Friday, May 27, 2011

Investigation - Fairfield 2011

Hello All!

Had a great time investing a private residence in Fairfield California. It was a great opportunity to catch up with my HPI family!

The house we were investigating was built in 1989, but there were a lot of people killed of small pox back in the 1800's on the land. Many Suisan Indians were killed on the land as well.

Next to the house was a very old mansion called Stonedene Mansion. It was the house of Samuel Martin and it was built in 1861.

If you want to listen all of the sound files on a youtube video, it's on the right side menu. Also, here is a link to the photos I took. PHOTOS

A few of us were really drawn to the upper left window.  It was very interesting.  I do believe we caught a Heah. It's a weird sound at first I thought it was mechanical but I don't ever hear the sound again and I recorded a lot. So, I don't think it's a camera. It's after she says delivery person.

We headed back to the house because it was chilly. The house had a very interesting energy. The daughter has seen an blacked out apparition a few times in her bedroom door. The house buzzed with energy. I got a lot of whispering recorded that I can't explain. Also, there was a lot going on in the house noise wise the entire night. So, that made it very difficult to get clear evp's. But, I did the best I could trying to decipher it all.

I didn't really get much in the first room we were in. But, there was some interesting energy upstairs. I could really feel it in front of one of the bedrooms.

We were in the kitchen and we finally got some k2 hits so I started another evp session. First, there was some whispering I can't explain. Whispering. There's alot going on in this one. You will also hear that we captured a spirit saying Paul's name.

Then, I got some very faint responses to some questions. Some of these are better heard with headphones. But, they are there. Kitchen2. There is a whisper in the beginning after I ask a question. Then, after someone says "say your name loudly, we know you're hear", a male says a name. I can't make it out though. Then, there is a sigh later that I actually heard. KitchenName. Here is amplified version of the male name. MaleNameAmp.

I ask is there anybody here with us right now. After you hear someone in the next room say right here. There is a female voice and it sounds like she's saying a name. I just can't make it out. KitchenFemale.

Someone else in the group got this photo that looks like the family's uncle. It's in between 2 pictures that are on the wall. There is a blank space where it appeared, and it looks exactly like their Uncle with sunglasses on. When I get a link for that picture, I will post it.

The last things I got were in a session with me using dowsing rods upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I use dowsing rods for communication. If they cross, then it's a yes. If not, it's a no. It's a great way for instant communication.

The first one is a heah. BedroomHeah. Another one BedroomHeah2 One more.... Bedroom2Heah's

And last but not least, there is this no and there is a male in the room with us. So, I can't say that he didn't say no. But, the rods hadn't moved yet based on everyone else's response in the room. And there is another no on the 2nd question. And the rods didn't move that time and someone says I think it's not here anymore. So, I don't think it was the male in the room saying no. If it was, Chris, fess up lol. BedroomNo's

I had a wonderful time with the HPI group. Here is Paul Dale Roberts live blog on the investigation.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

USS Hornet 4/2/2011

Hello All,

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer on the U.S.S. Hornet again.  It was a beautiful warm day so the ship wasn't as cold as it was in the winter.  Heidi & I led a group around the ship.  It was a pretty quiet night compared to other nights, but I still got some responses (more than I thought). You can also listen to them all on youtube.

First, we went to the war room.  We got a series of knocks Knock. Knock2Knock3.

Then, I asked what the rank was and got a great response.  Rank.  I think he says crewman.

Heidi asks are there more than one of you there and it sounds like someone says look back.  Then there are some knocks. Lookback. Then we got a Hi. Hi Then a knock and a heah. Heah. Some more knocks and a No! Knock4 Knock5 No

The foscle area has these giant chains. There are stories that someone hung themselves in there as well as some accidents. We thought it was pretty quiet.

There was a lot of sounds and knocks. Here we got a yes. Yes A second yes to a question. Yes2. A noise. Noise. There is some noise and whispering in this clip and someone repeats the word Christmas. Christmas. Here's another response Voice.

We didn't have much luck in the admiral room. We did seem to get a yes in the sickbay. Yeah.

Ok, so the Mess hall was interesting. After first question, there's a yeah or here and then Jeff says, "My name's Jeff" and you sounds like someone whispers I'm ..... Then I say did you get a bloody nose and I think it sounds like it's cold (a voice - not mechanical but I can't be 100% sure). MessHall. The voices talking are in the next room. here's a heah. MessHeah. There's also this voice I can't make out what they are saying though. MessVoice.

So, I did sleep over that night. It was pretty crazy. We finished around 3 am. I was in this back room all by myself towards the middle of the ship. Most of the rest of the teams were in the sickbay or crew bunks. The other staff were in private rooms as well. I have to admit, I had to go to the bathroom on the way there and had another staff member walk me. It's pitch black and while I have a flashlight, it's spooky. I got back to my room and honestly, I started off with the light on and the suitcase propped up against the door cause the door didn't lock. I felt really jumpy so I was not getting any sleep. I finally just said screw it and turned the light off. It was so pitch black. I finally fell asleep and I had a nightmare. Someone was trying to get into the room and then I couldn't get out and we needed to evacuate the ship. Maybe I was making noise or something cause someone, in real life, yelled something in my ear and snapped me completely out of the dream. And mind you, I had earplugs on. Luckily, I didn't sit up and rolled out of the bed and turned on the light or else I would have totally hurt my head. I had the light on the rest of the night. The interesting thing is that the other women staff reported that they had nightmares too which is unusual for them.

I don't know if I'll sleep over again. I'm not sure. It was really really weird. Maybe if I sleep over next time, I'll sleep in the common areas with everyone else. I just don't like being touched or freaked out when I'm trying to sleep.

I love the Hornet. It never disappoints me. I always come home with evps and have a wonderful time. If you have been there and your in the Alameda area of California, you have got to check it out!.