first to the bridge (where I have never been). First we went to the flight deck and walked around and then we went up to bridge. It definitely had a different energy. There were several rooms up there. In one (chart room), someone thought they heard music, I thought I heard tapping, but nothing was captured on my recorder. I did get a few fainter responses I didn't post. I believe I do get a clearer response to my question on this one. Male. Now we went forward into the bridge area and we kept hearing this noise. It was really loud. And, they thought it was the shower current (off from the bed area where was a bathroom/shower). So, people sat in there, stood in the shower, and we kept hearing that noise. I kept asking could anything else make that that noise because it didn't sound like the shower curtain to me. Turns out, without Bill's knowledge, someone installed an air freshener in that shower. Mystery solved. Debunked!

While we were listening back to my recorder, I was still recording with my other recorder. There were some voices that weren't on the 1st recording but was talking over it. It sounds like he says the best thing that I can tell ya Male2. Then it sounds like someone says kill em, then there is more talking and it sounds like the voice says I answered it. Male. Another one. Voices.

This one is really weird but awesome. It almost sounds like They're coming from the pass aftward. Then someone yells OMG. Voices2. I tried to modify the file so you can hear the beginning and it's much clearer. The word aftward means towards the stern or back of the ship (if I'm correct).   Voice2b This is weird too. We had just finished laughing about something. Noise.  And here is the last one from around that area. Bill asks if we have a pilot or gunner on the ship and mentions he has his flight helmet.  The male says If tf that is true (very slowly), and then I think he said I'd like to go home (I think....not sure).  Male
Recently, I went back to Hornet for a meeting, and found out that on the scaffolding next to the bridge, 2 crew members died.  They were shot by an incoming Japanese plane.  The yelling part would make more sense and the plane did come from the back of the plane.

We then went to the foscle.  It echos a lot in there and I got nothing.  I also got nothing in the admirals quarters.

We went to a CPO mess hall.The first thing I got is really weird.  Sounds like 1st male says, I want to be immortal and then 2nd one says, heah, I'm alone, come here for a second.  Then you can faintly hear a man speaking and right at the end there is a piano trill. Voices3 

 And then it almost sounds like he said let em know chief and then someone else says something... tango     Voices4   .

 As usual I had a fun time at the Hornet.  If you'd like to visit, there is an upcoming Grey Ghost Paracon on Feb 2nd.  Please click here for details.

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