Monday, January 24, 2011

PZTV - Mark & Debby Constantino & Guests

Hi Everyone,

On 1/22/11, we had a round table at Norene's house.  Our guests were Jeff Belanger and Mark & Debby Constantino.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in.  It was quite an evening.  We started out interviewing Jeff regarding his new book Legend Tripping and some of his experiences in the field.  He did not disappoint.  I loved his sense of humor and his passion for the paranormal.

We then welcomed Mark & Debby and we had some great conversations regarding protection and some of the hazards of the field.  During the interview, we kept hearing voices and also felt really cold.  And some times I even felt queasy.  A viewer in the chat room (Robyne Marie) who is a medium gave us some great information about a spirit in the room with us.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let's go over the interesting EVP's we got.  There's so many weird things, I'm not sure where to start.You might want to listen with headphones.

At one point, Debby is talking about a story about some dark energy.  There are several voices I caught speaking underneath her.

First, right after Debby says Us there is a faint male voice. Male

Bela says make it stop and there's a weird sound. Soundone

Debby says something about opening up a creepy door, Bela say ah and then there is a weird sound. Creepy

Now, let's get to the good stuff.

Bela is talking (I think) and there is a female voice underneath hers. I just can't tell what it's saying. Sounds like Don't___Me (maybe don't block me or don't blame me).  And then Mark starts to talk and there is these really weird sounds (maybe laughing).Sounds2  

Debby continues her story and is talking about having a cigarette on her porch and you hear a male say, "Peace, in essence".  Or at least that is what it sounds like to me. Peace

When Debby finishes that story, she says she's hearing things (people in the chat room heard as well), and as she saying she heard a male voice there is this weird little voice,  I can't make out the first word it says, but it pauses for a second and then sounds like it says get out. GetOut Here it is more amplified GetOutAmp

Debby and Mark are talking at one point and first under Debby's voice, it sounds like a female voice whispers they don't know. You have to really concentrate because it's underneath her voice. And then Mark is talking and there's a weird noise which some of us heard. Mark

There was another weird sound before Bela did the prayer with Mark & Debby. Weird

At one point, Debby mentions that she heard a shhhhh and we caught it. Shhh

After they leave, we continue trying to figure out who is in the room with us.  Robyne is helping us cause she can see the person.  Pam asks for anyone around to let us know and someone says Don't with a very hard T. Don't

There was a bit of confusion over who it looked like but at one point they ask if it's my grandmother (Mary).  So, Pam asks the spirit if it's Mary and can she do something to let us know she's here.  I heard a whisper in my left ear.  Now, I've listened to this many times, I'm gonna post it slightly amplified Mary1 and then really amplified.  Mary2 Honestly, I think it says who's Mary. It makes total sense.  They have a slight accent.  At first I thought maybe it said who's here but that doesn't really match her pronunciation.

Norene tries to figure out if she is standing behind someone so she names some of us.  The only response was this weird sound after she says Nancy's name.  RightHere It almost seems like it's trying to say right here, right here.  It's like she loses the voice on the 2nd one and it becomes whistle like.

As you can see and hear, we had a very very eventful evening.  As usual Norene was a great hostess and our guests were stellar.  You can catch our round table discussions at PararockTv on various Saturday nights.  Check out PZTV for our events.  Also, you can check out the audios via youtube at

Monday, January 17, 2011

U.S.S. Hornet Investigation 1/14/11

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my blog!

Paranormal Zone TV investigators had a wonderful opportunity to investigate the U.S.S. Hornet with so many wonderful investigators and paranormal enthusiasts Friday night.

Guests included:

David Dossett, Actor/TV and Movies to our list....Patrick Burns of Haunting Evidence, Dr. Jeff Dwyer, Author & Professional Paranormal Investigator, Marley Gibson, Author, Scott Gruenwald, THE STU & Haunted Wolf Manor and the a Martinez Bros, Martinez Paranormal, LA Paranormal
There were over 50 people that joined us.  Thank you all for coming out.
It was awesome pulling up to the pier and seeing such a huge and magnificent ship.
We all met up and shared some food provided by Norene, and after some technical difficulties getting the live feed up, we were ready to go.
I found myself a group and we headed off with our head docent Chad (I can't remember the name of our other lovely docent). I don't know that I'll ever get used to the tiny steep steps.  I can't imagine running up and down them every day.  I was sore the next day.  NOTE:  When you click on a link it will replace the page with the audio file. You will then have to hit the back button to re-display the page.  If you don't want that, right click on the link and select open in new window or tab.
Brig. I didn't get much in the brig. But, here is what we did get Brig. Shave and a haircut (first time 2 quick knocks). Second time, 1 knock. Then, someone says I'd be mad too if I were down here and there is a loud exhale.
Catapult room - Upon entering this room, I became very queasy (as did a few others). It was really a weird vibe.  I knew we were going to get some great evp's and it didn't disappoint. I gave the main recording and then isolated responses so that you can really here it clearly.
Catapult - I ask, did you get hurt in here?  You can't tell but there is a lower yes first and then a louder yes which several of us heard. Here is the 2 yes responses by themselves (much easier to hear) YesI ask what's your name and there is this real weird sing songy voice which I can't make out. I say is there anyone in here right now (there was a brief interruption before that with people entering the room). Then there is a clink and a deeper male voice saying hello.  I isolated the hello. HelloI then ask Do you NOT want us here? And there is a distinct No.  Here is the isolated  No. Later I do ask how many people are here and there is a soft whisper that says one.  I didn't include that in the findings because it was so faint.  Overall, we got some great responses.
We went to the sleeping quarters. I got nothing, but at one point someone gets a migraine and feels light headed.  Also, I was standing up and felt like some was behind me and Crash was sitting on the floor next to me and said someone just touched my back.  On the catwalk, I did really feel like someone was in the room but we got nothing.  It was kind of hard cause there were people in the next room and everyone was a bit chatty, so I had to rule out some things.
The next one I think was in the anchor room.  I didn't have much time so it was a quickie.  Supposedly, someone hung themselves in this one area (where I was sitting) and there have been light anomalies. I asked can you knock on something?  Anchor Here is the isolated No AnchorNo 
Then I ask Can you make a noise?  And I get a response.  He says Energy.   Here is the isolated file. EnergyYou know at first, I just wasn't sure what he was saying and then it clicked. I asked him to knock he says no and then I say can you make a noise and he is telling me no because he needs energy to do it.  Awesome!
Mess Hall - Chad told me that there was a big fight in the mess hall.  I believe someone was killed and it was bloody (there was a bloody nose involved) and lots of people got bloody noses in there.  Of course, I said cool and immediately went in there by myself and asked questions (lol).  There is someone at the elevator shaft right next to the hall doing their own investigation and lots of talking in the middle, so unfortunately, I had to rule a lot of stuff out.  There was a lot of talking underneath it all (seems really far away),  but since it was so muffled I left it out. I really wish I could have had complete silence for this. Here is the whole file  Mess Hall.  I asked did someone make your nose bleed and interestingly enough,there is a mechanical sounding voice saying nose bleed.  I did get some other responses.  I'll leave it up to you to decide what you hear.  I got several no's but most of it, I can't make out.
Here's a small response from the sickbay containment room.  She says we want to help you and you hear a thank you.  Sickbay
Here's another one in a think a different sickbay.  She asks is your name Brian?  You hear a Yes.  Sickroom
The surgery room - Well, didn't get much from this room.  Someone asks when is your work done and there's this weird whistling noise that lots of people in the room heard.  Surgery
Here is the link to some photo files of orbs.  Orbs are pretty controversial (especially with digital cameras).  So, I give them as information only.  Make of them what you will.  I didn't take alot of pictures.
Well that is it. I had a wonderful time investigating the hornet, and hope to go back soon! You can listen to all EVP's on youtube at